They are among us

Eliminating damage from invasive species already costs eu countries more than 10 billion euros a year – but the worst is yet to come, researchers warn

The fact that a plant or animal species no longer lives in the place where it originated does not necessarily pose a problem. Germany’s fauna and flora also consists of many "foreign", which we have long since ceased to regard as such. Corn poppies and cornflowers are as much a part of the landscape as most crops, pears and plums, many grains, tomatoes and potatoes. Since the discovery of america, 12,000 plant species have been brought to central europe – after the romans had already brought countless species to our latitudes.

However, it sometimes happens that a newcomer copes better with the local environmental conditions than its long-established neighbors. In such a case it can happen that native species are displaced – this is called an invasive species. Although only a small percentage of new arrivals are able to take advantage of conditions (out of 1,000 new species, about 100 gain some prominence, ten are bred in, and only one becomes a problem), the phenomenon has become the second most important cause of biodiversity loss, right after habitat destruction.


Facebook gives business with anti-vaccine advertisement

Facebook gives business with anti-vaccine advertisement

Facebook did not want to promote advertising, which is intended to hold people from vaccinations. Instead, the data group starts an information offensive over flu vacuums. In addition, there are new features that should facilitate access to vaccine information, including evidence of the postponement in the usa, as well as memories of influenza vaccine in the newsfeed.

This has announced facebook on tuesday. The information campaign begins in the united states and will be extended to other unnamed land in the next few weeks. On this way facebook might meet the risk that even a full-grown flu wave is coming to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook shares data about the vaccine mood

"Our goal is to provide news about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations of a broad group of people", parts facebook with. Already, advertising is prohibited with vaccine lugs. What is new is that advertising that is expressive of vaccinations will be refused to be rejected. This new rule should grab in the next day. Expective allows advertisements that occurs against vaccine laws or trailing programs, including any covid 19 vaccine programs.


Cybercrime: erresser give ireland decision-making tool without loser

Cybercrime: Erresser give Ireland decision-making tool without loser

The surprise turnaround in irish cyber-erprengfall: the attackers on the health administration hse have given the government in dublin the tool that can be recovered at the attack. A loose field was not paid for dafur, emphasized ireland’s health minister stephen donnelly against the irish station rte. Neither the government directed directly to the canner, nor is a deal "about a third party or otherwise" have been handled. There will also be a pleasant free purchase.

"A lot of private data" should be published

The for the "catastrophic hack" responsible cybercrime-bande conti demands, according to the internet, previously unaccepted chat protocols, according to $ 20 million of us dollars. On her darknet side, the tatters of the hse now shared that "we provide the decision-making tool for your network free of charge". At the same time they threatened: "but you should understand that we will sell a lot of private data or unopdrum if you do not contact us and try to loose the situation."

It is unclear why the attackers made the decision-making free of charge, explained donnelly. The attack on the hse as well as a parallel, but failed attack on the irish ministry of health wear the signature of the russian cybercrime group according to previous findings "wizard spider".


British cheaply research with embryonic stem cells

After a long debate, the british house for the law now voted the therapeutic cloning of human embryos

After the british underhouse with the overwalling majority had already approved the law in the last month, which allows the use of human stem cells for therapeutic purposes (yes for therapeutic cloning), the oberhaus also made this attitude on monday. Thus, the train is free in the uk for the embryonic stem cell research.

As in the unterhaus so underlaid the coordination for the deputies in the upper house no faction force. Especially christian deputies turned against the law, the churches had already pronounced against the use of embryonic cells. In an open letter, christian, islamic and judian spiritual and representatives of sikh asked the oberhaus to make no decision to meet and use once again a committee for the exam.