Self-criticism under muslims?

Despite the individual initiatives, the broad inner arabic debate is still waiting, but the trend towards "stop islamism" in the region is initiated

Whether from the year 2005 n. Chr. Or 1426 n.D. Hijra looked at: the nearby east falls on by ruck waiting. Arabs explain this almost exclusively with the (undeniable) imperialist crimes, which the west committed and commits them. Your own access remains hidden. At clear hinhoren, however, a self-critical tendency will be loud, which seems far more bin laden terror than bush’s campaign.

The tide of development videos, the worldwide connection – and not least the self-carried out company design of the taliban have undoubtedly a rethinking under muslims if not spy, so accelerated. Justified numerous fatwas the 11. September still as a criminal court, the tenor is many to madrid and beslan many times: "we are the worst of all". An end to militant religiosity and the shoulder with a political democratic practice is required. A reorientation, the gilles kepel and olivier roy already before the 11. September as "post-islamism" lay out.

"Stop islamism"

So "post" is the call "back to islam" not. On the one hand, because the islamist danger is at least presently prasent. On the other hand, because the deposit of islamism and the turning to politics does not express religion in itself. On the contrary: many appears a modernization of political thinking only under exclusion of islamic reforms possible. Instead of simpler solutions is increasingly differentiated: "back to which islam?" or in the words of the lebanese politator and general secretary of the christian-muslim dialogue committee muhammad al-sammak: "where hort is the islam and where the muslims start?"

Especially after the radicals – and by no means bonded – pro-sharia wave prevails the requirement to consolidate religion. The koran should be freed from the felt of his traditions and misinterpretations. In the crossfire of criticism, especially the fatwas. Thus, al-sammak refers to the reorientation of the islamic league dominated by saudi arab religious drivers: instead of scattering legal opinions without expertise, a body has now been set up, which includes besides economic experts and medical professionals, among other things, state-talking psychologists. Even in the al-azhar university al-sammak observed signs of a self-critical approach: if the number one of the islam establishments publicly revise their on false korandausungen’s condemnation of bank interest rates, this is a clear signal for the prere-breaking on the true islam. Its message show namely continuous self-criticism, not steering autumn. Trusted muslims like the first kalif, abu bakr siddik, had still lived this message and known their mistakes. In return, this means that the fundamentalists of the sole truth belonging to the sole truth are the true incredible.

The fact that the politically savvy al-sammak does not rescue in front of so much plain text shows how strong the willingness to tend to self-reform and cancel at any struggle of cultures. And not alone in the liberal lebanon. So released on the 6. October 2004 arabs of a variety of origin a manifest in which you asked the un security council to establish an international tribunal that pursues the authors of fatwas criminal laws that call to terror in the name of allah. Examples they provided with: whether ‘fotale’ jews or muslim intellectual – may be murdered, according to this coral negative, pretty much every other.


But even their own people are terrorized with this instrument, as an example of egypt shows: on the grasshopping plague of the past november followed a fatwa, which was the event as a debraft and raised the population to the saute by passing and eating the grasshoppers. The fact that many egyptians all serious the question turned out if they are bad muslims if they give their disgust in front of the grasshoppers, illustrates their mental knight. The syrian koranexeget mohammad shahrour (cf. Alphabet of freedom) places the cause in the abuse of the koran for centuries by the sheikh for their own powerful and their actual gentlemen, the state drivers. Look at the latest since the violence of the abbasids and the reactionar korandeutung muhammad al-schaffii’s korandeutung muhammad al-schaffiis, the religion in a swamp is prohibited and hurt under. Paranoia and ignorance of muslims were further enhanced that thanks to changing fatwas is not transparent, which is now forbidden and what not. The result is absurdities such as the grasshopper fatwa or the volker’s reaction to the introduction of the internet: even before she asked how it works, she worried if it was not prohibited in the sense of the koran.

Against this background alone, the westernler lit is impatiently and unrestrained on self-reform, which is why the arabs seem inaccessible to free themselves from their derman crisis. For, once independent of the vehement guilt, which bears the west at her misery: to let the rationality of rationality under these compasses, borders to a sisyphus work – as jesuit father samir khalil samir knows you only too well from his day-to-day practice:

When i briefly asked my students in the islamic-christian colleague, who the author of the bible or. The koran was, both groups answered: god. On my question, why then in the case of the bible is also the ‘matt house gospel’, the christians began to discuss: 50% come from god, 50% of mathaus or better 100% of god? I replied: that makes 200% and does not work mathematically, apart from the fact that we really have no scientific slip that god can write. I initially unsettled her with this game, but they love themselves. With my muslim group, i did not come half so far – although a temporal assignment of many acids after linguistic findings every exam was stopped.

Vatican consultant youssef el-hage by the notre dame uniteite, beirut sees in the (sanctified) refusal of many muslims against any analysis the main reason for their civilizational underdevelopment. In doing so, a work-up of their own past, above all their cruciferous cross-fed cross-toll. A public proceeding, whether these had had certain religious or not primarily economic and strategic reasons, brought them to the insight that islam by no means only victims and "best of all communities" may be. The goods alone already healing for their dealing with the imperialist perceived christianity and the oriental christians. Although there is a clerical like political level pladoyers for a more critical self-perception, the drawback is the lack of a ugregniant movement.

No movement, but a trend

In fact, despite each individual initiatives is missing (still?) the broad inner arabic debate. While this has been muslims and generally arabs, but not their dictatorships whose existence of the coarse part of the persistence of the zero level of their subject. If you are still considering that religious words financed as the al-azhar institution of taxpayers and convened sheikhs through state president, it becomes clear on which terrain islamic reforming persons will be able to win: be the hand that you feed,. Do not do it, do you answer your theses of interpretiveness. An end of the dilemma is not in sight. Only a shimmer, to which the youngest developments – the explosion of fundamentalism on the one hand and the explosion of us hegemony on the other, unexpectedly helped: their dictatorships will take their concerns seriously in view of the double threat of lighthorgous and willing.

Thus, in saudi arabia: in january 2003, sunni and shiite liberals addressed her manifest about the "vision of the present and future of the home country" to kronprinz abdallah. To their demands are the same right for all, equal to which denominational or tribal background, freedom of speech and the creation of a chosen national and regional "majlis al-shura". The term "houses of parliament" was just as strictly avoided as any attack on the sharia. The danger, in the face of so little bit pleasure, seemed preprogrammed. But in june 2003, kronprinz abdallah appointed the required national dialogue conference, in which the religious representatives of various denominations came together for the first time. And at the time – from a population focused on palastina and iraq elections largely unnoticed – the registration procedure for the first free local elections in mid-february. Ca. 40.000 saudis strose to be 1.700 seats in 178 municipal data.

To what extent that undertaking is a harbinger for saudi democracy, is the right to go. But it is that this in the stronghold fundamental modernization lubricator means a harsh criticism of and averting of wahhabism. The trend to "stop islamism" is thus initiated in the region. Whether it’s a more actual "ismus" will remain to be seen.

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