Hackers do not live dangerously

The hacker tron, an injunction against wikipedia and the conspiracy theories around his death

The hacker boris f. Alias "tron" is still found seven years after his death on 17. October 1998 no peace. A district court in berlin has now enforced an injunction against wikipedia on behalf of his parents: his real name is no longer to be mentioned. The emotive word "tron" is still good for numerous flame wars on the internet. The topic and the person have developed a virtual life of their own, which has only marginal to do with reality.

The berlin district court, which dealt with the case in early december, initially failed to decide who could be served with a german injunction against wikipedia. Under the case number 209c 1015/05 it was ied on the 14th of december.12.In 2005, a temporary injunction "against the wikimedia foundation inc, 200 2nd ave. South 258, 33701-4312 st. Petersburg, russian foderation" – because of special urgency without oral hearing.


Esoteric doctors also have to pay attention to the state of mind of their patients

Dental medicine "spiritual self-healing" believes, must pay compensation

With doctors and patients, a little as with two cells in the proculation behaves: both do not deviate too much of certain standards, there are rarely difficulties. If only one or one of the standard corresponds, he or she may take damage. However, are in both problems, then a case can come out, as the higher regional court of munchen has negotiated this week.

Defendant in this case was the dentist klaus k. – banking of the officially ordered supervisor of the 28-year schizophrenic psychosis patient alex s. Who likes k. About two years ago.000 euro pull all 19 teeth that were still in his mouth then. He had determined himself because he believed that the toothe was his potency states and his "energy trims" hinder.


On behalf of all

Islam conference: search for an opponent with authority

One goes together to the opera stucco (cf. Cheap search for a boy toy) – at least the intention has been to. But it is not yet clear whether the opera visit will take place. Nothing substantial or concrete was to be expected from the two-hour kick-off of the multi-year islam conference, but nice gestures showing good will and sending clear counterpoint signals to the public: that an unhysterical, constructive culture of dispute is possible in a dialogue with muslim representatives. In the sum remains a "good feeling" after yesterday’s event at charlottenburg palace. And that is already a.

It has been demanded constantly and for a long time, the public dialogue with "the muslims". In concrete terms, this was only known from talk shows on television, and there the dialog usually followed predefined patterns, which the "general suspicion" here and there provided. The discussion, even if it had the question of faith as its content, usually narrowed down very soon to the question of the responsibility of violence in the name of islam, from which the muslim representative had to distance himself clearly. The representative of the muslims then usually quoted a passage from the koran, which should clearly show that islam is a peaceful religion. One of the four other discussants came up with a passage from the koran, which should clearly show that islam is a warlike religion. What was important in the public sunday evening dialogues was the correct "correct" positioning, the content mostly phrase.


Presumption of innocence under suspicion

French government gives in to prere from the street

The only one and a half years ago proudly as "great progress for our legal system" the law presented by the french government to strengthen the presumption of innocence and the rights of victims has already had to be revised: after the police and gendarmerie – the latter despite a ban on demonstrations, because the gendarmerie corps is part of the military- have become increasingly concerned about the "mountains of paperwork", in early january, the jospin government proposed a revision of the law, in response to the complaints that the new law had imposed on them and their ability to leverage their complaints in the media. The revision is expected to pass the national council before the end of the month and is being hailed by the human rights league, a judges’ union and numerous lawyers as a "opportunistic jerk" the government and "hollowing out the fundamental rights of citizens of the state" criticized. In particular, the rights of young french people from the urban periphery seem to be the primary target of a considerable number of new takedowns (the numbers that scare).

"The gangster bosses from the suburbs must be made to understand that there is nothing left to laugh about for them now," the socialist member of parliament, julien dray, said at the presentation of the revision to the national council. Mr. Dray had been commissioned by prime minister jospin to amend the law on the strengthening of the presumption of innocence of 15 december 2006. June 2000 and to evaluate its implementation in practice.


Gravenreuth to begin his imprisonment in february

In october, the lawyer, who had been convicted by law, was granted a stay of execution for the purpose of dissolving his law office

According to the berlin judicial authorities, the lawyer baron gunter von gravenreuth, who has been sentenced to an unconditional prison term, is still at liberty. Although he had already been summoned to appear in prison in october, a request for a deferred sentence was granted, which he justified, according to the enforcement department, by saying that he needed time to dissolve his law firm. He is now scheduled to begin serving his final sentence in february. However, berlin is keeping quiet about which institution this will be.

The fact that gravenreuth is not yet in custody was indicated by a fax with which he complained last week to the freising it lawyer thomas stadler, referring to ยง 10 of the german telemedia act (tmg), about a commentary by the regensburg lawyer markus baron von hohenhau in which stadler, however "neither a false statement of fact nor a defamatory criticism" could recognize the name of the lawyer and therefore did not remove him. Instead, lively discussions are taking place there and elsewhere on the web about internet access in prisons, possible legal remedies against serving a sentence, and the professional consequences of gravenreuth’s behavior.