Haider also paid by the bnd?

Reports on the financing of his visit to iraq raise interesting questions

Even more than two years after his accidental death, the austrian right-wing populist jorg haider still keeps the media busy. While a few months ago reports about haider’s secret coffers disavowed the right-wing politician even among his supporters, the austrian magazine profil now reports that haider received large subsidies for his iraq flight in may 2002 from the german federal intelligence service (grube an die achse des bosen). This was the second of a total of three iraq circles of the austrian right-wing pigeon.

According to the newspaper, the contacts were made through an austrian businessman. The latter is said to have organized overflight and landing permits on behalf of the bnd and paid for the private jet in which the then carinthian governor and chairman of the right-wing fpo took off for his second flight to baghdad in may 2002, where he is also said to have received a million-dollar donation from the saddam regime.

Haider also paid by the bnd?

Haider described his three visits to hussein in a book published in 2003, in which he described his seemingly noble humanitarian, economic and political concerns

Against israel and the west

This deal, should it really have come about, would be interesting for two reasons: haider had resigned from the presidency of the then governing party fpo, but at that time had distinguished himself all the more as a right-wing politician, to whom extreme right-wing parties in many european countries referred. A large part of them had positioned themselves on the side of iraq at the time and called for support of the baath regime. One link was his hatred of israel and the west (saddam’s far-right friends).

Haider’s iraqi circles caused a great stir, especially in the usa, and brought the austrian government of the time, in which the fpo was represented, into a state of disbelief. In official statements of the baath regime already after the first haider trip to baghdad, anti-israeli diction was used "concerted action against the international conspiracy against iraq" and talked about a "plot of the usa and zionism against iraq" fabulated.

Haider defended his saddam visit as humanitarian action. He had handed over equipment for a blood bank in baghdad. In addition, after his return from iraq, he referred to the then german minister fischer. "In this case, for the first time in my life, i agree with the german minister of defense, fischer, who says that one cannot use unproven allegations to portray any state as evil in order to then have a pretext for initiatives in the field of foreign policy."

In this way, haider wanted to tie in with the growing movement against the war in iraq in many european countries. However, most opponents of the war did not want to defend the baath regime but the iraqi people from the war. Only extreme right-wing and nationalist movements in various countries called for support of the baath regime. For these circles haider had become even more of an idol after his visit to saddam.

Franz limpl, who lived in iraq for years, is presented in the profile as a secret organizer of the austrian legal politician’s iraq circles. He says about the saddam regime’s interest in these visits:

In a personal conversation with saddam hussein, i was given the task of establishing a connection to the internationally renowned "revoluzzer" jorg haider and to find out whether he would be willing to positively influence the image of iraq and also that of saddam hussein in europe. I asked haider about it, and he agreed immediately.

Franz limpl

What interest did the bnd pursue?

The question now is, which interest the bnd pursued with its financing of a haider trip. The profile reports that he was primarily concerned with the surveillance of haider:

In 2002, the bnd may have been interested in controlling haider’s middle east escapades. The extent to which the intelligence service also requested and observed other freedom party activities in iraq cannot be determined with certainty at this time. However, the surveillance of the flamboyant right-wing populist is said to have been worth several hundred thousand euros to the german wimps.

But is it credible that the bnd finances a complete iraq trip of haider just to have him monitored?? Just as well one could ask whether the bnd did not want to profit from haider’s contacts to the then internationally isolated saddam regime. German business circles were also trying to establish contacts with the iraqi regime at that time. According to profil, the bnd has so far refused to comment on the financing of haider’s iraktrips. Now also the grunen demand aufklarung.

"The federal chancellery must immediately give an account of whether media reports are true that the federal intelligence service was involved in arranging and carrying out two trips by the austrian right-wing populist haider to the dictator saddam in 2002 and even helped with the transfer of millions of dollars from iraq to haider in austria", demands the green member of the bundestag hans christian strobele.

He recalls that through the work of the parliamentary investigative committee in the last legislative period it became known that the bnd had stationed two employees in baghdad shortly before the start of the iraq war in 2003, apparently with the knowledge and consent of the iraqi intelligence service (the course of the war in iraq). These are said to have been.A., have provided the u.S. Military with target coordinates for air strikes (the german government, the bnd and the iraq war), "there are very well still open questions").

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