Presumption of innocence under suspicion

French government gives in to prere from the street

The only one and a half years ago proudly as "great progress for our legal system" the law presented by the french government to strengthen the presumption of innocence and the rights of victims has already had to be revised: after the police and gendarmerie – the latter despite a ban on demonstrations, because the gendarmerie corps is part of the military- have become increasingly concerned about the "mountains of paperwork", in early january, the jospin government proposed a revision of the law, in response to the complaints that the new law had imposed on them and their ability to leverage their complaints in the media. The revision is expected to pass the national council before the end of the month and is being hailed by the human rights league, a judges’ union and numerous lawyers as a "opportunistic jerk" the government and "hollowing out the fundamental rights of citizens of the state" criticized. In particular, the rights of young french people from the urban periphery seem to be the primary target of a considerable number of new takedowns (the numbers that scare).

"The gangster bosses from the suburbs must be made to understand that there is nothing left to laugh about for them now," the socialist member of parliament, julien dray, said at the presentation of the revision to the national council. Mr. Dray had been commissioned by prime minister jospin to amend the law on the strengthening of the presumption of innocence of 15 december 2006. June 2000 and to evaluate its implementation in practice.


18 Instead of 8 euros? Elimination of the transfer of transfer could increase cable television costs

18 instead of 8 euros? Elimination of the transfer of transfer could increase cable television costs

The word surcharge ability sounds like dusty burokratendutsch – and has a current brisance for millions of tenants. It’s about cable television costs, which so far from the landlord on every tenant "placed" can be in utility bill – roughly eight euros per month are fally. Everyone has to pay whether he wants or not – even television deniers. The federal government wants to tilt this concept. Instead, each household should withdraw its own contract with the network operator. "Tenants should have the chance to elect their owner himself", explains the federal ministry of economics.

The project of minister of economic minister peter altmaier (cdu) and transport minister andreas scheuer (csu) was known in summer. The payability of the tv costs via the additional costs should be abolished. So tenants should not be more "timed automatism" be released and there will be more competition, it is called in the ministry of economic affairs: "tenants should only pay for the services for the services that they actually use." with the new scheme, tenants were benefited from favorable competitive prices.

Lucrative business for cable network operator

The criticism of the planning is now louder. Companies like vodafone are wearing deep worries. So far, they are updating the regulation from the 1980s, now fear of their pfrow customers could switch from cable to satellite, or watch tv only over the internet.


Bedou-3: china completes gps competitors

BeDou-3: China completes GPS competitors

China completed its global satellite navigation network bedou-3. On tuesday, the last of the 35 satellites of the $ 10 billion expensive competitors, among others, the us global positioning system (gps) from the xichang space station in the suden china. A three-stage support rocket of the type "long march 3b" brought the satellite into a geostationary orbit.

With the last bedou-3 satellite, china is now a satellite-controlled navigation network that works worldwide reports the bbc. The versions of bedou-1 and beidou-2 so far only offered a luckless coverage of the asia-pacific room. With bedou-3, in addition to the us gps, the russian glonass and the european galileo, another worldwide navigation network is available.

Base for beidou-4

According to chinese, the system should become one of the system until 2035 "all-related, integrated, comprehensive national position determination, navigation and time system" get extended. How to show from a document of the china satellite navigation office to bedou’s fourth version, bedou-3 should form the core system.


Internet of things: hivemq 4.5 writes kafka

Internet of Things: Hivemq 4.5 writes Kafka

The german company hivemq has version 4.5 of the mqtt broker of the same name. An essential focus for the release lies on performance optimizations. On the technical side are a kafka-to-mqtt transformer and the expandable rest api acquisition value. The current version is an lts release, which will give guaranteed support by january 2023, with the customer withdrawing to an additional year.

According to the blog post to the publication, the performance improvements to be booked, especially for coarse installations and, among other things, to enter the time when entering and leaving a cluster and replication of messages in the queued messages and stored messages (retained messages). In addition, for specific scenarios of memory requirements should be significantly lower.

A transformer for kafka

In june 2020, hivemq had published a connector for apache kafka. The open source software is often used due to specialization in the processing of data streams on the internet of things. Version 4.4 of the mqtt broker had a customazation api on board to transform data on the way from mqtt to kafka.


A fancy handshake and the invisible hand

A fancy handshake and the invisible hand

Image: weibe’s house

Real game of thrones

Even if the visit of konigin angela in the woman’s house was not very atmospheric – the two, meant an observer after the fancy handshake in front of the photographers, were probably as "rather worst friends" district – donald had still a small joke at the end of the press conference: a commonality was that both had been secured by the previous government.


Telegram control more, prominent politicians to wirecard scandal

Telegram control more, prominent politicians to Wirecard scandal

Because some communication of parties on the scandal ran around the relevant payment service provider wirecard uber telegram, politicians demand more control over the messenger service. Fabio de masi from the left, who in the wirecard investigation committee of the bundestag sab, said loud handelsblatt, if it is on telegram’s indications of heavy crimes, state resistances should be accessed by judicial arrangement to such content.

The meanwhile battered wirecard group had on 25. June 2020 bankruptcy filed. First of all, the number service providers had shifted several times the submission of the annual balance sheet 2019 and finally on the 18th. June suggested that 1.9 billion euros supposedly noticed on trust accounts did not exist. The immediate exclusive was that the economic provision ey refused the testat for the 2019 record. The prosecutor’s office goes from "gangmabige fraud" which lending banks and investors should have been brought by over three billion euros

Marsalk’s favorite channel

In the final report of the investigation committee, telegram in the wirecard management board was a major communication medium in the wirecard board, the "favorite channel" of the ex-board jan marsalk. His assistant had testified, in the spring of 2020 the communication "90 percent over telegram took place". "Presumptions and chat course with a familiar employee suggest that marsalk has kept company shares in the messenger service telegram", it is called in the report. Chat protocols should have been laid by him.


Private copy – threatened from extinction

The eu copyright directive sets the "protection of technical measures" too high

Almost unnoticed by the office, the eu council of ministers in april adopted the directive on the harmonization of certain aspects of copyright and related property rights in the information society. This will lead to a significant expansion of copyright monopolies – at the expense of the "free flow of information".

Property obliges. This statement applies to copyright for its importance for democracy in particular mab. But the lehre principle is under prere. Because the cafeteral legislation, which should ensure a costly participation of the general public in copyright content, are increasingly in the background in the newer legal developments. The copyright policy ranks seamlessly into this development. However, she also lets the implementation in german law. In order to prevent another march of the industrial lobby against the private copy, the mobilization of an imperfection is indispensable prerequisite.


Confluent expands apache kafka for unlimited storage

Confluent expands Apache Kafka for unlimited storage

The streaming platform provider confluent works on a strategic conversion that makes its cloud service for event streaming easier, more efficient and cost-effective. As part of the metamorphosis project, the company now announces an unlimited and automatically managed storage (infinite storage) for confluent cloud based on apache kafka.

Clear real-time and historical data

So far, for the ckus provided on the event streaming platform (confluent unit for kafka) storage limits, because the operators are always committed to a balance between the retention duration and the cost of the memory required by developers and the costs incurred by developers. Confluent now wants to pursue this conflict, as the company founded by the former kafka developers believes that the previously full-time storage intervals from days to a few weeks in view of the growing number of applications and services that depend on event streaming data , no longer sufficient – like jun rao, is one of the coales of confluent, in his blog contribution exports.

Confluent cloud therefore wants to provide unlimited memory in short for standard and dedicated clusters, and thus the apparently of numerous kafka users converious destroy destroy destroys to expand the event streaming platform as a primary storage system for the database. By combining current (real time) and historical data in kafka love the entire system construction simplify so clearly so as not only to increase the accuracy of findings from the data, but also to provide users with a higher quality of the applications and services. So far, historical data – usually out of cost – are outsourced – into other data stores and integrated from there only with appropriate needs.


Microsoft bing: photo of the “tank man” disappears from the search engine

Microsoft Bing: Photo of the 'Tank Man' disappears from the search engine

A man stands with two shopping graves on a wide boulevard and hold a group of fighting tank; the "tank man". The photo from beijing went around the world and is representative of the ultimately chanceless fight of the protest movement in 1989 against the authority of china. But just on the 32. Anniversaries of the so-called tian’anmen massacre, the image in microsoft’s searchmaker was temporarily not found, also in the us and europe. Microsoft speaks of a mistake.

First, it was probably the google security researcher shane huntley. He published a screenshot on twitter that bing for the search term "tank man" in the picture search no results find. Users from other countries such as great britain or switzerland confirmed the behavior. Also related search terms like "tiananmen square" for example, compared to google image search, especially harmonious postcard views, while the place deer also shows photos of the violent events from 1989 among the first hits.

Microsoft: it was a mistake

The censorship reprinted microsoft. The software group spoke against several media and agencies from one "accidental human error" and that microsoft work on a solution. First, be for the search crop "tank man" other pictures of tanks appeared. Meanwhile, the search again shows the famous pictures of the protests. But if you compare the hits of bing for "tiananmen place" with those "tiananmen square", there are still striking differences, as well as the german search term between bing and google.


Good populists – bad populists

Good populists - bad populists

After the holland election we will still be ooper horen, a success is good or bad for europe. But which europe is actually meant? – a comment

"The european spring is close" tit the okoliberal taz two months ago. Yesterday is the leaf of european springbone. This is his correctness, but for the newspaper, it’s a metaphor that after brexit and trump election, the appendant of the real-exciting eu allegedly goes into the offensive.

Pulse of europe, liberalism with a shot of esotericism

There will be the fact that the liberals have again discovered the strain protest and want to defend the eu on the straws and burst with eu flag and the entire phrase apparatus of neoliberal capitalism, sold as european spring. But anyone who convinced eurocrats can actually be addressed by this mix of liberal policy-speaking and a shot of esotericism?