“Prachtkerl putin?”

Photo: ramon schack

Russian reality and interpretation of the course of the west. Notes on the elections in russia

Winston churchill, who encountered josef stalin with a mixture of admiration and fascination, at least until the end of the 2. World war, once described the inner exemerges of the power fluke in moscow as a counsel, which surrounds mystery and mystery: "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside to enigma."


Fuck the army!

Us militar against the vietnam war

At 6. November 1965, lieutenant henry howe on an anti-war demonstration carried a transparent with the inscription "end johnson’s fascist aggression in vietnam" ("finishes the fascist aggression of prasident johnson in vietnam"to). Howe was the first soldier, who pretended in this way, and was therefore sentenced by a station mood immediately to five years of forced labor.

Following his example, hundreds of other soldiers came into the prison for their resistance against the vietnam war, in which at the end of 50.000 americans and 3 million vietnamese love their lives. This peace movement, which is almost forgotten today, did not come from "1968" by auben, but from the army itself. In 1968, gis demonstrated to san francisco for the "summer of love" and started with veterans together peace demonstrations along the west cust.


Horror in the morning

The biggest shock came the day after the end of the bloody israeli military operation in the gaza strip

Actually, the israeli military operation in beit hanun in the gaza strip, in which at least 50 people were killed, had ended on tuesday morning after almost one week. But a day later, an artillery shell struck an apartment building, killing 19 more people, most of them women and children, and setting events in motion: the radical islamic hamas called for attacks in israel for the first time in more than two years, youths clashed bitterly with police in east jerusalem, and 28 qassam rockets had fallen over israeli cities and communities in the gaza neighborhood by midday thursday.

After a shell hit a block of houses in beit hanun, a relief worker carries away an injured man. Photo: ksi-price


When the locomotive driver has no blahs and the sun is shining

Open letter to the head of deutsche bahn

Dear mr. Grube,

Do you know friedrichsfeld? Probably not. But i would like to help you on the right track: friedrichsfeld is a district of mannheim and your company can cover the distance to the main station of the square city in ten minutes. At least in theory. When the locomotive driver has no blahs and the sun is shining. So if the timetable is kept to, it doesn’t take long to get to the city center. Or those who are in the center can climb the train from friedrichsfeld and continue from there.