Storage data retention: government gives bad picture in karlsruhe

Federal scarf court negotiates complaint of 34.000 burgers

Whether mobile phone calls, e-mails or internet surfing: since january last year, providers save on the statutory specification of the federal government daily billions of communication data. Allegedly to improve the fight against terror. Around 34.000 bundesburg are there any opinion and submitted complaint at the federal scarf court in karlsruhe. Yesterday had the 1. Senate of the court of tribunal loaded.

Storage data retention: Government gives bad picture in Karlsruhe

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As if: “bird brain”

My ass:'spatzenhirn'

Common raven. Image: nps.Gov

Birds owe their amazing intelligence to an efficiently constructed brain

Diogenes was not a biologist, but he had an eye for the essentials. When platon defined, the human being is a "bipeds without feathers", he plucked a rooster and presented it as a "plato’s humans" (whereupon plato, for his part, proved and extended a remarkable eye for biological features: "with flat nails" – such actually characterize the primates).


Of the “urban metropolitan” the bundeswehr

Schnoggersburg, where the bundeswehr is supposed to remain the city fight, has nothing of a smart city and seems to be in the past to remain

While otherwise prepared for the cyberwar and how the pentagon miniature model fade is used to sample hacking and manipulation of systems as well as the defense of cyber attacks in smart cities, a huge phantom city is built in germany for the bundeswehr. You want to train the physical city combat and will cost that more than 100 million euros to recreate a city on 6 square kilometers on the trooping platform altmark in the colbitz underlying heide, in order to realistically realistic in times of simulation. Some settlements are already there, but you just want a real, small, modern city in which will be told from 2017.

Also a name has received the city, which sounds very provincial and northern german: schnoggersburg – exactly: "urban conurbation schnoggersburg" – there is still a traditional urbanism from an old european old town and a neustadt, a skyscrapital settlement, a government district and a shopping strike, an industrial area, a runway for aircraft and – forward-looking? – a kind of slum, a mulletal and a smumper field, too "destructed infrastructure" called. Also a cemetery is planned, even a mosque, at the edge, next to the car park, is a train station. What else do you need: a college, a gas station, a radio / tv station, even in a museum the urban combat will be boomed.


Warning: emails and sms endanger your intelligence!

According to a british study, permanent and addictive attachment to the flow of information lowers intelligence and work productivity

If we are to believe a study conducted by british psychologists on behalf of hewlett-packard, then we should probably be more cautious in the use of text messages and e-mails, and more often stop using them altogether, so as not to let our own intelligence drop. If you write and read a lot of emails and text messages, you will have a "infomania" certifies. This could do more harm to the intelligence quotient than regular smoking of pot.

The intelligence quotient is said to drop by an average of four percent among marijuana smokers. The british psychologists from the institute of psychiatry at the university of london claim to have found out in their study that the drop in the number of people seeking information or communication is as high as ten percent.


Athiopien: new massacre in the field of gumuz

Ethiopia: new massacre in the area of gumuz

The main languages and ethnic groups in athiopien and eritrea. Map: tp

The militareinsatz to the 207 dead in late december has not pacified the region

The ethiopian human rights commission consultant aaron maasho according there has been a massacre on tuesday in the village daletti came in which at least 80 people dead. Eyewitnesses reported the public television station ya-ityop̣p̣ya brodkasting corpores even of more than a hundred dead slaughtered by gumuz warriors.


In 2008, more than $ 2 billion was donated in 2008 for the us prassidal election

Barrack obama has so far more campaign donations for choice in 2012 as its competitors, revealing who gives the most

The americans were still preferable to election any republican prasidal candidate as barack obama. That’s what a gallup survey says at least 46 percent of respondents, for obama, only 38 percent agreed. It fits that the dissatisfaction with the work of obama continues to increase. Currently 52 percent is dissatisfied and 40 percent satisfied. After rasmussen is already cain with 43 percent before obama with 41 percent.

Generally, the opportunities for obama, 2012 will be re-elected, so far not very high. However, the election campaign will take one year and the mood can also be quickly held, as the economic situation improves or another event occurs. However, obama goes to the race so far with a well-ruptured election campaign. In the first half year of donation collecting his campaign team has already achieved almost $ 90 million, including 65 million from the democratic national committee.


Why did the right-wing nationalist turn come about in poland??

Why did the right-wing nationalist shift occur in poland?

The polish head of government beata szydło of pis. Image: p. Tracz/common

Foreign countries, including many poles, are unconcerned; only gradually is polish civil society awakening from its state of shock

It is worrying news coming out of poland since the last parliamentary election in october 2015. Politicians and journalists of european media are dismayed. Poland is making the headlines again and well-known journalists and commentators are trying to be experts on poland. The basic tenor is that of complete entrapment. How could it happen? Was everything achieved so far in poland blob only a facade, which now begins to crack?


Demand and promote

Social is what work creates: what about "demand" unbigue – part 3

The algii legislation, popularly called hartziv, was under the motto "demand and promote". The goals of social reform were positive at first sight:

– which so far in the mediation of social assistance should be equal to workers (both financially and in relation to the mediation of work) – the previously time-consuming procedures of the aid life for many anesthesis should be obsolete by rule records that contain these costs already proportionately.


Israeli military bombs palestinian family at picnic

Hamas announces attacks in israel for the first time since november 2004

Last friday, the palestinian family ghalya decided to have a picnic on the beach in gaza that they would not survive. An israeli shell tore apart parents and five of their children, ages 1 to 17. Only seven-year-old hadil survived. Television cameras showed the girl collapsing screaming among members of her dead family in the midst of rescue efforts. While an israeli government spokesman apologized for the civilians’ deaths, explaining that the military normally only conducts "surgical strikes". The 5.000 israeli rockets, tank shells, and rocket-propelled grenades that hit the gaza strip in april alone, however, speak a different language. The israeli military is still considering the possibility that the explosion could have been caused by palestinians, but there is no evidence of this.

The military killed a total of 14 people in the gaza strip on friday. Already on thursday, jamil samhadana and three other people were hit by a rocket. He was the leader of the popular resistance committees, an alliance of various movements in the gaza strip. Samhadana was also the head of the 3.000-headed hamas task force in gaza.


Participation of women in digitization – germany in europe’s midfield

Participation of women in digitization - Germany in Europe's midfield

In the participation of women in digitization, germany is a survey of the eu commission, according to eu-wide middle mab. Only about 17 percent of the employees working in germany as specialists and specialists for information technology and telecommunications are women, as is the analysis of brussels authority published on tuesday. Eu-wide is therefore about 18 percent.

Criticism from the commission’s practitioner

Combined with other values, for example, internet usage and internet competence of women lands germany rank 12 of 28 countries. The ranking of finland is followed by gobritain, which is still part of the investigation. Sweden and danemark. Lights are greece, romania and bulgaria.

Eu-wide, there are differences from women in all examined values, it is called. After all, the lucke in internet usage has shrunk from 7 to 2 percent over the past 10 years. 84 percent of women and 86 percent of the men go online at least once a week.