For corona warning apps: apple integrates exposure notification api in ios 14

For Corona Warning Apps: Apple integrates Exposure Notification API in iOS 14

Apple’s interface for meeting messages – basis for corona warning apps – is now part of ios 14: the youngest pre-release version of the operating system is equipped with the exposure notification framework (enf), as apple messengers announced. In the preceding beta versions of ios 14, the api is missing, accordingly, accordingly installed corona warning apps is lost its function.

Meeting announcements prominently placed in ios 14

The meeting messages are now prominent integrated into the operating system. A new setting at the highest level of ios 14 settings gives you an insight as to enable the encounction records and which region is active – that’s what the national corona warning apps is currently being used. Also a reference to the possibility to share a covid 19 diagnosis is noted there, this links to the respective national app, so the corona warning app in germany.

New calculation products fur risk of infection

With the exposure notification framework from ios 14, apple also introduces a new method for calculating the user’s infection risk that outputs an infection risk value in minutes, health authorities can adjust different values and decide when the user is ultimately warned. The new method was allowed to give more flexibility in the calculation of the risk of infection. The user usual does not look at anything until a warning app indicates it on risk sessions.


Freshly decorated: “iphone 13” with a fleet loader, apple display with internal gpu

Freshly decorated:'iphone 13' mit flottem lader, apple-display mit interner gpu'iphone 13' mit flottem lader, apple-display mit interner gpu

Currently the loading speed is cranked to 20 watts at iphones – if you have a suitable usb-c power supply unit. Allegedly plans apple for the coming "iphone 13" well, this value to increase 5 watts to 25 watts after all. As reported from asia, the accelerated invite will be offered from autumn together with a suitable power supply – to catch up to android advantages.

Greater batteries and 120 hertz

How the chinese-language portal mydriver writes is to become the entire iphone 13 product line 25-watts. Hardware from companies like samsung supports 25 watts already. It fits that apple seems to be aware of larger batteries for its new models expected in the fall. "Iphone 13 pro" other "iphone 13 per max" should new lpto displays be obtained, which supports 120 hertz image change frequency for the first time, what apple "promotion" is called.

A13 with neural engine

Another fresh rope concerns apple’s monitors. As 9to5mac reports, apple wants one "intelligent screen" bring to the market in which next to the display including control electronics also equal to an a13 chip with neural engine (known from the iphone 11). Sense and purpose of the exercise: the hardware was used as a graphics accelerator (egpu) to provide high resolutions and better gaming experiences without the integrated soc of the mac being overloaded. This is especially intended for intensive graphics applications.


Apple allegedly goes against leaker

Apple allegedly goes against Leaker

Apple seems to be better under control from product details in social media: the leader "kang" was warned after its own indication of a law firm acting on behalf of the iphone group, no further confidential content is more unopiced and already tailored postings.

Using the disclosure of the information konne competitors or exchange end customers, if some details have not been correct, had been caught as a reason. The writing had also received other leader, writes kang.

Specifies spec list to iphone 12 in advance

Kang published several applicable information on apple products in advance at the chinese network weibo, part of the chinese network, his information was also transferred in english on twitter. For this purpose, about ultimately, correct details on the specifications of the entire iphone 12 lineup as well as the then newly introduced homepod mini. He has never published secret product photos, but only texts – partly in the form of rats and alleged trauma -, so kang, but also this is unexpected to the legal letter. Which consequences were threatened, remains unclear.


Data savings warns of total failure at apple’s time capsule

Apple’s last version of the wlan router time capsule, which has not been officially offered since 2018, is still available for many users – also the possible backup feature via time machine is often used because they are very simple in mac networks use.

Two seagates affected

However, a data reclining company warns that it can lead to the obsolete, which were finalized three years ago by apple, to severely sold hard disk problems that drove to data loss. It is a design error in the seagate grenada series used by apple (st3000dm001 / st2000dm001, integrated from 2014 to 2018 in the 5. Generation of time capsule), the 030 data recovery berlin gmbh informs, which sees the problems regularly and the same as identical.

The problem: the advised ones come to a so-called ramp weakness. The integrated parking bolt on which the head is stored, breaks. They consist of two different materials. "Fruhe or later will break the parking bolt at this hard disk model, installed in a rather badly flowered time capsule, break", write the technicians.