Storage data retention: government gives bad picture in karlsruhe

Federal scarf court negotiates complaint of 34.000 burgers

Whether mobile phone calls, e-mails or internet surfing: since january last year, providers save on the statutory specification of the federal government daily billions of communication data. Allegedly to improve the fight against terror. Around 34.000 bundesburg are there any opinion and submitted complaint at the federal scarf court in karlsruhe. Yesterday had the 1. Senate of the court of tribunal loaded.

Storage data retention: Government gives bad picture in Karlsruhe

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The federal government had grossed roughly. Bka boss zierke, state secretarin birgit grundmann in the federal ministry of justice and numerous legal experts took place at ten o’clock in the federal scarf court. Justice minister leutheuser-schnarrenberger lacked. Today, you have some mammals between everyone, because when they were still opposition politician in the german bundestag, she had signed the strike complaint.

Well, as a member of the federal government, she preferred to stay in the far berlin. Claudia roth, chairman of bundnis90 / grunen and one of the leading opponents of inventory data retention in a press conference before the negotiation:

Mrs. Leutheuser-schnarrenberger had to face it well to anchor a rejection of data retention in the coalition agreement. In the meantime she works incredibly.

Problems with beliefs in the negotiation also had the representatives of the federal government who first wanted to rescue themselves by consulting the federal cancellatory court of the fall of the falls. Grundling: finally, the data retention would not be the elimination of fundamental rights. In addition, there are the prophylactic storage of data consensus within the eu. Antwort von burkhard hirsch (fdp), who came together with the former federal interior minister and data storage enemy gerhart tree to karlsruhe:

A completely sophisticated entrance. There are eu-wide political doubts about this scheme.

Also in facts, the inspections gave a weak picture. On the question of the chairman, where the limit of data storage is, the answer: "in the limitation of six months."

Complete representative professor andreas pfitzmann, head of the privacy and security group on the technical university of dresden, was more concrete. He described the data retention as an "further rough security chute". Constanze briefly from the chaos computer club (ccc), finally, was already currently nearly reflective data of the burger – on a few millimeters of chip, which muhelos can record the personal data of a person for six months.

A verdict to the 34.000fachen complaint (az 1 bvr 256/08) is expected for the coming early year. Ubligen: the romania festival court (curtea constitutionala a romaniei) has the romanian law for six-month storage storage of all connection, location and internet access data on the 8. October 2009 as a long-term discarded. Likewise, this happened in bulgaria (bulgarian court prohibits inventory data retention).

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