“It’s quieter” – coupler and mountain champion in the appalial use

The mountain champion sits high over the huge complex, with him the threads run together that night. His face is greatly illuminated by the appearance of the three screens, otherwise it’s dark there. The coarse windows offer a magnificent overview of the widely branched track system in the orange light of hundreds of lamps, on the horizon the skyline of hamburg. With the red emergency button, the mountain champion can make everything there drugs. Like the wellty model railway in the world, it looks in this clear summer night, but that is not, by no means.

Around the clock

"This is europe’s larger shunting station, we are european champion", says head of manfred stobrave. The studied mechanical engineer is 59 and for 36 years at the train. The ranging station mesh is seven kilometers long and 700 meters wide. Inaugurated the plant on the 7. July 1977, exactly seven years after the first groundbreaking ceremony. With the commissioning, funf ragierbahnhofen lost at least part of their tasks in hamburg. For decades had had to be converted daily over 2000 good cars several times, because the train formation was distributed. The new facility was far more efficient and safer.

"We work around the clock, there is never complete standstill", says stobrave. 700 people work here, managed in summer as in winter, 365 days a year, also christmas. "Tonight, around 120 men are in use here with the locomotives", says stobrave.


Can jews be open to berlin open?

An interview ensures mission in israel

Everywhere demonstrations against israel, anti-semitic connection in france – the crisis in middle east also has an impact on the jews in western europe. A supposed advice of the berlin police is now ensured for vortex: a spokesman should have advised jews not to show their religious rented at the strain.

The notification came on tuesday morning in the english-language edition of the israeli daily ha’aretz: "berlin police: jews should not wear identifiable clothes." since the police do not wear the jews before surprise, they recommend to do without kippas or davidstaren. The newspaper relied on a report of the israeli military radio.


Rooster wing shortage in the mega embassy

Grobes downsizing in der gigantischen us-botschaft im irak und die frage, was die amerikaner im irak erreicht haben

The other day in iraq, baghdad, embassy of the usa: the chicken wings supply does not work anymore and the wings were rationed to six per person and that for the chicken wings night! The buffet was quickly empty and is never really full again, coffee had to be drunk unsubstituted, without sugar or substitute.

Since the withdrawal of u.S. Troops, the food supply for the 750 million american embassy in baghdad has faltered. The convoys from kuwait no longer have troop escorts and are getting late, because they are now experiencing that arab border traffic operates in rough style what has become a life-style magic word in this country: deceleration. They were asked to submit a lot of papers, quite different from what they are used to. The result: frustration over iraqi "obstructionism", as can be read in the new times.


Suvs: message of ruthlessness, imperiousness and supposed superiority

The trend towards over-dimensioned and over-motorized gas guzzlers is still unbroken, despite the proclamation of a traffic turnaround

The climate debate has gained momentum. Co2 tax, coal phase-out, e-mobility, transportation transition, low-meat diet, compliance with tokyo and paris agreements – the fridays for future movement has ensured that these ies have risen to the top of public interest. Politicians are now deigning to recognize that climate protection is a legitimate concern. The activist anna observes the result on the website of fff: #6monatenixpassiert. So the young people go on strike.

In this situation, further heated by the summer sun, parties and companies meet with announcements of how they really want to make the future more environmentally friendly. But they do not want to change anything in the status quo. Fff is right: nothing happens.


Google prohibits clickbait ads

With a new guideline, google wants to make up in his advertising marketplace. As the company tells his advertising partners, google ads will no longer adopt any ads from july, the well-known clickbait patterns; as in the case of the cold text for this message provided.

These ads have been increased in recent years more on little reputable offers with low advertisements. For example, with the old photos of children’s stars is welcome or supposed household tricks are promised – everything to move the irritated user to the click. However, those click on such ads, usually do not learn anything about the promised topic. Instead, after a few lines text, for example, medical miraculals, erectors or crypto business models are advertised with folded celebrity quotes.

Celebrities pictures and miracles

In order to stop the activity and thus create an overall better promotional environment, google prohibits such methods that users criticizes crispy to click on the display. Since the phenomenon "clickbait" it is difficult to define, the group pays various widely used methods in the help area of google ads: no longer approved are commercials with texts like "you do not believe what happened then" or images in which absurd distorted images of human body parts are shown. Even "before, afterwards"-images are prohibited, as well as images of catastrophes to which products and services should be touted.


Dadaistic destruction performance of the british intelligence service

The destruction of the gchq and testified destruction of the guardian hard drives with the snowden files was a purely symbolic act. Only what should be aimed at him?

It’s already absurd what the guardian editor-in-chief alan rusbridger reported yesterday (snowden-affare: british government put guardian under prere). The british secret service gchq had started after the first enthusiasts of the nsa documents to dust prere on the newspaper. Apparently, publishers and journalists should be shaken. It is allowed to suspect that from washington at least a wink to the british government and the nsa-closely associated british intelligence service has now become an end to the matter. How fast-friendly nations respond to such winks, you had already seen, when european states of the machine of the bolivian prasident denied the surcharge and forced them to land in vienna. In the uk and is already helpful in the case of assange, they have also arrested and heard the friend of the guardian journalist and snowden-familiar greenwald after the terrorism law at the airport and confiscated his data carrier – and had previously called gchq employees to the guardian to destroy the material of snowden.

Dadaistic destruction performance of the British intelligence service

Publishing building of the guardian in london. Image: bryantbob / cc-by-sa-3.0


The reality of the “humanoid wars”

The failure of the "nation build" by military intervention

On the anniversary of us invasion in iraq, there is really not much to celebrate. A year after the bombs have fallen, the coalition troops have been well set in iraq, but the country is by no means under their control. The demonstrations against the us and their puppet government, together with the further attacks across the country, are a proof of that that iraq is not the minkile and inflowing country, as george bush has promised. Even if most saddam hussein as a brutal dictator, this does not necessarily mean that what has replaced him is better.

The reality of the'humanitaren kriege'

The pentagon potenated the art of war: "british maj. Andy flax, with the 7th armored brigade, pops out of the commander’s hatch of armored fighting vehicle 436 command vehicle along the iraq border, march 19, 2003. Sft. Jack m. Carillo sketched this image in graphite."


Copyright adopted in the european parliament in first reading

Private copying against appropriate compensation

At least in the first reading, the european parliament approved by a large majority several tightening amendments to the copyright law proposed by the eu commission. Apparently, the petition of 400 european musicians, including the repeatedly mentioned spice girls, but also the urging of the music industry has borne fruit.

The new law is intended to extend copyright protection to new technologies in the digital age, but also to ensure that copyright is not infringed "does not hinder the competition of the developing services and products of the information society." in particular, italian mep roberto barzanti has pushed for the tightening of the supplementary amendments. If these were not introduced, europe would be "marginalized" will be. The additions were "guarantee creativity and help fight piracy."


Bedou-3: china completes gps competitors

BeDou-3: China completes GPS competitors

China completed its global satellite navigation network bedou-3. On tuesday, the last of the 35 satellites of the $ 10 billion expensive competitors, among others, the us global positioning system (gps) from the xichang space station in the suden china. A three-stage support rocket of the type "long march 3b" brought the satellite into a geostationary orbit.

With the last bedou-3 satellite, china is now a satellite-controlled navigation network that works worldwide reports the bbc. The versions of bedou-1 and beidou-2 so far only offered a luckless coverage of the asia-pacific room. With bedou-3, in addition to the us gps, the russian glonass and the european galileo, another worldwide navigation network is available.

Base for beidou-4

According to chinese, the system should become one of the system until 2035 "all-related, integrated, comprehensive national position determination, navigation and time system" get extended. How to show from a document of the china satellite navigation office to bedou’s fourth version, bedou-3 should form the core system.


Internet of things: hivemq 4.5 writes kafka

Internet of Things: Hivemq 4.5 writes Kafka

The german company hivemq has version 4.5 of the mqtt broker of the same name. An essential focus for the release lies on performance optimizations. On the technical side are a kafka-to-mqtt transformer and the expandable rest api acquisition value. The current version is an lts release, which will give guaranteed support by january 2023, with the customer withdrawing to an additional year.

According to the blog post to the publication, the performance improvements to be booked, especially for coarse installations and, among other things, to enter the time when entering and leaving a cluster and replication of messages in the queued messages and stored messages (retained messages). In addition, for specific scenarios of memory requirements should be significantly lower.

A transformer for kafka

In june 2020, hivemq had published a connector for apache kafka. The open source software is often used due to specialization in the processing of data streams on the internet of things. Version 4.4 of the mqtt broker had a customazation api on board to transform data on the way from mqtt to kafka.