Sleeping tesla driver must be in court

Sleeping Tesla driver must be in court

This has not seen such a thing that has not seen kanadas (rcmp) yet: a car without inmates rast with 140 km / h albertas highway 2 down, although only 110 km / h are allowed. A traffic policemor takes persecution, with blue light. Continue advancing vehicle steerers make every seat. Since the pursued car accelerates, a tesla s, to 150 km / h.

At the end of the persecution on 9. July turns out that the tesla has certain inmates. However, the 20-year handlebars from the neighboring province of british-colombia had the misleading "autopilot" operated driver assistant activated, its seat flat and sleeping on it. Detto the front passenger.

That’s why it looked like the car is empty. And when the preceding vehicles wichen to the side, the "autopilot" the way is clear. He decided to accelerate. The emergency vehicle ignored the computer.