Storage data retention: government gives bad picture in karlsruhe

Federal scarf court negotiates complaint of 34.000 burgers

Whether mobile phone calls, e-mails or internet surfing: since january last year, providers save on the statutory specification of the federal government daily billions of communication data. Allegedly to improve the fight against terror. Around 34.000 bundesburg are there any opinion and submitted complaint at the federal scarf court in karlsruhe. Yesterday had the 1. Senate of the court of tribunal loaded.

Storage data retention: Government gives bad picture in Karlsruhe

Photo: udo schulze


As if: “bird brain”

My ass:'spatzenhirn'

Common raven. Image: nps.Gov

Birds owe their amazing intelligence to an efficiently constructed brain

Diogenes was not a biologist, but he had an eye for the essentials. When platon defined, the human being is a "bipeds without feathers", he plucked a rooster and presented it as a "plato’s humans" (whereupon plato, for his part, proved and extended a remarkable eye for biological features: "with flat nails" – such actually characterize the primates).


Why did the right-wing nationalist turn come about in poland??

Why did the right-wing nationalist shift occur in poland?

The polish head of government beata szydło of pis. Image: p. Tracz/common

Foreign countries, including many poles, are unconcerned; only gradually is polish civil society awakening from its state of shock

It is worrying news coming out of poland since the last parliamentary election in october 2015. Politicians and journalists of european media are dismayed. Poland is making the headlines again and well-known journalists and commentators are trying to be experts on poland. The basic tenor is that of complete entrapment. How could it happen? Was everything achieved so far in poland blob only a facade, which now begins to crack?


Israeli military bombs palestinian family at picnic

Hamas announces attacks in israel for the first time since november 2004

Last friday, the palestinian family ghalya decided to have a picnic on the beach in gaza that they would not survive. An israeli shell tore apart parents and five of their children, ages 1 to 17. Only seven-year-old hadil survived. Television cameras showed the girl collapsing screaming among members of her dead family in the midst of rescue efforts. While an israeli government spokesman apologized for the civilians’ deaths, explaining that the military normally only conducts "surgical strikes". The 5.000 israeli rockets, tank shells, and rocket-propelled grenades that hit the gaza strip in april alone, however, speak a different language. The israeli military is still considering the possibility that the explosion could have been caused by palestinians, but there is no evidence of this.

The military killed a total of 14 people in the gaza strip on friday. Already on thursday, jamil samhadana and three other people were hit by a rocket. He was the leader of the popular resistance committees, an alliance of various movements in the gaza strip. Samhadana was also the head of the 3.000-headed hamas task force in gaza.


North korea: atom weaponest garden seems to have become unusable

North Korea: Atom weaponest garden seems to have become unusable

Especially kim jong-and is little chunky.

The willingness of kim jong-un talked to donald trump could be motivated to no longer perform nuclear weapons tests

Maybe kim jong-un has worse cards to negotiate with donald trump. Even for the summit on friday, which will be held for the first time since 2007 a summit of the north and sudkorean heads of government, the new findings could have followed because the threat potential north korea could be lower.


Is-women from raqqa: dessed jihad groupies

IS-Women from Raqqa: Dessed Jihad Groupies

Screenshot of a clip of the interview clip from jenan moussa (right in the picture) with is women. Source: akhbar al-an, twitter

Militarian is the ist in the corner, ideologically the gray remains

Militarian is the is in syria and iraq in the narrow driven. The expectation that in mosul and raqqa deminsts of jubilation are pending, is unauthorized. Even though there are high losses and coarse muhen, the expulsion of the is militia from the two bads is treated as a certainty, as a blobe question of time. To what extent the is ideology continues to pay its circles, it is a completely different field.


Eu wants to review corona crisis trade policy

EU wants to review Corona crisis trade policy

The eu wants to review its trading policy because of the economic consequences of the corona pandemic. The aim is to find the right balance between a europe, the "open" is and a europe that protects his burgers and companies, said eu trading commissioner phil hogan on tuesday at an online meeting of eu states’ trade ministers. For example, it should be ensured that the eu has the right instruments to protect against unfair competitive practices.


To check the eu trade policy, from mid-july, the conversation with eu parliamentarians, companies and representatives of civil society are to be carried. These will be about questions about topics such as crisis-resistant value chains, sustainability, digitization and support for smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

Federal minister of economics peter altmaier (cdu) said about the eu talks that the crisis had disclosed the vulnerability of global supply chains, such as medical protection rates. "We therefore have to give the companies the opportunities to expand and diversify their trade and delivery relationships, ie to put multiple legs", he asked. Altmaier stressed the importance of the world trade organization. "For this we need a strong wto", he said.


Tablets: just send, then grubby

An essential reason for the success of the tablets is the operation via touchscreen. The keyboard will only appear on the screen if necessary, a mouse remotes. This operating principle allows flat gates that look very already in advertisements or showcases. If you get the tablet from the packaging and actually used, the immaculate look is quickly gone. For each user response you have to wipe or tap your fingers on the touchscreen and has sweaching side effects. After half an hour in use in the use of unfunded fingerprints and wipers the display. This is particularly clear when looking at the side of the screen. Some manufacturers glue fat-repellent display coatings, but they are not very effective but not. The contaminants can be wiped away, but you do not want to stop after each entry.

If you divide the tablet with others, the impurities all the more. Then go to your own fingerprints still the other people, you have to moge. An example: one sits together in trauter round and shows on his tablet holiday photos. It is completely normal that even the spectators once want to be pre- and backblood. A wiping movement is enough for this. On analog times it was an absolute no-go that someone has passed with his finger on high gloss prints. In the tablet age, nothing goes without touch, it is obvious to the operating concept. There is not a practicable technical solution yet. Missless displays have so far only exist as prototypes in the laboratory, the pen operation has been a niche application for years. Even with the new ipad pro, the pen is only an optional toy for the creative. Whoever loves pictures, makes special emphasis on asthetics or poses to the hygiene, thus has only two options: the first and consistent variant would not be used to use any tablets and to wait until the industry has thought up something better. If you did not like, you can still convert the tablet to the high-speed commodity and must be used to change appropriate prudence. If you sitting in the evening with dimmed light on the sofa in front of his tablet, you do not see your own fingering marks. Then the current tablets spab make. Before breaking the light, you should, however, twitch the microfiber cloth and bring the display back into an entertainment state.


Database: beta of vector is to manage cassandra clusters overviewable

Database: Beta of Vector is to manage Cassandra clusters overviewable

Datatax has released a tool called vector in a private beta version, with which users can manage the clusters of the nosql database apache cassandra easier. Vector is an aiops service for the monitoring for apache cassandra, which is apparently automated (via ai / ki) during operation (ops) the behavior of the cluster of the database monitored and evaluates. Developers and administrators should be ongoing diagnostic data.

More steps towards apache-cassandra community

According to qualification, the new application should work for both the open source variant and the company version of the database. The company continues to remain on the course of the new guided rates, stronger for the cassandra community to engage. For example, datatax had published a kubernetes operator for cassandra for the first time in april 2020 (this was not the first kubernetes operator of datastax, just the first for apache cassandra).

Apparently, datastax would continue to ask the open-source nosql database to the standard for kubernetes, such as datastax employee already in the spring of the year against devclass "we criterate our concern to make apache cassandra to the standard database for all, create applications", so patrick mcfadin, the spokesman of the developer relations area. The beta of vector obviously opens into this score.


“Maybe we should reorient ourselves”

Union is approaching the media: the "cdu mediaight"

If there should be a new government in autumn, taking advantage of the cdu / csu, it was also possible for the media, one of the last growth branches in germany, some other. But what exactly? What is the media policy that a chancellor angela merkel has been? What does the cdu want to do for the german film, the television landscape will be responsible for how is the relationship between economic and cultural goals?

The first opportunity to set a media policy sign has missed angela merkel on tuesday. The "cdu mediaight", the most important regional media event of the union, has never been so desirable as this year. No wonder, because you never wife: "maybe we should reorient ourselves…" was the most seclist of the many hubschen talking stations on this first pre-drawn election party of the union.