Athiopien: new massacre in the field of gumuz

Ethiopia: new massacre in the area of gumuz

The main languages and ethnic groups in athiopien and eritrea. Map: tp

The militareinsatz to the 207 dead in late december has not pacified the region

The ethiopian human rights commission consultant aaron maasho according there has been a massacre on tuesday in the village daletti came in which at least 80 people dead. Eyewitnesses reported the public television station ya-ityop̣p̣ya brodkasting corpores even of more than a hundred dead slaughtered by gumuz warriors.


Demand and promote

Social is what work creates: what about "demand" unbigue – part 3

The algii legislation, popularly called hartziv, was under the motto "demand and promote". The goals of social reform were positive at first sight:

– which so far in the mediation of social assistance should be equal to workers (both financially and in relation to the mediation of work) – the previously time-consuming procedures of the aid life for many anesthesis should be obsolete by rule records that contain these costs already proportionately.


New accusation against assad: “he exprends escape”

New accusation against Assad:'er enteignet fluchtlinge'

Destruction in homs. Image: destruction_in_homs_ (2).Jpg: bo yaser / cc by-sa 3.0

The eight office speaks of one "perfide project". With facts that is not available, the suspicion pays

The accusation of which bashar al-assad expropriated escape lines in syria was now found on the pro-asylum carrier gunter burkhardt also his way into the debate on the compromise on family reunification.