Esoteric doctors also have to pay attention to the state of mind of their patients

Dental medicine "spiritual self-healing" believes, must pay compensation

With doctors and patients, a little as with two cells in the proculation behaves: both do not deviate too much of certain standards, there are rarely difficulties. If only one or one of the standard corresponds, he or she may take damage. However, are in both problems, then a case can come out, as the higher regional court of munchen has negotiated this week.

Defendant in this case was the dentist klaus k. – banking of the officially ordered supervisor of the 28-year schizophrenic psychosis patient alex s. Who likes k. About two years ago.000 euro pull all 19 teeth that were still in his mouth then. He had determined himself because he believed that the toothe was his potency states and his "energy trims" hinder.

The psychospatient ended in psychiatry and was placed under supervision of a supervisor. The commissioned a lawyer with a claim for damages to the dentist. This lawyer wrote k., the young man who lived in a forest for a long time and fell out of vegetable raw foods, his view "not delayed" and psychotic, but one "indigo child", the one "admire" musse, because it perceives more than other people. Because the lawyer saw that differently, the dentist assisted him alcohol abuse and demanded a pain of 50 for himself.000 euro.

Esoteric doctors also have to pay attention to the state of mind of their patients

Pulled tooth. Photo: steven fruitsmaak. License: public domain

That k. Last year from the district court munchen ii first instance to pay 20.000 euro was sentenced to pain, surprises only conditionally on the basis of such exercises. In the appeal in front of the higher regional court, he tried with some hand-festive arguments and claimed, the extractions were medically necessary because s. Have reacted allergic to trials and because his bone tie was chronically understood. An appraiser, among other things, would not follow this reasoning because s s. Not in all teeth attacked and because the abnelization occurred only after the extraction procedure.

The court followed this report and came out to the result, the dentist had had to recognize that his lateral in psychiatry has proven itself in a patient "non-consent" condition was when he demanded the pulling of all his teeth and asked this desire as described above. That’s why k. Close to take the vocation, which this after a meeting with his lawyer finally made.

The suddeutsche zeitung said k. After process end, he wanted to turn away from the fracture dentistry and "concentrate on the vibrations of body cells". He advertises on his website "recognized healer" to be and "spiritual self-healing" to influence.

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