The pension

A gigantic legal snowball system

The pension is safe!

Norbert blum (cdu), former minister of labor

He asked himself if "our" norbert blum this statement meant again at the time. If so, i doubt seriously on his mind, if no, he has guided us under the light of light. It is clearly known that the pension systems are paid by the working boys for the simultaneous venous ages. However, we need more and more boys, as the ages are always age.

According to a world bank report, all pension systems have the "old" much more promised than later could be paid. The reason for this: more and more ages and less young people. Furthermore, the economy does not grow as strong as required. The okonom paul samuelson said forty years ago, "transpose systems are collective technically false (…), they are the big ponzi systems ever invented." the schwindler charles ponzi had a huge snowball system in 1920.

The pension

The chapter was taken with the kind permission of the authors and the publisher to the young published book of matthias weik and marc friedrich: the bwarth raptor of history. Why the flammous always poor and the rich become more and more richer. Tectum verlag, 2012, 382 pages, 19.90 euros. The authors promise one "exciting journey into the world of madness, the involvement, fraud and the large capital destruction, which humanity has ever experienced. Before our eyes, the large raid of history takes place, and we are all his victims. The rich in our society are getting richer, during all others always become poor."

What is a snowball system? The "the new zurich times" explains this in your article "the us are worse than greece" from 11.03.2011:

Instructions for the construction of a snowball system

According to professor kotlikoff, industry sites are also other than snowball system, which will collapse sooner or later. In his lecture, he also supplies a guidance to politicians to build and disguise a generational ponzi scheme:

1. Take a magnitude of today’s youth

2. Give the old x

3. One promises today’s youth that they are obtained in the age y, where y is great than x

4. You are chosen or win the re-election

5. Take the youth of the future the amount y away

6. Give y the old one of the future

7. You promise the youth of the future that you will be preserved in old z, where z is great than y

8th. You are chosen or win the re-election

9. Repeat step 5 to 8

10. Wahle a suitable fiscal label to ensure that the liabilities are not reported as official guilt.

According to kotlikoff, in order to disguise the snowball system, for example the amounts paid by the youth as taxes, and at the same time the terms obtained by the old are transfers as a transfer payments. This allows no high official deficits to show and present a balanced budget. This will allow liabilities to unofficial and implicit payment promises. However, the fundamental problem remained."

You can not express it any better! Love "young mitburg", future pensioners, please be careful now!

According to the federal government, the level of statutory pension will decline by ten percent by 2025. "While the current fuse level is 50.8 percent before taxes, it will only be 45.2 percent in 2025, it is called. Under the backup level, the relationship is understood between the pension, which receives an average earner after 45 years, and the current average income." according to focus, the expected pension entitlements in 2040 are the highest 40 percent of the last gross salary. Today’s average earner has to deposit today for 26 years to receive a profit on hartz iv level.

Furthermore, through the expansion of the low-wage sector in germany, the retirement poverty after the boss of german pension insurance, herbert risch, will increase dramatically and ultimately become the risk of existence for all social systems. According to the development, the development was added, "that more and more people have less and less pensions". The result, so trick: "if the low-wage sector continues to grow, you can enter any pay-related social system into the ton."

From 2012, the pension should be enforced with 67 gradually. Therefore, there are also a lot of jobs for the ages available from this year. In 2010, only 21.5 percent of all germans went to work subject to social security contributions between 60 and 64 years. For ten years, pensioners have losed to purchasing power despite slight pension yards. Since 2001, the value of pensions has fallen by seven percent due to inflation and faster than age-increasing social costs. The statutory sessions increased from 2001 to 2010 by 90,82 percent. Taking into account the contribution to health and long-term care insurance, the plus has only 0.56 percent in order. Consumer prices have increased by an average of 1.36 percent per year at the same time.

It is not to be able to point out: purely mathematically, our pension system can not work with an aging society. There are only two options: either there is a baby boom in germany instead or the future will be bitter for most of us – very bitter.

The pension lug is legal

The safest at the statutory pension is the supply chute.

Andre kostolany, investment legend

In view of the steady rays and zero rounds without inflation compensation, it is likely that the alleged promises of politics are a conscious expansion of the prevailing situation. Therefore, in 2006, the axel springer publisher as publisher of the image paper criminal charges for suspicion of fraud. The preliminary investigation for suspicion of pension fraud and infidelity was discontinued by attorney karl-heinz dalheimer in berlin (ยง 170 abs. 2 stpo).

Significant are the reasons for attitude. (all subsequent quotes are performed by the settings for the setting – gesch.-no. The prosecutor berlin: 76 js 363/06.) initially, the head of the prosecutor gives the right to display: "to be agreed, they may be that the behavior of the behavior of the pension problem responsible for the pension problems of the view of the burger in some respects may be compulsory and discussion."

However, a criminal relevant facts should not be recognized: "with the payment of the pension contribution, the insured is not entitled to a claim for its paid-in contributions due to the solidarity orientation of the pension system, but rather only an entitlement or opportunity for an art pension payment. It is legally not the high of the pension is protected, but only the claim as a backup object is fixed."

In plain language: it is absolutely legal that millions of contributions as pensioners do not receive the paid contribution funds and that the high pension may be determined! In this way it is official. You have no entitlement to your deposited contributions. You certainly get something – how much it will, can and will tell you nobody.

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