Venezuela talks in oslo should continue

Venezuela talks in Oslo should continue

Guaidò and the us government are not enthusiastic about the talks, maduro demonstrates optimism. Of the "interim" does not want a common solution, but the jerkiness of maduro. Image: twitter account by maduro

Norwegian foreign affairs calls on involved parties for accessing, guaidò had ever talked to the end of the talk

After talking between the conflict parties from venezuela, the norwegian government has promptly prompted the opposition of the sud american country to access. "In order to maintain a result-oriented process, the parties are asked to have the most extreme caution in their comments and comments on the process", does it be in an opinion of the norwegian division ministry. Previously, the head of oppositionally dominated parliament, juan guaido, had explained the premier failure of the talk.

In oslo, a first round of negotiation between representatives of the venezuelan government and the opposition has ended without a concrete result. Guaido said in caracas, it had not been reached. At the same time, the opposition politician, who had called for the counterpresented at the end of january, did not expect more.

The talks in oslo were the first immediate negotiations since the beginning of the power struggle between prasident nicolas maduro and guaido. The self-proclaimed counterprasident, which demands maduros jerkge, is recognized by a good 50 mostly western states as a transition project, including the us and other nato countries such as germany, but also right-directed latin american governments. Maduro can previously pay the support of the army and the majority of un member states. The un security council members of russia and china as well as latin american states such as bolivia, cuba and mexico are decisive against a regime approach forced by aube in venezuela.

Against this background, the norwegian ministry of aufs announced that "during this week in oslo meeting between representatives of the most important political actors in venezuela took place". The parties had expressed their willingness to prove in the search for an agreed and advanced solution for the country, which includes political, economic and optional ies. Norway recognizes the efforts of all parties involved, so auxury minister in eriksen søreide.

About twitter wrote venezuela’s aufemister jorge arreaza, his government was "thankful for the skills of norway for peace".

Venezuelas prasident maduro exbers over "the talks, negotiations and dialogues" in norway. To reach the contacts "much cost, (…) monthly secret talk", he said in a video, which was published on his twitter account. "We are optimists, we believe in peace, dialogue and national harmony", so maduro.

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