Historic deefakes: deep nostalgia animates family photos and portraits

Historic Deefakes: Deep Nostalgia animates family photos and portraits

With deep nostalgia, myheritage uses registered users to convert old photos of their animated images into animated images. For animation, the service uses deefake algorithms, which provide the persons pictured on photos with a head movement, a wink or laughing.

Myheritage is a service that supports users in ancestor research and creating family tree. For example, the website offers dna kits for analysis. Software used for the new service is based on the company d-id specialized in tel aviv and specializing in the development of deidistor software software. Deefack refers to various methods to create videos created by using ki-or machine learning procedures that have been summarized from different content and still look authentic.

Animate photos and busts

Users can upload color or black female photos on the website that an algorithm subsequently analyzes. Detected faces provides the software with an animation. All facial animations are based on small reference videos of myheritage employees, which lend the photos to the photos with their movements to the photos. At the present time, only the faces of individual persons can be animated – one after the other, not at the same time.


Minister of state for media defended heren broadcasting contribution

Minister of State for Media Defended Heren broadcasting contribution

According to criticism, most recently, the minister of state for culture and media, monika guts (cdu), has placed itself before the public broadcasting. "Some current interventions from politics are suitable for damaging the public broadcasting at its reputation at a time in which we need it urgent than ever", said good foods of the german press agency.

Saxony’s minister prosident michael kretschmer (cdu) was though to stay in the increase as the funke’s media group reports. Young, there was the demands of the ranks of the cdu / csu to postpone the increase due to the coronavirus crisis and economic consequences.

First increase since 2009

The ministerial prospects had agreed in marz that the broadcasting contribution, which is the main source of income for ard, zdf and deutschlandradio, should rise per household per household from 17.50 euros to 18.36 euros. Saxony-anhalt had included. The landchifts followed a recommendation of an independent expert body – short kef. If the landchiefs sign the contract and agree with all state days, the increase – the first since 2009 – could enter into force on the year 2021.


Inventory data: federal police and customs should access passwords

Inventory data: Federal police and customs should access passwords

In mid-july, the federal scarf court (bverfg) had assessed that state access to inventory data such as name, address and e-mail addresses must be limited by users. The federal ministry of the interior (bmi) has now submitted a speaker draft. However, it does not only intend to concretize the transmission rules for the service providers and the retrieval provisions for safety authorities, but also expand powers in particular of the federal police and of customs assists.

Exposed inventory data information

The project is considered expressive, because due to the announcement from karlsruhe also the controversial bill to the "combation of right-wing extremism and hate criminalitat" lies on ice. Federal president frank-walter steinmeier (spd) refused at the beginning of october, to sign the initiative adopted by the bundestag in june. The karlsruher richter had judged that "a sufficiently precise boundary of the intended use" of inventory data should be true.

According to the "anti-hate law" suppliers of telemedia services like whatsapp, ebay, facebook, google with gmail and youtube, tinder co. Sensitive data from suspects such as ip addresses and – usually clasps stored – passwords artwork to safety authorities. The legislator wants to extend the possibilities for inventory data information.


The destruction of nature accelerates itself

The wwf creates a living planet index

The world apparently slides not only in an economic crisis, but also the environmental problems are getting more briskant. The ozone hole has never been as rough as this year, which was at the same time the warmest year since a century. The 15 warmest years in this century existed since 1980.

After the investigation of arctic ice layers has shown that the emphasis that has brought the last ice age 12500 years to an end, not all and slow and slowly. Within only 50 years, the temperature on earth rose by about 30 degrees. New investigations on ice layers in the antarctic, which were carried out by the climatic james white, now revealed that this was not a regional process, because even here, the temperature rose at this time within a few decades by 6 degrees. Plants, animals and humans have little chance of adapting to the new conditions in such a quick time. Which grounds the emphasis occurred so fast is not yet known, but many scientists accept that people’s activities have one "normal" employment process.


Violence and crimetate in the greek fubball

Violence and crimetate in the Greek Fubball

The injured stelios volitakis. Image: handout greek photo union

Fubball fans hurt sport photographers hard

The violent piraces in greece’s professional ball world continues. Young victim is a press photographer whose "pass" therein existed between traws masked hooligans and their goal. Through a litter with a chair, the photographer stelios volitakis was injured at the head. There is danger for his eyesight. His head injuries were treated in athens coarse accident hospital kat. To rescue his eyesight, the press photographer association of greece has searched a specialist. Three more people were slightly injured by the hooligans.


Edel notebooks: dell xps 13 and xps 13 2-in-1 get tiger lake

Edel notebooks: Dell XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1 get Tiger Lake

Dell donates its showcase notebook xps 13 and its convertible brother xps 13 2-in-1 the compulsory upgrade to the eleventh core i generation (tiger lake). Both devices can be in this country in the overworked version (model number 9310) from tomorrow 1. October at prices from 1500 euros (xps 13) or 1550 euros (xps 13 2-in-1) be purchased.

Edel notebooks: Dell XPS 13 and XPS 13 2-in-1 get Tiger Lake

The xps 13 2-in-1 is now also with light housing.

Greater changes away from the flotter processors and associated changes such as the change of thunderbolt 3 on thunderbolt 4 are not on – which is neither wondering nor bad: dell had already been at the ice lake versions of xps 13 and xps 13 2-in -1 of 16: 9 screens adopted; and self-reliable remain the work-friendly 16: 10 screens (and all other established amenities) at the tiger lake generation. The xps 13 2-in-1 inherits in the new edition the windows hello-capable ir webcam in the slim frame above the screen and the optional fabric housing from fiberglass mat instead of dark carbon mesh – both have only existed "normal" xps 13.