Short of the solar service: end of the boom?

The new government wants to brief the solar power requirement from 2010. Currently, the industry is booming, thanks to the renewable energy service law (eeg)

Whether the mending records after the renewable energy law (eeg) are really overhanged and what a shortness could do, it is violently arguing. Economic lobbies and consumer centers make mood for an immediate short up to 30 percent. But the goods but the "deathtop" for the solar economy, in contrast, solar association and environmental protection.

The solar power threatens to suffocate his own success. For more severe, consumer associations and energy experts have been talking to reduce eeg consumption by up to 30 percent. Currently owners receive solar systems – depending on whether it is an outdoor or building system – according to renewable energy law (eeg) 32 to 43 cents per kilowatt hour. The repayment sentences, which are ultimately paid by consumers on the electricity price, are relatively high compared to electricity from wind, organic and geothermal energy.


Of the “urban metropolitan” the bundeswehr

Schnoggersburg, where the bundeswehr is supposed to remain the city fight, has nothing of a smart city and seems to be in the past to remain

While otherwise prepared for the cyberwar and how the pentagon miniature model fade is used to sample hacking and manipulation of systems as well as the defense of cyber attacks in smart cities, a huge phantom city is built in germany for the bundeswehr. You want to train the physical city combat and will cost that more than 100 million euros to recreate a city on 6 square kilometers on the trooping platform altmark in the colbitz underlying heide, in order to realistically realistic in times of simulation. Some settlements are already there, but you just want a real, small, modern city in which will be told from 2017.

Also a name has received the city, which sounds very provincial and northern german: schnoggersburg – exactly: "urban conurbation schnoggersburg" – there is still a traditional urbanism from an old european old town and a neustadt, a skyscrapital settlement, a government district and a shopping strike, an industrial area, a runway for aircraft and – forward-looking? – a kind of slum, a mulletal and a smumper field, too "destructed infrastructure" called. Also a cemetery is planned, even a mosque, at the edge, next to the car park, is a train station. What else do you need: a college, a gas station, a radio / tv station, even in a museum the urban combat will be boomed.


Warning: emails and sms endanger your intelligence!

According to a british study, permanent and addictive attachment to the flow of information lowers intelligence and work productivity

If we are to believe a study conducted by british psychologists on behalf of hewlett-packard, then we should probably be more cautious in the use of text messages and e-mails, and more often stop using them altogether, so as not to let our own intelligence drop. If you write and read a lot of emails and text messages, you will have a "infomania" certifies. This could do more harm to the intelligence quotient than regular smoking of pot.

The intelligence quotient is said to drop by an average of four percent among marijuana smokers. The british psychologists from the institute of psychiatry at the university of london claim to have found out in their study that the drop in the number of people seeking information or communication is as high as ten percent.


Participation of women in digitization – germany in europe’s midfield

Participation of women in digitization - Germany in Europe's midfield

In the participation of women in digitization, germany is a survey of the eu commission, according to eu-wide middle mab. Only about 17 percent of the employees working in germany as specialists and specialists for information technology and telecommunications are women, as is the analysis of brussels authority published on tuesday. Eu-wide is therefore about 18 percent.

Criticism from the commission’s practitioner

Combined with other values, for example, internet usage and internet competence of women lands germany rank 12 of 28 countries. The ranking of finland is followed by gobritain, which is still part of the investigation. Sweden and danemark. Lights are greece, romania and bulgaria.

Eu-wide, there are differences from women in all examined values, it is called. After all, the lucke in internet usage has shrunk from 7 to 2 percent over the past 10 years. 84 percent of women and 86 percent of the men go online at least once a week.


Spacex superspire the nanosatellite company swarm

Spacex superspire the nanosatellite company Swarm

It is a rare deal. The us space and telecommunications company spacex liked to take the small satellite startup swarm technologies. Swarm operates 120 satellites in sandwich format and suitable ground stations. With the transaction, spacex was given the satellite and ground station licenses swams, which should probably help the spacex project starlink.

Both companies already have on 16. July on the suppuzziness. This goes from a request to the us regulatory worker fcc (federal communications commission) of 6. August. The targeted supposition represents a departure from the previous strategy spacex ‘to develop technology possible itself.

Swarm will conclude a direct hundred percent subsidiary spacex ". The financial details of the transaction are unknown. According to pitchbook, swarm was valued in january 2019 at a financing round with $ 85 million.


Tech2go: automated war – from flash crash to flash

Tech2GO: Automated War - from Flash Crash to Flash

The fact that ki systems are used in military disputes to achieve a speed advantage could lead to a tidy dynamic, warns the politologist ulrike franke in the new episode of tech2go, the podcast of technology review.

"If an actor has very autonomous systems in his arsenal and therefore very fast-acting systems, then one can actually only have these systems with similarly quickly acting defense systems," says franke. The scenario that all pages have high-carnonymous weapons is therefore worrying because these systems could react to each other. It is conceivable that it comes to "flash wars" – "conflicts, analogous to the flash crash on the borse, where automated systems generate in seconds, because they influence and overreact each other."

Ulrike franke has received a doctorate from political science and oxford via the use of drones through western coatings. She is policy fellow at londoner think tank european council on foreign relations (ecrf) and works there to the question of how artificial intelligence (ki) changed the militar. Together with carlo masala and frank sauer from the university of the bundeswehr munchen) and the journalist thomas wiegold also operates the podcast "safety half".


Private copy – threatened from extinction

The eu copyright directive sets the "protection of technical measures" too high

Almost unnoticed by the office, the eu council of ministers in april adopted the directive on the harmonization of certain aspects of copyright and related property rights in the information society. This will lead to a significant expansion of copyright monopolies – at the expense of the "free flow of information".

Property obliges. This statement applies to copyright for its importance for democracy in particular mab. But the lehre principle is under prere. Because the cafeteral legislation, which should ensure a costly participation of the general public in copyright content, are increasingly in the background in the newer legal developments. The copyright policy ranks seamlessly into this development. However, she also lets the implementation in german law. In order to prevent another march of the industrial lobby against the private copy, the mobilization of an imperfection is indispensable prerequisite.


Anger on computer

A british study states growing frustration and a serious problem

With a new name you have often found a new phenomenon in the social sciences, which you can then exclude. Computers widespread in the world of work and become everyday sacrifice, despite the meanwhile "eradicate" aged still thanks to the sloppy programmed software and incompatibilities is known to have his muck – and not too little. The silence suffer the user, especially if they are not experts and hobbyists and expect that the worker is simply working, occasionally and probably not so rarely in anger or frustration. Created with a name that sounds best in english, that’s "computer rage" or "it stress".

On behalf of compaq the british market has opinion research international (mori) 1250 employees in gobritans asked if the information technology is a curse or a blessing for them. 80 percent of respondents have observed colleagues who abreader their frustration verbally or with fumes on their computers, and half of them were on, they were sometimes so stressed by the technique that they were most likely to be backed up. And when the computer is stunted once, which is the daily fate of many, the propagated affective computing probably nothing more useful in which one wants to intercept the arger by means of the walling mood of users.


Virtual privacy office online

Information, tools and discussions to encourage personal initiative

Numerous individual laws and regulations govern data protection in germany. However, they are often incomprehensible – and even ineffective on the internet. New concepts must be found to eliminate this state of emergency. On the initiative of helmut baumler, the data protection commissioner of schleswig-holstein, a virtual data protection office was set up on the internet on tuesday. It tries to take not only government agencies, but also private individuals into the obligation – with more own initiative.

The office will be operated from kiel for the next two years. Almost all german data protection commissioners as well as colleagues from switzerland, the netherlands and canada are participating in the joint project. It is aimed at data protectionists, burghers, journalists, administrations and the economy. It offers information, discussion forums and a news ticker, as well as data protection tools that can be downloaded free of charge.


Sleeping tesla driver must be in court

Sleeping Tesla driver must be in court

This has not seen such a thing that has not seen kanadas (rcmp) yet: a car without inmates rast with 140 km / h albertas highway 2 down, although only 110 km / h are allowed. A traffic policemor takes persecution, with blue light. Continue advancing vehicle steerers make every seat. Since the pursued car accelerates, a tesla s, to 150 km / h.

At the end of the persecution on 9. July turns out that the tesla has certain inmates. However, the 20-year handlebars from the neighboring province of british-colombia had the misleading "autopilot" operated driver assistant activated, its seat flat and sleeping on it. Detto the front passenger.

That’s why it looked like the car is empty. And when the preceding vehicles wichen to the side, the "autopilot" the way is clear. He decided to accelerate. The emergency vehicle ignored the computer.