Photon pairs remain fragmented despite evidence

An ir-vis interface for qubits could connect fine quantum computers via glass fibers

Swiss researchers have built an interface for optical qubits to be implemented between photons of different wavelengths, here from the visible in the infrared spectral range. To replace qubits, pairs of worried photons are suitable. If the optical excitation energy is of an atom, which stores a qubit, in the visible, then the qubit now can now send by means of fiber in the infrared wavelength range.

Alkali atoms can absorb or transmit visible light, see, for example, orange luminous sodium vapor lamps of the strain lighting. The luminous electrons of this cum grano salesis hydrogenahn atoms are suitable for storing qubits (cf.Quantum computers will have a bad thought) in terms of quantum computers (cf. Basic research for quantum computer). However, a qubit alone does not yet make a quantum computer coupled to qubits, for example, visually, which is not quite trivial.

News a treasure for refugees in northern greece a treasure for cursed people in northern greece

The cake team at habibi.Kitchen. Image: p. Oehler

On the refugee situation in greece and germany

At first it was the name i stumbled upon: habibi.Works, a project for refugees near ioannina. Later i learned that the word "habibi" comes from the arabic and means treasure or darling. And only then i realized that there are also plenty of refugees in the northwest of greece. In the region of epirus there are about 3.000 refugees. And so i decided to spend some time in this region during my trip to greece this year. The katsikas refugee camp is located on the outskirts of katsikas, a town six kilometers from ioannina, in an arrangement of mostly gray, old hangars. This former military camp still has the status of a military area. This refugee camp with about 900 refugees is managed by the asb on behalf of the greek state, with the support of the unhcr.


United under the flag

Israel’s military has entered gaza, mobilizing tens of thousands of reservists. Unlike the air strikes, the ground offensive is supported by only a few israelis

The incursion began shortly after nightfall. Immediately after the start of the ground offensive, shots were heard on the israeli side of the border; hamas soldiers and fighters had engaged in a heavy battle, israeli tv stations reported. This means that operation "cast lead" into its second week. The number of dead and wounded in gaza is rising steadily, as is the number of targets destroyed in the densely populated strip, where it is virtually impossible to destroy hamas radical installations without hitting civilians. Unwra, the united nations relief and works agency for palestinian refugees, estimates that up to one-third of the victims are civilians. On the israeli side, however, the number of casualties has so far remained low. However, rockets continue to be fired from the gaza strip in the direction of israel, increasingly hitting major cities such as ashdod, ashkelon and the fourth-growth israeli city of beer sheva, fueling fears in this country that the metropolis of tel aviv could also be hit very soon – with a large number of casualties.

And so a majority of jewish israelis of voting age support a continuation of the airstrikes, which they hope will provide a lasting solution to the rocket problem. A ground offensive, however, is viewed critically: only one-fifth of the voters support an invasion of the gaza strip. However, as it seems at the moment, it is almost impossible to avoid it: the targets for further airstrikes are almost exhausted, and that without any significant decrease in the number of rockets hitting israel.


The ballast of the republic

Why calculated lack of salvation could be the salvation for berlin’s architecture

Egypt was the worst. Because heib is desirable and keen. Who wanted to go through the safety locks, total metal items made of pants and jacket bags, open his backpack and show the id card. This takes, and therefore a snake formed immediately before the barrier, which was getting long and long in the course of the day and almost reached to india in the afternoon. And there the crowd was similarly huge.

Entrance hall of the egyptian embassy


Venezuela talks in oslo should continue

Venezuela talks in Oslo should continue

Guaidò and the us government are not enthusiastic about the talks, maduro demonstrates optimism. Of the "interim" does not want a common solution, but the jerkiness of maduro. Image: twitter account by maduro

Norwegian foreign affairs calls on involved parties for accessing, guaidò had ever talked to the end of the talk

After talking between the conflict parties from venezuela, the norwegian government has promptly prompted the opposition of the sud american country to access. "In order to maintain a result-oriented process, the parties are asked to have the most extreme caution in their comments and comments on the process", does it be in an opinion of the norwegian division ministry. Previously, the head of oppositionally dominated parliament, juan guaido, had explained the premier failure of the talk.


Michelangelos in the fellwand existed before 30.000 years

A new investigation confirms the age of paintings in the chauvet hollow and forces a description of the art history

In december 1994, jean-marie chauvet, who was at this time as a temporary supervisor for the hollow in the ardèche region at the french ministry of culture, made a sunday walk with two friends with two friends. Chauvet led her to a hollow and they went to explore. The hobby researcher had become curious about a rock in a stream by a breeze and what the three found, overtruft by far their expectations: a huge hollow system that has many different hollow paintings. There are 300 drawings of nashorners, auerochsen, lowen, mammuts, horses – big and expressive appears a whole bestiary in front of the eyes of the amazing viewer. Chauvet reported quite properly the discovery of the hollow and little later appeared the first specialist for hollow painting, which confirmed that it is palaolithic art, because he diagnosed the typical signs of erosion.

The professional world was critical, because an auxiliary overseer brought something so spectacular to light, the specialist seemed unlikely the specialist. The broken cowl bodied, more than one undertook, it had to be a false. Chauvet, so has been folded, have been done by the extremely impressive and dynamic drawings my own hand.


Haider also paid by the bnd?

Reports on the financing of his visit to iraq raise interesting questions

Even more than two years after his accidental death, the austrian right-wing populist jorg haider still keeps the media busy. While a few months ago reports about haider’s secret coffers disavowed the right-wing politician even among his supporters, the austrian magazine profil now reports that haider received large subsidies for his iraq flight in may 2002 from the german federal intelligence service (grube an die achse des bosen). This was the second of a total of three iraq circles of the austrian right-wing pigeon.

According to the newspaper, the contacts were made through an austrian businessman. The latter is said to have organized overflight and landing permits on behalf of the bnd and paid for the private jet in which the then carinthian governor and chairman of the right-wing fpo took off for his second flight to baghdad in may 2002, where he is also said to have received a million-dollar donation from the saddam regime.


Satan in the touchphone

"Arabs in general and the saudis in particular life for their mobile phones, in a way that was not understood in other parts of the world"

But but also saudi hosts are intelled – as far as it is regime critic " and no longer stop a revolution if they are no longer to be stopped: a real arab, which stands on, the mobile phone is not to be taken away; even if he can make pictures that "haram", forbidden, are. The eternal tender, the scheitan (satan), hides itself in the handbox. The knowledge of the spiritual authorities has long and the pious also, which is why certain applications must be accurately regulated.

It is more as a pity that he is silent. No one else showed everyday life in saudi arabia so vividly, with sharp joke and surprising insights, like the saudi blogger "the religion policeman" (see. To do this, the mission of the religious policeman). About a year ago, he has set his blog, highly probably from personal safety, unfortunately completely unnoticed from the blogosphere and so without a loud break – a loss. "The religious policeman" was an ironic and bright observer of saudi conditions. Therefore knew (entry from 19.April) he was already in the spring of last year that the saudi authorities were no chance that "mobile revolution" to stop:


Under suspicion

Gruner state legislator gets caught in dragnet investigation

The dragnet search for alleged terrorists or their helpers usually takes place silently. Master unnoticed tampering with civil servants’ computers, desks and inaccessible offices. Nothing is known about successes.

Consequently, there will not have been any so far, because otherwise they would certainly have been announced with a rough noise. So far, the only known breaches have been. Right at the beginning of this nonsensical and costly police operation, when an afghan but peaceful employee of berlin-tegel airport was temporarily caught in the clutches of state forces due to a mistake by the interception service. Or last week, when tariq ali, a british man of letters of pakistani origin, learned about the special nature of bavarian police. (see also you should not travel with such books)


Vacation in turkey

Do you really want to fly there now?

Vacation now? Flying? Turkey? Yes, but this time the german holidaymaker does not get any nice vacation wishes on the way. Since the terrorist attacks in the usa and the preparations for the retaliatory measures, no tourist can look forward to his well-deserved vacation any more. "There all muslims and if it goes off…", but this sentence is hardly finished by any interlocutor. In addition to concerned inquiries, the vacationer also receives sarcastically pragmatic remarks along the way: "we wish you a bomb atmosphere".

Mother-in-law calls, "do you really want to fly?" in all seriousness she proposes a transfer to sudtirol. At the same time a text message reaches me: "hello, can i stay with you for a few days?? Everybody is totally crazy and looking for me! Need a good friend now! Would be pleased. Osama bin laden." then a phone call and the joke: "oh yes, he wants to go to turkey now."