The ballast of the republic

Why calculated lack of salvation could be the salvation for berlin’s architecture

Egypt was the worst. Because heib is desirable and keen. Who wanted to go through the safety locks, total metal items made of pants and jacket bags, open his backpack and show the id card. This takes, and therefore a snake formed immediately before the barrier, which was getting long and long in the course of the day and almost reached to india in the afternoon. And there the crowd was similarly huge.

Entrance hall of the egyptian embassy

For the third time in a row, the all nations festival took place in berlin – the day of the open ture of embassies to berlin. In this extent a worldwide unique event. Things have participated this year 36 embassies and two cultural institutes. Inlet coveted to the 8.500 onlookers. Not only the messages, even the shuttle buses were hopelessly over-celled, and only a few visitors took it during the seventh time to pay more than 10 visa stamps in their spab passport. So the masses focused on spectacular embassy buildings such as those of egypt and india in the so-called diplomatic quarter equal to the tiergarten.

The sog of these magnificent buildings was all the coarse than the representations of china, france, great britain, italy, japan, russia and the united states of america did not participate. Afghanistan, iraq, iran and north korea also searched in vain in the shortfore. All the same. According to gunter piening, officer of the berlin senate for integration and migration, were the event anyway "noteworthy stucco world society that generates itself eventmabig on this day."

Honestly. More than a few entrance halls and toilets were not visible in most homes anyway. Of course, some input halls are quite big. But whoever understands something of elegance is dispensed with surfing children in front of marble reliefs – and look at the fine house rather in the deserted state. For example, in the handy architecturous trails from the city wallpaper publisher. Of course, many are difficult to study the spirit of a nation from the architecture of the respective state representation. Most hosts have viewed this and therefore pile up pile-like brochures. You can put it in the bag and take home. There you never look at it, but that does not matter. What pays is the act of appropriation. Some embassies went another step further and present arts crafts in the back room. You could not always buy that, but at least feel, and that’s what. The crowns were, of course, those embassies, the local food and dry offered. Only if you can incorporate the stranger, it will be real. Of course you could only eat and drink outside the office. So you do not work on the extraterritorial carpet.

The ballast of the republic

Construction site teacher station

Even more popular than the open ture days are construction sites. Whether tanger train station or palace of the republic, the sightseeing dates are booked in nu. The gross the excavation, the deeper seemingly the use of the need to take a look in the upgraded marked sand. Just remember the info box at potsdamer platz. From the red box on stilts you could look down on the top of the construction site in europe. Not only tourists could hardly see themselves with the work of man and machine. For as long as the potsdamer platz was a construction site, one was allowed to dream. For example, all the great buildings that were commissioned at the international crowd of the architects. Although the bleached models in the showcase looked a bit fade, but that did not have to mean anything yet. In fact, everything came worse, and the potsdamer platz looks a hundred times faders today than his pale model. And the disposable info box is the best for many what the potsdamer square had to offer since the fall of the wall.

Probably therefore – breastfeeding to the info box at potsdamer platz – have been built on the planned holocaust memorial near the brandenburg gate a small platform. So that you can stand around and watch others at work. Even though the view on the wooden plateau barely distinguishes from the bottom of the construction fence, and although there are not much more than a few piles of sand to see, the platform is a success. Because only a few passers-by can look at a look from above.

The ballast of the republic

Palace of the republic

You could almost think you have a building only a bit of breaking, and it’s already closed by the berliners. Best example of this straw form of the donation is the palace of the republic. Crops over decades as "ugly" and "monstrous", the ballast of the republic is recently defended. Against those who preferred him to rub off immediately. What a long time was not possible because of the many tons of asbestos that had been installed in the former folk chamber. Now is the construction of asbestos free and released to visit. And the masses of streams. Click in all corners of erich’s lamp shop and survive that the escalators were allowed to stop. Do not want to see that the red-brown logging block should soften a reminiscence to the old city lock – where the palace of the republic itself is a piece of contemporary history.

Because it is also a shame to lose the impressive ambience for the duration of the dispute over the future of construction and landing, the club is committed to interim palace use that at least in transition time what happens in the decked palace of the republic.

And while in the middle of the ossischick, the architecture destruction progresses deep in the west. The icc, for example, a 70s construction par excellence, should be demolished – if it goes to michael muller, spd faction leader in the berlin house of representatives. Reason for mullers verbalattick on the fair and congress center at the radio tower was an opinion of mckinsey’s business consultants, which had commissioned the berlin savingsator thilo sarrazin (spd). According to the opinion, refurbishment costs in the coming years will be in high "at least 140 million euros" attack. Of course you can not accuse a building that it has to be picked up and maintained.

The ballast of the republic


The stupid is only: the spaceship icc has been a subsidy operation since its completion in 1979. Alone the freely maintenance devours 15 million euros. And that with a decrease in sales of 12 to 13 million euros. It was known from the beginning that the construction is not a cash factory. It was about the matter – and about the image. And after all: so far, the futuristic construction – according to trade fair information – is the most busy congress center in europe and stands in place worldwide. Accordingly, the arger of the operators is that the fair is misunderstood. Allegedly, the first customers have already jumped. The architect couple ralf schulf schuler and ursulina schuler-witte is also horrified.

For the gluck there are people like lurker grand. The chased in the past few weeks with the photographer tobias madorin by berlin, for threatened facades, interiors and ensembles from the years 1950-1980 – first, he has closed this epoch in his asthetic heart, secondly, the testimonies of reconstruction are particularly danger. Months in advance, grand had agreed the photo appointments, and again and again he had to experience that what he wanted to hold at least in the picture has meanwhile broken or completely destroyed. Of course, he also paid a visit to the icc. Together with many other more or less threatened buildings, the berlin spaceship will be to be admired in a book of the city series in space.

Similar goals pursue oliver elser and andreas muhs. On their website are currently 90 recordings to see berlin’s post-war buildings, for only a few have an eye. You too are planning a book "everyday post-war architecture in berlin".

If you look at grands and madorin’s barcelona fuhrer, you can only become jealous and hope that the klamme financial situation of berlin leads to the fact that much is preserved because simply and simply the money to demolish and ‘restructuring’ is missing – and that the next generation of the counterholder a somewhat unpolded ratio has at the discreet charm of post-war years.

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