Satan in the touchphone

"Arabs in general and the saudis in particular life for their mobile phones, in a way that was not understood in other parts of the world"

But but also saudi hosts are intelled – as far as it is regime critic " and no longer stop a revolution if they are no longer to be stopped: a real arab, which stands on, the mobile phone is not to be taken away; even if he can make pictures that "haram", forbidden, are. The eternal tender, the scheitan (satan), hides itself in the handbox. The knowledge of the spiritual authorities has long and the pious also, which is why certain applications must be accurately regulated.

It is more as a pity that he is silent. No one else showed everyday life in saudi arabia so vividly, with sharp joke and surprising insights, like the saudi blogger "the religion policeman" (see. To do this, the mission of the religious policeman). About a year ago, he has set his blog, highly probably from personal safety, unfortunately completely unnoticed from the blogosphere and so without a loud break – a loss. "The religious policeman" was an ironic and bright observer of saudi conditions. Therefore knew (entry from 19.April) he was already in the spring of last year that the saudi authorities were no chance that "mobile revolution" to stop:

If the saudi population will finally rise to the revolt and chasuate the closed family, not for a democratic reform or for an islamic republic. But because of the mobile phones

Will it be the saudi religious police ("muttawa") creating to ban all mobile phones? This was equal to the attempt to take the weapon to an american or an english one. Arabs in general and the saudis in particular life for their mobile phones, in a way that was not understood in other parts of the world. And we are physically not thereto to ignore our phone when it rings.

At this time, camera phones in saudi arabia were already very common, but still forbidden; since the beginning of this year the ban is canceled. Previously, it had been shown that arab had given birth to your ringing mobile phone in all possible situations. Whether during the pilgrimage in mecca, in the rounding of the kaaba, the ascension of the holy hugel, thousands of mobile phones ringing how minting and: the calls are accepted by the pilgrims, such an unrusted eyes and earmoles. Even in the middle of a business presentation, a saudi arab speaker used europe’s priority for us europe than being mobile reported. He went to ran:

It was his mother! We sob there and hoard him for fun minutes as he explained to her why he had not visited her the last two days. His excerpts were awesome, i will use them for office. He finished his presentation without a word of apology.

The religious policeman

That calls even during the most beautiful amouroses moments are accepted, as the religious policeman also does not pay, is a fauxpas, which is certainly not only made by arabian manners. From such stories there are also enough in the western anecdoten fundus. But that one turns to spiritual contracers to learn if the reputation of the muezzin or coransurures are allowed as ringtone or the islamic creed as a logo on the display of the mobile phone, whether it is allowed to divorce by sms, however, are questions that other religions do not know.

The mobile phone industry has growth rates in arab and muslim regions as hardly any other, also in iraq, there are now more than a million cell phone customers, no wonder that the telephone manufacturers have placed on this market and with "islamic features" attending: muslims can store the koran on the mini telephone, all over the prior teams of the most famous mosques of the world are called for prayers "qibla" to show so that you can know in any place in the world where mecca is, and the islamic creed " the tawid " tit around as a logo on the mobile phone display.

The writing is sacred, the tone less

But with the latter muslims could reach in a large note when they want their cellphone at each moment. The corresponding request of a muslim with a religious tour of online showed the following information:

In fact, it is not allowed for a person to have the creed (tawid) on the display of the mobile phone, as the phone could be taken to the bathroom. Only if the owner ensures that the telephone is kept away from impure places, nothing wrong is that the words on the mobile appear.

The font is sacred, sound less. So it is not for example "haram", to take a phone with the bathroom, which contains a sound recording of the koran. The legal opinion of the scholar buried this that sound recordings are included in the phone, but not visible, which is not visible, which is why this does not fall under the same rules as the printed versions of the koran (musaf).

But the sound can be banned. Although laws, muftis, generally have nothing to comply with when a call to prayer is used as a mobile ringtone; however, there are particularly strict muftis that recognize forbidden in the playback of musical ringtons, as music generally "haram" is.

Difficult the handling of the pictures of the camera phones. Of course, pictures of unreated women are "absolutely haram". Such photos play a rough role in the mediation market of marriage willing. And there are not only school boys who play their pranks and try to catch teachers or girls who raise them, unassembled with the fotohandy, to then put the pictures even on the internet. They are often mother who see the women unsulfurbed and at wedding societies potential candidates for their son spy with their small cameras.

Should the young man have swapped in the choice, satisfies some islamic lawsuits, the three-time sending of an sms with the words "i want a divorce", so that the separation is legal.

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