Are christians the most persecuted religious community in the world?

Are christians the most persecuted religious community in the world?

The last prayer of the christians in the circus maximus. Image: jean-leon gerôme (1863-1883) / public domain

No faith group is subjected to as much persecution as christianity and muslims are mostly to blame. This is a widespread thesis. But is it really true?

It wasn’t long ago that most people were allowed to use the term "persecution of christians" at most have encountered in school. Then, when the teacher discussed the roman empire in history class. But times have changed.


Water in the middle east: a quiet conflict

It has not rained extensively in the middle east for five years. The dispute over water aggravates the already tense situation

Water in the middle east is running out: springs are drying up, drinking water reserves are shrinking, and the once-frictional jordan river is a poor little stream. Palestinian farmers suffer the most, because agriculture in the west bank is becoming more and more difficult. But the water crisis is also becoming more visible in israel.

It has not rained extensively in the middle east for five years. The winter rains have simply failed to materialize. Whether climate change is to blame or not, no one can say for sure at the moment. One thing is clear: the region has not seen such a long dry spell in a long time, and it could aggravate the already difficult political situation even more.


Anger on computer

A british study states growing frustration and a serious problem

With a new name you have often found a new phenomenon in the social sciences, which you can then exclude. Computers widespread in the world of work and become everyday sacrifice, despite the meanwhile "eradicate" aged still thanks to the sloppy programmed software and incompatibilities is known to have his muck – and not too little. The silence suffer the user, especially if they are not experts and hobbyists and expect that the worker is simply working, occasionally and probably not so rarely in anger or frustration. Created with a name that sounds best in english, that’s "computer rage" or "it stress".

On behalf of compaq the british market has opinion research international (mori) 1250 employees in gobritans asked if the information technology is a curse or a blessing for them. 80 percent of respondents have observed colleagues who abreader their frustration verbally or with fumes on their computers, and half of them were on, they were sometimes so stressed by the technique that they were most likely to be backed up. And when the computer is stunted once, which is the daily fate of many, the propagated affective computing probably nothing more useful in which one wants to intercept the arger by means of the walling mood of users.


Failed states and climate catastrophe

Failed states and climate catastrophe

Fig. 1: the "groundwater storage anomaly" according to grace. Brown regions lost water in 2015 compared to the 2002-2015 period. Regions in blue have gained water. The color intensity is proportional to the loss or gain of water. Gain. Image: nasa

According to satellite imagery and geological quantities, the failed "arab spring" have a climate component

While republican candidates in the u.S. Election campaign are still competing to see who can most stridently deny global warming, others, such as nasa and dlr, are working to meng its effects around the world.


New dispute over study committees

In north rhine-westphalia, a considerable part of the campus maut obviously does not flee the improvement of studies and teaching. Meanwhile, the parties rats to what extent the controversial topic could be election campaign

At the end of april, the federal administrative court in leipzig had good news for the commutations of the study committees, which in the meanwhile six federal tags (seven minus hesse) multi-digit millions of bobbins into the cash registers of colleges and universitative coils. In the last instance, the court dismissed a lawsuit of the student company of the university of paderborn, with which the rejection of the semester contribution should be reached in the amount of 500 €. The state legislation of the study fee survey were compatible with the federal law, were the lawyers – and injured by no means the right "on an equal participation in the state training resources".

While not only due to the refund of the loanme, but above all because of the interest payable to pay for the interests, considerable burdens for the affected students. However, the right to equal participation in the state training resources does not call that compensation with the collection of scenes are fully compensated by social accompanying measures.


German ambassador must leave venezuela

German ambassador must leave Venezuela

Picture juan guaido: us federal government. Picture nicolas maduro: wilsom slides / agência brasil / cc-by-3.0-br

Diplomat kriener has to leave the country within 48 hours. When the return of the "interim princes" guaido he asked "free elections"

The government of venezuela has on tuesday the german ambassador in caracas for his open support of the opposition "counterprasident" juan guaido reported. The german diplomat daniel kriener had been explained to the personna non grata’s internal affairs because of the interference in venezuela’s internal affairs, won it in a communique of the aufsmort. Kriener middle must leave the country within 48 hours. The award-friendly office in berlin dearly thought about a spokeswoman, you will take the further procedure "with our partners" discuss. Little father, father minister heiko maas (spd) kriener’s timely departure and return to germany.


Doom and gloom

The elimination of the full eleven reflects the situation of the country

The german eleven is eliminated, failed by its own inability to win. The catcalls that have erupted and will fill the gazettes and screens in the coming days were pre-programmed. Everyone knew that in portugal "rumpelfubball", that the team had offered in the run-up, no pot can be won, the deficits in playing technique are much too gross.

That’s why the completely exaggerated criticism that is now being leveled at the players is dishonest and objectively mendacious in the highest degree. Exactly those who are currently criticizing the players and calling them "bad guys" are the ones who are not "upper goon" and "europe’s fools" they were praising to the skies just a week ago, after the holland game. A reasonably good half against a divided and completely indisposed dutch team and the drawn outcome against this one "arch-enemy" the number of pages was enough to talk and write the national team into the final.


In the “climate emergency” act: biden charges putin and xi to online climate summit

in the'klima-notstand' handeln: biden ladt putin und xi zu online-klimagipfel ein'klima-notstand' handeln: biden ladt putin und xi zu online-klimagipfel ein

Us prasident joe biden wants to drive the efforts for climate protection and has also invited the prasidents from russia and china to an online summit meeting. The female house shared with, biders have for the online event on 22. And 23. April invitations to a total of 40 international top politicians pronounced. Among them, next to kremlin chef vladimir putin and china’s state and party leader xi jinping are also federal chancellor angela merkel and eu commission principles ursula von der leyen. The event should be transferred live on the internet.

Pursue "more ambitious emission destination"

With the summit, according to the senior house, the urgency of strong maws for climate protection and their economic benefits are underlined. Even before the us were "an ambitious emission goal" for the year 2030 as a new contribution for the paris climate agreement. Biden demanded other heads of state and government to use the online meeting, also to be astelled contribution. The next un climate conference is in november in scottish glasgow.

Biden had already announced shortly after his publicity in january that he was on 22. April – the so-called day of the earth – a climate summit be convened. Under his transaction of donald trump, which repeated doubts about climate change, the us had joined the parisian climate agreement. Still on the day of his swearing, biders have been juvened. The new prasident repeatedly revealed that the us was taking a role in the implementation of the agreement.


Google gives virtual reality and stops cardboard sales

Google gives Virtual Reality and stops Cardboard sales

"Google cardboard is no longer offered on the google store." with this short note, google will leave chapter virtual reality. Cardboard was a mobile phone holder as a cardboard box: rub a cardboard, put together, start app, insert mobile phone, and already had a virtual reality glasses. For the first time google had introduced the mobile phone accessories on google i / o 2014.

The principle of google cardboard is simple: the viewer looked through two plastic lenses on the clamped smartphone. One half of the display showed the image furs left eye, the other the right right. The head movements were evaluated by gyroscope and acceleration sensor and translated into control commands for the virtual world.

Google cardboard tried reporting from google i / o 2014 in san francisco (source: daniel aj sokolov)


Usa: lifting of iran sanctions possible without congress

Ahead of upcoming 5+1 negotiations on iran’s nuclear program, obama buys political leeway

Negotiations on iran’s nuclear program to resume next week. Experts are to meet first, followed a week later by political negotiators from the 5+1 countries and iran. Until 24. A decision is to be made in november. Iran is hoping for a suspension of sanctions, as are some western economic leaders. From washington an interesting signal is contributed to it. A treasury department study indicates that president obama may decide to suspend sanctions without a vote in congress.

The exact content of the treasury department study is not disclosed in the new york times report linked above. The study remains secret. The only thing that is emphasized is that the white house is stumped on this: should an agreement be reached in the negotiations with iran on the further development of civilian nuclear energy and review criteria for non-weapon use, obama will "do everything in its power to avoid congress voting on the agreement".