“Prachtkerl putin?”

Photo: ramon schack

Russian reality and interpretation of the course of the west. Notes on the elections in russia

Winston churchill, who encountered josef stalin with a mixture of admiration and fascination, at least until the end of the 2. World war, once described the inner exemerges of the power fluke in moscow as a counsel, which surrounds mystery and mystery: "a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside to enigma."

About 100 years previously formulated napoleon bonaparte, whose geopolitical formulations appear risely sharp today: "la russie, cet immense pays, sera toujours gouver par son poids et par le hasard." – "russia, this huge country, will always be governed by its tremendous weight and randomly."

Certainly, these statements already come from undergoing eras, but they contain a statement of opponent update in russia in view of the upcoming urn approach in russia.

In the summer of 2014, i crossed the mongolian-russian border by train. For the endless route from beijing to moscow i had selected the route network of the transmongolic train. Our first station in russia was the city of ulan-ude, in many ways the most distant city in the country (the far east russia is in the departure).

Photo: ramon schack

It was the summer four years ago, as the confrontation between the west and moscow opposite its flow of highlight. Despite the democratic painting, neither the government in kiev were still the eu and nato ready to acknowledge the referendum in the crimea, according to which a coarse part of the residents approved the connection to russia.

The crimea

Three years earlier, during a ukraine stay, i had traveled the crimea, which was still under the rule of kiev. In a newspaper contribution for the nzz i wrote then:

The losed mood reflects a carelessness that does not match the conflict potential in this place. Twenty three years ago, the mood in sevastopol was highly explosive. At that time, at the highlight of the war between russia and georgia, the black sea fleet stationed here was involved in military actions against the caucasus state. The government in kiev was at the time of the precarious situation that its territory from warlike actions were against the friendly georgia. The fun fleet of the us crossed threatenes from sevastopol. The then ukrainian prasident wiktor yushchenko, hero of the meanwhile remained "orange revolution", had spoken in connection with the russian black sea fleet still spoken of an enemy prasence on ukrainian territory.

Ramon schack, the zunglein on the russian libra

At that time, in the spring of 2011, i could not give that only three years later a situation that seems far more explosive. Further, i wrote:

Sevastopol is today unofficially the most sudiest drawing of russia and one of the stumbling blocks in the west orientation of ukraine, regardless of the respective government in kiev. Locomtionov is in its attitude to the prorussian setting of the population. According to 2007 surveys, over sixty percent of the inhabitants of the crimea, which only 1954 was affiliated as a gift chruschtschews of ukraine, their identity as russian or even soviet.

Ramon schack, the zunglein on the russian libra

The non-recognition of the election result in the crimea and the reactions of the new government in kiev, the eu and nato were all the more amazing, since the united nations international court of justice founded in 2010 with respect to kosovo that a one-sided independence recognition of a countries do not violate the general international law.

If the volkerrecht is only to be borne if it represents the geostrategic interests of the west? Volkerrecht is not a manovrier mass of geopolitical interests.

The harsh reaction of russia, justifies the future of the crimea, is also the result of western politics – especially the policy of nato – opposite the big place of the earth in recent years. The permanent east extension of nato, into the vastness of the eurasian, post-soviet region, has long been interpreted in moscow as a threat of national security.

By train it continued on my trip in the next few days on uber irkutsk, novosibirsk, yekaterinburg, kazan to moscow ("ukraine is in europe, not here with us", "kratze at the russian…" – visiting the tartaren).

It was my first encounter with russia since the fruben nineties, when the big place of the world turns out of the genetic mass of the soviet operium, whose supreme succession took over and today is back in a conflict with the west.

At that time, in that historic year, when the red empire was underging, as a high school, i spent an unforgettable summer at a host family in the central russian orjol before we go to moscow and st. Petersburg continued to travel.

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