Female house: even more money for the military

An a-10c thunderbolt ii at moody air force base. Image: dod

Congress has yet to approve the pentagon’s 2018 budget with a more than 10 percent increase, but it is still expected to rise by another $16 billion in 2019

Donald trump loves the guns and the military. He likes to threaten weapons superiority and give the military a freer hand in military interventions such as iraq, syria and afghanistan, which means less consideration for civilians. Militarily, trump again sees himself in confrontation with the rough powers of china and russia or with the rogue states of iran and north korea. So far, however, the u.S. President has not been able to celebrate any major military successes; the capture of raqqa had long been underway with the predominantly kurdish militias of the sdf when he took office.

Consequences of the'grobten geldpolitischen experiments'

Share of us households with up to 35.000, 35-75.000 and more than 75.000 dollars. Image: zerohedge

During jp morgan the wound effect of the "quantitative easing" the usa with $ 11.5 trillion estimates, the financial markets set their hopes for japan and the ecb

After the "always monetary policy experiment" the story has now ended, his commutations have a few reason "quantitative easing" to look at the us federal reserve fed as a success. So the eurozone of the 2008 crisis is still not escaped and has just been confronted with minus growth, while the usa for the third quarter has reported just 3.5 percent gdp growth. Should the 4. In addition, as far as it has begun, this growth was also allowed to be achieved on an annual basis, which achieves the highest growth of the previous recovery achieved in 2004 in 2004.

currency crises: the swiss franc also with negative interest rates

Swiss banknotes; image: swiss national bank; public domain

The swiss central bank follows the ecb and gives another signal for a devaluation race of the currencies

After the fall in oil prices caused the currencies of many oil exporting countries such as russia, norway, nigeria or canada to lose massively in value against the euro or the dollar, the swiss central bank has now also lowered its key interest rate below the 0 percent mark.

A fancy handshake and the invisible hand

Image: weibe’s house

Real game of thrones

Even if the visit of konigin angela in the woman’s house was not very atmospheric – the two, meant an observer after the fancy handshake in front of the photographers, were probably as "rather worst friends" district – donald had still a small joke at the end of the press conference: a commonality was that both had been secured by the previous government.

In north rhine-westphalia, a considerable part of the campus maut obviously does not flee the improvement of studies and teaching. Meanwhile, the parties rats to what extent the controversial topic could be election campaign

At the end of april, the federal administrative court in leipzig had good news for the commutations of the study committees, which in the meanwhile six federal tags (seven minus hesse) multi-digit millions of bobbins into the cash registers of colleges and universitative coils. In the last instance, the court dismissed a lawsuit of the student company of the university of paderborn, with which the rejection of the semester contribution should be reached in the amount of 500 €. The state legislation of the study fee survey were compatible with the federal law, were the lawyers – and injured by no means the right "on an equal participation in the state training resources".

While not only due to the refund of the loanme, but above all because of the interest payable to pay for the interests, considerable burdens for the affected students. However, the right to equal participation in the state training resources does not call that compensation with the collection of scenes are fully compensated by social accompanying measures.