Tablets: just send, then grubby

An essential reason for the success of the tablets is the operation via touchscreen. The keyboard will only appear on the screen if necessary, a mouse remotes. This operating principle allows flat gates that look very already in advertisements or showcases. If you get the tablet from the packaging and actually used, the immaculate look is quickly gone. For each user response you have to wipe or tap your fingers on the touchscreen and has sweaching side effects. After half an hour in use in the use of unfunded fingerprints and wipers the display. This is particularly clear when looking at the side of the screen. Some manufacturers glue fat-repellent display coatings, but they are not very effective but not. The contaminants can be wiped away, but you do not want to stop after each entry.

If you divide the tablet with others, the impurities all the more. Then go to your own fingerprints still the other people, you have to moge. An example: one sits together in trauter round and shows on his tablet holiday photos. It is completely normal that even the spectators once want to be pre- and backblood. A wiping movement is enough for this. On analog times it was an absolute no-go that someone has passed with his finger on high gloss prints. In the tablet age, nothing goes without touch, it is obvious to the operating concept. There is not a practicable technical solution yet. Missless displays have so far only exist as prototypes in the laboratory, the pen operation has been a niche application for years. Even with the new ipad pro, the pen is only an optional toy for the creative. Whoever loves pictures, makes special emphasis on asthetics or poses to the hygiene, thus has only two options: the first and consistent variant would not be used to use any tablets and to wait until the industry has thought up something better. If you did not like, you can still convert the tablet to the high-speed commodity and must be used to change appropriate prudence. If you sitting in the evening with dimmed light on the sofa in front of his tablet, you do not see your own fingering marks. Then the current tablets spab make. Before breaking the light, you should, however, twitch the microfiber cloth and bring the display back into an entertainment state.

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