Under suspicion

Gruner state legislator gets caught in dragnet investigation

The dragnet search for alleged terrorists or their helpers usually takes place silently. Master unnoticed tampering with civil servants’ computers, desks and inaccessible offices. Nothing is known about successes.

Consequently, there will not have been any so far, because otherwise they would certainly have been announced with a rough noise. So far, the only known breaches have been. Right at the beginning of this nonsensical and costly police operation, when an afghan but peaceful employee of berlin-tegel airport was temporarily caught in the clutches of state forces due to a mistake by the interception service. Or last week, when tariq ali, a british man of letters of pakistani origin, learned about the special nature of bavarian police. (see also you should not travel with such books)

Here is a new example, described by one of those affected, the b90 green member of the north rhine-westphalian parliament, jamal karsli:

Northern italy. A small place near venice. Two police cars stop in front of a house. Two people jump out of one of the cars "carabinieri". One rushes to the back of the house to secure the back exit. The other goes to the front entrance and says. A lady opens. "Do you have an arab visiting?" asks the policeman.

"They probably mean my son-in-law," the astonished woman answers, "who is a german citizen of syrian origin." the civil servant wants to know if she can prove this. Well, it hadn’t occurred to her yet that her daughter’s husband would have to leave written proofs, the lady answers emportantly and explains that she expects him and her daughter back at noon.

When the man later arrives as announced, the police officers are already waiting in front of the house. The man thinks of his four-year-old son, who stayed with his in-laws, and turns pale. Two police cars full of gentlemen in dark sunglasses are not usually good news.

"Are they in possession of a pilot’s license? Have you been to the usa lately??" ubersetzt his wife him the questions of state officials. He denies both truthfully and shows the officials a document that identifies him as a german member of parliament. Whether he would be willing to go to the police station, the "suspicious" asked. No, there is no reason for that, he is not ready for that if he is not forced. He hands over a business card to the uninvited guests and gives them his homepage address and cell phone number in case of further questions.

The state power moves away…

Jamal karsli knew how to help himself – just like the british writer, film producer and former london student leader tariq ali, who insisted on calling the mayor of munich, who had questioned him about the crisis in afghanistan in a munich bookstore just three days before.

Two examples from many. At "the central council of muslims in germany is currently receiving complaints from terrorists "foreign fellow burger", which turned out to be "sleeper" or "terrorists" see persecuted. But not all of them are as well connected as tariq ali or jamal karsli, the b90 green member of the north rhine-westphalian parliament.

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