Rosler seeks economic cooperation with as-sisi

Agyptian stability is center of gravity in region, wef managing director says

It was a conversation not quite on eye level. The former german minister of economics seems to fix the prayer stain on the forehead of the savior of egypt instead of looking him in the eye. So it shows the snapshot of yesterday’s meeting between philipp rosler and abdel-fattah as-sisi. Now, conversations take place in an atmosphere determined by many signals, which can tip over, so it could be taken as a stormy sign of impoliteness, if one fixes the other with the look into the eyes. And rosler certainly did not want to be unhoflich.

When not so long ago, in january 2013, egypt’s former president mohammed mursi visited the then federal minister of economics and technology in berlin, rosler explained to journalists how he had been able to rely on his interlocutor from the ranks of the muslim brotherhood "recall" the political tenet that economic investment is only conceivable if cairo guarantees respect for human rights.


Usa: pursuit of military dominance obsolete

Usa: quest for military domination obsolete

Image: clay banks/unsplash

The chairman of the armed services oversight committee sees the claim by low-cost, "tiny little drones" undermined

"The u.S. Should abandon its quest for military dominance", that is an unusual phrase these days. Just recently, the swedish sipri institute (stockholm international peace research institute) calculated a new high in global investment in military strike power. A whopping 1.$981 billion is said to have been spent on armament worldwide in 2020. Top of the list was the usa with 778 billion dollars. This is equivalent to 39 percent of global military spending (rallying despite pandemic).


World economy and pig cycle

Eliminates the "market" the food shortage?

According to neoclassical doctrine, it should actually work quite simply: increasing demand leads to a higher price, which in turn leads to an incentive for more production. In reality, however, only the first part of the model has worked like a textbook.

Investment in the food industry is actually increasing – partly because financial assets have been largely discredited by the banking crisis. Now a lot of speculators’ money is going into soy, corn, rice, wheat or sugar instead. The prices of the products listed in the index sp gsci agriculture total return listed agricultural products rose 45 percent in one year. With cocoa certificates, investors were able to record a price increase of more than 43 percent in 2008 alone; for wheat, this figure was 35 percent and for rice, 30 percent. Because speculators orient themselves only conditionally at the demand, but all the more at the behavior of other speculators, there is even the possibility of a "bubble formation".


In 2008, more than $ 2 billion was donated in 2008 for the us prassidal election

Barrack obama has so far more campaign donations for choice in 2012 as its competitors, revealing who gives the most

The americans were still preferable to election any republican prasidal candidate as barack obama. That’s what a gallup survey says at least 46 percent of respondents, for obama, only 38 percent agreed. It fits that the dissatisfaction with the work of obama continues to increase. Currently 52 percent is dissatisfied and 40 percent satisfied. After rasmussen is already cain with 43 percent before obama with 41 percent.

Generally, the opportunities for obama, 2012 will be re-elected, so far not very high. However, the election campaign will take one year and the mood can also be quickly held, as the economic situation improves or another event occurs. However, obama goes to the race so far with a well-ruptured election campaign. In the first half year of donation collecting his campaign team has already achieved almost $ 90 million, including 65 million from the democratic national committee.


Usa ruffles feathers online

More prosecutors and more money to fight cyberterror and copyright infringements

While us president bush is preparing his country for a long war in times of recession, the us is apparently also preparing for another theater of war: the us department of justice is currently looking more intensively for lawyers with it skills. In addition, two bills were introduced in the u.S. Senate earlier this week to provide more money and teaching tools to counter cyberterrorism.

The website of the us department of justice has been looking for lawyers for the us computer crime initiative for a few days now. Computer crime and intellectual property ("copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets"). In addition to possible cooperation in criminal proceedings, the tasks also include advising public and private bodies as well as cooperation in and evaluation of draft laws on cybercrime and copyright offences. Knowledge of and interest in computers, telecommunications networks, and other future technologies are highly desirable, the job announcement continues.


Nothing is still good in afghanistan

The bundestag decides on the new afghanistan mission and the government submits a progress report "progress report" the situation is gloomy

Today, the bundestag will decide on the one-year deployment of the german armed forces as part of the nato mission in afghanistan "resolute support mission" for training, advising and supporting the afghan national security forces in afghanistan. The approval of the further deployment of up to 850 german soldiers to help the afghan security forces in their mission to afghanistan has not been mentioned "security responsibility" can be amed to be a combat mission. The mission, the additional cost of which is estimated at 282 million euros, is not limited to training and advising, but also includes military security.

Nato currently seems to have taken a liking to words that are supposed to signal determination. The "resolute support" in this respect joins the anti-is coalition’s operation inherent resolve. It is emphasized that this is not a combat mission: "nevertheless, there may be combat operations in exercise of the right of self-defense, to protect one’s own troops or designated civilian forces." this is also foreseeable in view of the further deterioration of the situation in afghanistan. This is precisely the reason why nato soldiers should remain in the country even after 13 years. Afghanistan needs further "the support of the international community", to, as it says, "to consolidate the successes of the past decade in creating effective security structures".


Greece: uprising in the camp of refused refugees

The corinth camp is more like a prison than a shelter. Every day still 4.000 refugees in greece

In the course of an uprising, six algerians and moroccans managed to escape from a prison-like camp in greece. While csu leader horst seehofer, speaking before his party’s closed-door meeting, called for an upper limit of 200.000 refugees, things are getting out of hand where the refugees arrive.

More than a million refugees arrived in europe last year, most of them, more than 800.000, arrived until 21.December across the agais to greece. Even the limitation of the refugee status to syrians and afghans has only marginally changed the high numbers. Of the more than 800.000 arrivals in greece, 455.000 syrians and 186.000 afghans.


How a debt collection company in poland made headlines through the internet

The secret of the "black list"

It was there, then it disappeared, then it came back and disappeared for the second time: the "black list" by debtors, which appeared for the first time on the polish internet a few months ago. Thus the company jachnicki partnerzy, a kind of business detective and debt collection agency, not only made headlines, but also caused much unrest among poland’s nouveau riche – vips, politicians, businessmen, artists, priests (!), womoglich also among criminals. In any case, the pr success for the jachnicki firm has been outsized.

A few hundred names of companies and businessmen, along with addresses, debt levels, and incisive comments – all published on the firm’s home page. But soon after that the data protection authority giodo contacted us: according to the law such a thing is illegal in poland, even if – at least in part – it is about people who have lost in court. "We know it is against the rules, but they are bad rules", explained the firm to the press. Only after a court order and a lot of prere from giodo was the "blacklist" taken from the net. But not forever. In the meantime giodo has filed a complaint.


Googlebombing now also in greece

An interesting series of google bombing attacks is currently occupying the greek media

The state-owned telecommunications company ote, effective 6.12.In 2005, the company unleashed its "knecht ruprecht" and significantly increased internet connection prices. The consequences are civil disobedience in the network.

While the greek user used to pay 0.35 euros (0.18 euros in off-peak hours) per hour when using the single number of his provider, he may now pay 0.60 euros per hour for all hours of the day. This applies if there is a router of the isp in the area of the local network. If this is not the case, it costs 1.56 euros per hour or, if the next isp router is further than 45 km away, 3.72 euros per hour, in each case in the so-called peak time (8 a.M. To 8 p.M.). In the off-peak period, 0.60 euros per hour applies to all connections.


Websites with hacking tools claim computer criminality

Reportedly over a trillion dollars in damage this year

Computer economics loves the gloomy predictions. Just a few days ago, in addition to serious trade disruptions caused by y2k, an explosive growth in piracy was announced for the next few years. With the emergence of new markets and wireless access to the internet, the number of internet users continues to grow. The number of people using cell phones is three times greater than the number of internet users, he said: "when these two markets merge, piracy will flourish.

This year, piracy of software, music, video and text has already caused 14.5 billion losses worldwide, and in 2005 it caused 112 billion dollars in damages. The press release does not say how this figure was calculated, but the point seems clear: companies do not yet know what they are facing – and computer economics can help them and provide the necessary protection. Piracy focuses on software and music. Even if piracy will increase everywhere, it seems to become more and more popular in asia, according to computer economics. 61 billion dollars or 55 percent of the losses due to piracy are said to have occurred in the asia-pacific region in 2005 alone.