Spain’s dirty climate policy

As a major climate change stakeholder, spain is moving further away from agreed climate change targets, although the sunny country could meet its energy needs with renewables in the future

Climate change continues and europe will also suffer significantly from the changing conditions. According to a recent study, the mediterranean and alpine regions will be particularly hard hit by the changes. Spain, a major stakeholder, moves further and further away from climate change targets, according to sustainability study. Instead of being a leader in violating the kyoto protocol, the country could be a role model in the use of renewable energies. Greenpeace calculates that the sunny country could cover its projected energy consumption for 2050 with renewable energies.

"The potential for damage to various european regions in the face of global change will increase in the coming decades, leading to problems in agriculture, forestry, nature conservation, energy and water management, and tourism", says the study published in the journal science (more drought and flooding in europe).


Self-criticism under muslims?

Despite the individual initiatives, the broad inner arabic debate is still waiting, but the trend towards "stop islamism" in the region is initiated

Whether from the year 2005 n. Chr. Or 1426 n.D. Hijra looked at: the nearby east falls on by ruck waiting. Arabs explain this almost exclusively with the (undeniable) imperialist crimes, which the west committed and commits them. Your own access remains hidden. At clear hinhoren, however, a self-critical tendency will be loud, which seems far more bin laden terror than bush’s campaign.

The tide of development videos, the worldwide connection – and not least the self-carried out company design of the taliban have undoubtedly a rethinking under muslims if not spy, so accelerated. Justified numerous fatwas the 11. September still as a criminal court, the tenor is many to madrid and beslan many times: "we are the worst of all". An end to militant religiosity and the shoulder with a political democratic practice is required. A reorientation, the gilles kepel and olivier roy already before the 11. September as "post-islamism" lay out.


Political orientation expresses the view of the corona crisis

Political orientation expresses the view of the Corona crisis

In the usa, the trail of democrats have more fear that the republicans see behind covid-19 rather intention or political instrumentalization

In the us, the association of the coronavirus epidemic is strongly dependent on political attitudes. Since the us is a two-party state, the country is torn in many ways, which prasident donald trump has brought to office and what he continues to make mood. Psychology often seems to be very easy in storage formation and serves the mutual demarcation: the position of a party is always different than that of the other, as absurd this may.

After a survey in the us beginning marz at the beginning of the pandemic, when donald trump wanted everything still visible, 40 percent of the people who are increasing the democrats, the pandemistry stood a danger, but only 20 percent of the republicans. According to frequenters, the sympathizers of the democrats have already taken personal precautions (assessment of the danger of political orientation).


End of the financial market crisis in sight?

The longest financial market crisis of the post-war history does not seem to end up at all. But those who hope for a final crisis of the world financial system could once again be surprised

It may seem a bit daring at the present time, but slowly find signs that the now more than a year continued financial market crisis could slowly increase one end. After all, in the media most recently the view dominated, the crisis will not end up at all, or there must be a worse at least worse before. And even in the current quarterly report, the mostly very true bank for international payment settlement (bis) describes the situation with "continuing tensions at the interbank market".

However, in psychological borsen analyzes, it is almost always pointed out that man is just at aming that the morning of yesterday only slightly different. Therefore, it is therefore close to ame when the boron courses have risen yesterday, this will be the case tomorrow. All the more a boom, so, the stronger is the strong man "nature out" inclined to believe it will go from all possible reasons for eternally so on how long boom times are always watching.


18 Instead of 8 euros? Elimination of the transfer of transfer could increase cable television costs

18 instead of 8 euros? Elimination of the transfer of transfer could increase cable television costs

The word surcharge ability sounds like dusty burokratendutsch – and has a current brisance for millions of tenants. It’s about cable television costs, which so far from the landlord on every tenant "placed" can be in utility bill – roughly eight euros per month are fally. Everyone has to pay whether he wants or not – even television deniers. The federal government wants to tilt this concept. Instead, each household should withdraw its own contract with the network operator. "Tenants should have the chance to elect their owner himself", explains the federal ministry of economics.

The project of minister of economic minister peter altmaier (cdu) and transport minister andreas scheuer (csu) was known in summer. The payability of the tv costs via the additional costs should be abolished. So tenants should not be more "timed automatism" be released and there will be more competition, it is called in the ministry of economic affairs: "tenants should only pay for the services for the services that they actually use." with the new scheme, tenants were benefited from favorable competitive prices.

Lucrative business for cable network operator

The criticism of the planning is now louder. Companies like vodafone are wearing deep worries. So far, they are updating the regulation from the 1980s, now fear of their pfrow customers could switch from cable to satellite, or watch tv only over the internet.


Failed states and climate catastrophe

Failed states and climate catastrophe

Fig. 1: the "groundwater storage anomaly" according to grace. Brown regions lost water in 2015 compared to the 2002-2015 period. Regions in blue have gained water. The color intensity is proportional to the loss or gain of water. Gain. Image: nasa

According to satellite imagery and geological quantities, the failed "arab spring" have a climate component

While republican candidates in the u.S. Election campaign are still competing to see who can most stridently deny global warming, others, such as nasa and dlr, are working to meng its effects around the world.