Like google forms, but with privacy: nextcloud published poll tool

Like Google Forms, but with privacy: NextCloud published Poll Tool

With forms nextcloud extends its same name and free cloud software for a program for surveys. The questions can be answered, for example, with check boxes, short or long texts as well as drop-down lists. Furthermore, they can be provided with a drain date.

Share surveys over a link, alternatively other nextcloud users can be invited directly or equal to the complete own instance. The results can be forms separately as a diagram or according to individual users. You can create any number of surveys, the software does not look at an upper limit.

Privacy speak against other tools

Nextcloud applies forms in the envision as a direct competition to google forms, which serves the same purpose. Thus, however, nextcloud also emphasizes the same export format, but as otherwise – the data protection: among the persons who cancel the completion of a survey, this has been a third of grounds of privacy.


With microsoft and bp to the kingdom of heaven

A ecclesiastical fund for investors with ethics

At the end of november, union investment, a new fund submitted the league pax cattolico union. Of the league pax cattolico union is not any fund: it includes values that "after firmly defined ethical aspects" be selected. "Christian values, social mabs, sustainable corporate policy and economic goals" are the factors that pay.

With Microsoft and BP to the kingdom of heaven

Although it is known to go more camels through needle ears as a rich in the kingdom of god, but god has a few possibilities more than the people here on earth. And we have to chap on us – thank god – do not worry about how we divide our possessions among the poor, but that investment with "ethical aspects" – and maybe too "economic goals" – in line.


Microsoft bing: photo of the “tank man” disappears from the search engine

Microsoft Bing: Photo of the 'Tank Man' disappears from the search engine

A man stands with two shopping graves on a wide boulevard and hold a group of fighting tank; the "tank man". The photo from beijing went around the world and is representative of the ultimately chanceless fight of the protest movement in 1989 against the authority of china. But just on the 32. Anniversaries of the so-called tian’anmen massacre, the image in microsoft’s searchmaker was temporarily not found, also in the us and europe. Microsoft speaks of a mistake.

First, it was probably the google security researcher shane huntley. He published a screenshot on twitter that bing for the search term "tank man" in the picture search no results find. Users from other countries such as great britain or switzerland confirmed the behavior. Also related search terms like "tiananmen square" for example, compared to google image search, especially harmonious postcard views, while the place deer also shows photos of the violent events from 1989 among the first hits.

Microsoft: it was a mistake

The censorship reprinted microsoft. The software group spoke against several media and agencies from one "accidental human error" and that microsoft work on a solution. First, be for the search crop "tank man" other pictures of tanks appeared. Meanwhile, the search again shows the famous pictures of the protests. But if you compare the hits of bing for "tiananmen place" with those "tiananmen square", there are still striking differences, as well as the german search term between bing and google.