Vacation in turkey

Do you really want to fly there now?

Vacation now? Flying? Turkey? Yes, but this time the german holidaymaker does not get any nice vacation wishes on the way. Since the terrorist attacks in the usa and the preparations for the retaliatory measures, no tourist can look forward to his well-deserved vacation any more. "There all muslims and if it goes off…", but this sentence is hardly finished by any interlocutor. In addition to concerned inquiries, the vacationer also receives sarcastically pragmatic remarks along the way: "we wish you a bomb atmosphere".

Mother-in-law calls, "do you really want to fly?" in all seriousness she proposes a transfer to sudtirol. At the same time a text message reaches me: "hello, can i stay with you for a few days?? Everybody is totally crazy and looking for me! Need a good friend now! Would be pleased. Osama bin laden." then a phone call and the joke: "oh yes, he wants to go to turkey now."

Due to the news, we drive to hanover airport a little earlier, but there is little sign of strict controls. No more bgs officers or other security personnel patrolling the departure hall. It is likely that the surveillance is limited to the use of the many cameras installed. The turkish airline takes its time with the baggage acceptance and the check-in. The counters are opened less than an hour before the scheduled departure. So long there is queuing.

But the ears prick up when an airport employee tells about the daily bomb threats and so for "plenty of action is provided". A short time later you can hear on the radio that bremen airport is closed and being searched for this very reason. But like all passengers, we calm down and think that flying has never been as safe as it is now, and if it is, the danger to life on the highway is much higher, as we thought only the day before in an accident on the oncoming lane. Security checks, well, as always everything from the jacket and trouser pockets into a bowl. The fruit knives are already in the suitcase anyway. I am poked and probed from top to bottom, but my wife can go through just like that. Other vacationers report similar experiences up to no checks at all. Are terrorists only male?

Finally sitting in the airplane, but already an oppressive feeling creeps up on you. Inevitably i think of the people in the hijacked airplanes in the united states, which were abused and killed for a terrorist act. One thinks of the passengers, who are supposed to have fought back. But once you are wedged into your seat in this giant airplane – somewhere on one of the three seats on the left or right side or even in the middle, all separated only by a very narrow aisle – you can already imagine how easily this mass of people can be controlled by a few armed kidnappers. Every movement can be seen and if people with civil courage really try to defend themselves, they have to use the narrow corridor.

At takeoff time the announcement comes, because of the illness of a passenger the takeoff is delayed and the suitcase must be unloaded now again. True or lied or only 400 passengers calmed down – however – the start is delayed by a good hour. Only when it finally starts, the sinking feeling in the stomach area disappears so slowly.

In turkey, the officials take their time at the entry control in oriental manner. All identity cards are scanned, after a deep prufenden look followed by a nod of the head again handed out. On the way to the vacation village one can see some mosques, but that is really all the tourist gets to see of islam. In the resort, everything is geared to the powerful german tourists. Excursions are as always bookable, so that one "country and people" gets to know. "Who comes as a stranger, goes as a friend", it says in an excursion brochure, and on some of these excursions a visit to a mosque is obligatory.

In a foreign country, the guest is not left without information, of course. Almost exclusively the picture newspaper presses the opinion and the mood pictures of the germans. The information is eagerly absorbed, because in the tv room there is only turkish-language television. A restaurant outside the club offers current fubballubertragungen as german-language program. At the typical news time the television remains off. Full of interest i see a sign with the indication internet cafe, but that has probably long gone out of business. But with the minibus one is in a quarter of an hour in side and an internet cafe is within reach. For the "normal" for the price of 5 dm/hour you are connected with the navel of the world again.

With the vacationers an attitude of defiance shows up in conversations, because "if one had not flown, then the terrorists had reached another goal". Which goal, that is not expressed, but if the world is shaken in its foundations, the small perfect world must be preserved. All vacationers hope that the americans will remain prudent. However, nato countries greece and turkey have granted u.S. Jets overflight permission, and naval forces are gathering just a few hundred kilometers from vacation beaches.

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