Spacex superspire the nanosatellite company swarm

Spacex superspire the nanosatellite company Swarm

It is a rare deal. The us space and telecommunications company spacex liked to take the small satellite startup swarm technologies. Swarm operates 120 satellites in sandwich format and suitable ground stations. With the transaction, spacex was given the satellite and ground station licenses swams, which should probably help the spacex project starlink.

Both companies already have on 16. July on the suppuzziness. This goes from a request to the us regulatory worker fcc (federal communications commission) of 6. August. The targeted supposition represents a departure from the previous strategy spacex ‘to develop technology possible itself.

Swarm will conclude a direct hundred percent subsidiary spacex ". The financial details of the transaction are unknown. According to pitchbook, swarm was valued in january 2019 at a financing round with $ 85 million.


North korea: atom weaponest garden seems to have become unusable

North Korea: Atom weaponest garden seems to have become unusable

Especially kim jong-and is little chunky.

The willingness of kim jong-un talked to donald trump could be motivated to no longer perform nuclear weapons tests

Maybe kim jong-un has worse cards to negotiate with donald trump. Even for the summit on friday, which will be held for the first time since 2007 a summit of the north and sudkorean heads of government, the new findings could have followed because the threat potential north korea could be lower.


Facebook gives business with anti-vaccine advertisement

Facebook gives business with anti-vaccine advertisement

Facebook did not want to promote advertising, which is intended to hold people from vaccinations. Instead, the data group starts an information offensive over flu vacuums. In addition, there are new features that should facilitate access to vaccine information, including evidence of the postponement in the usa, as well as memories of influenza vaccine in the newsfeed.

This has announced facebook on tuesday. The information campaign begins in the united states and will be extended to other unnamed land in the next few weeks. On this way facebook might meet the risk that even a full-grown flu wave is coming to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook shares data about the vaccine mood

"Our goal is to provide news about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations of a broad group of people", parts facebook with. Already, advertising is prohibited with vaccine lugs. What is new is that advertising that is expressive of vaccinations will be refused to be rejected. This new rule should grab in the next day. Expective allows advertisements that occurs against vaccine laws or trailing programs, including any covid 19 vaccine programs.


Usa ruffles feathers online

More prosecutors and more money to fight cyberterror and copyright infringements

While us president bush is preparing his country for a long war in times of recession, the us is apparently also preparing for another theater of war: the us department of justice is currently looking more intensively for lawyers with it skills. In addition, two bills were introduced in the u.S. Senate earlier this week to provide more money and teaching tools to counter cyberterrorism.

The website of the us department of justice has been looking for lawyers for the us computer crime initiative for a few days now. Computer crime and intellectual property ("copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets"). In addition to possible cooperation in criminal proceedings, the tasks also include advising public and private bodies as well as cooperation in and evaluation of draft laws on cybercrime and copyright offences. Knowledge of and interest in computers, telecommunications networks, and other future technologies are highly desirable, the job announcement continues.


Is-women from raqqa: dessed jihad groupies

IS-Women from Raqqa: Dessed Jihad Groupies

Screenshot of a clip of the interview clip from jenan moussa (right in the picture) with is women. Source: akhbar al-an, twitter

Militarian is the ist in the corner, ideologically the gray remains

Militarian is the is in syria and iraq in the narrow driven. The expectation that in mosul and raqqa deminsts of jubilation are pending, is unauthorized. Even though there are high losses and coarse muhen, the expulsion of the is militia from the two bads is treated as a certainty, as a blobe question of time. To what extent the is ideology continues to pay its circles, it is a completely different field.


On behalf of all

Islam conference: search for an opponent with authority

One goes together to the opera stucco (cf. Cheap search for a boy toy) – at least the intention has been to. But it is not yet clear whether the opera visit will take place. Nothing substantial or concrete was to be expected from the two-hour kick-off of the multi-year islam conference, but nice gestures showing good will and sending clear counterpoint signals to the public: that an unhysterical, constructive culture of dispute is possible in a dialogue with muslim representatives. In the sum remains a "good feeling" after yesterday’s event at charlottenburg palace. And that is already a.

It has been demanded constantly and for a long time, the public dialogue with "the muslims". In concrete terms, this was only known from talk shows on television, and there the dialog usually followed predefined patterns, which the "general suspicion" here and there provided. The discussion, even if it had the question of faith as its content, usually narrowed down very soon to the question of the responsibility of violence in the name of islam, from which the muslim representative had to distance himself clearly. The representative of the muslims then usually quoted a passage from the koran, which should clearly show that islam is a peaceful religion. One of the four other discussants came up with a passage from the koran, which should clearly show that islam is a warlike religion. What was important in the public sunday evening dialogues was the correct "correct" positioning, the content mostly phrase.


Fuck the army!

Us militar against the vietnam war

At 6. November 1965, lieutenant henry howe on an anti-war demonstration carried a transparent with the inscription "end johnson’s fascist aggression in vietnam" ("finishes the fascist aggression of prasident johnson in vietnam"to). Howe was the first soldier, who pretended in this way, and was therefore sentenced by a station mood immediately to five years of forced labor.

Following his example, hundreds of other soldiers came into the prison for their resistance against the vietnam war, in which at the end of 50.000 americans and 3 million vietnamese love their lives. This peace movement, which is almost forgotten today, did not come from "1968" by auben, but from the army itself. In 1968, gis demonstrated to san francisco for the "summer of love" and started with veterans together peace demonstrations along the west cust.


Eu wants to review corona crisis trade policy

EU wants to review Corona crisis trade policy

The eu wants to review its trading policy because of the economic consequences of the corona pandemic. The aim is to find the right balance between a europe, the "open" is and a europe that protects his burgers and companies, said eu trading commissioner phil hogan on tuesday at an online meeting of eu states’ trade ministers. For example, it should be ensured that the eu has the right instruments to protect against unfair competitive practices.


To check the eu trade policy, from mid-july, the conversation with eu parliamentarians, companies and representatives of civil society are to be carried. These will be about questions about topics such as crisis-resistant value chains, sustainability, digitization and support for smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

Federal minister of economics peter altmaier (cdu) said about the eu talks that the crisis had disclosed the vulnerability of global supply chains, such as medical protection rates. "We therefore have to give the companies the opportunities to expand and diversify their trade and delivery relationships, ie to put multiple legs", he asked. Altmaier stressed the importance of the world trade organization. "For this we need a strong wto", he said.


Horror in the morning

The biggest shock came the day after the end of the bloody israeli military operation in the gaza strip

Actually, the israeli military operation in beit hanun in the gaza strip, in which at least 50 people were killed, had ended on tuesday morning after almost one week. But a day later, an artillery shell struck an apartment building, killing 19 more people, most of them women and children, and setting events in motion: the radical islamic hamas called for attacks in israel for the first time in more than two years, youths clashed bitterly with police in east jerusalem, and 28 qassam rockets had fallen over israeli cities and communities in the gaza neighborhood by midday thursday.

After a shell hit a block of houses in beit hanun, a relief worker carries away an injured man. Photo: ksi-price


Nothing is still good in afghanistan

The bundestag decides on the new afghanistan mission and the government submits a progress report "progress report" the situation is gloomy

Today, the bundestag will decide on the one-year deployment of the german armed forces as part of the nato mission in afghanistan "resolute support mission" for training, advising and supporting the afghan national security forces in afghanistan. The approval of the further deployment of up to 850 german soldiers to help the afghan security forces in their mission to afghanistan has not been mentioned "security responsibility" can be amed to be a combat mission. The mission, the additional cost of which is estimated at 282 million euros, is not limited to training and advising, but also includes military security.

Nato currently seems to have taken a liking to words that are supposed to signal determination. The "resolute support" in this respect joins the anti-is coalition’s operation inherent resolve. It is emphasized that this is not a combat mission: "nevertheless, there may be combat operations in exercise of the right of self-defense, to protect one’s own troops or designated civilian forces." this is also foreseeable in view of the further deterioration of the situation in afghanistan. This is precisely the reason why nato soldiers should remain in the country even after 13 years. Afghanistan needs further "the support of the international community", to, as it says, "to consolidate the successes of the past decade in creating effective security structures".