Photon pairs remain fragmented despite evidence

An ir-vis interface for qubits could connect fine quantum computers via glass fibers

Swiss researchers have built an interface for optical qubits to be implemented between photons of different wavelengths, here from the visible in the infrared spectral range. To replace qubits, pairs of worried photons are suitable. If the optical excitation energy is of an atom, which stores a qubit, in the visible, then the qubit now can now send by means of fiber in the infrared wavelength range.

Alkali atoms can absorb or transmit visible light, see, for example, orange luminous sodium vapor lamps of the strain lighting. The luminous electrons of this cum grano salesis hydrogenahn atoms are suitable for storing qubits (cf.Quantum computers will have a bad thought) in terms of quantum computers (cf. Basic research for quantum computer). However, a qubit alone does not yet make a quantum computer coupled to qubits, for example, visually, which is not quite trivial.

After one of the photons of a pair is made to a detector – for example, a photodiode -, the spooky remote effect that the shift disappears (cf. Strictly secret) mediated within the photon pair. Consequently, in principle, no light-wealthy for shifted photon pairs can be built, which has so far limited the range of glass fibers to significantly less than 100 kilometers, this distortion is currently limited to the reach of terrestrial quantum cryptography (cf. Alice and the grinning scratching cat). So it brought nothing to register a visible photon and to send out an infrared in its place, the following from heisenberg’s indetermination relation.

If qubits are to be sent via glass fibers, implementing implementation in the infrared wavelength range, as their malfunction is the smallest in the nearby infrared area. The optical message technology preferably uses the wavelength interval between 1310 and 1550 nanometers. How to send qubits over glass fibers? What is needed is a kind of wavelength converter that does not destroy the shift from photon pairs, such a working group on the university of geneva has constructed. The swiss researchers can thus translate qubits between photons of the wavelength of 1310 nm and 710 nm, they report their results in the ie of 1. September 2005 of the magazine nature.

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