Spacex superspire the nanosatellite company swarm

Spacex superspire the nanosatellite company Swarm

It is a rare deal. The us space and telecommunications company spacex liked to take the small satellite startup swarm technologies. Swarm operates 120 satellites in sandwich format and suitable ground stations. With the transaction, spacex was given the satellite and ground station licenses swams, which should probably help the spacex project starlink.

Both companies already have on 16. July on the suppuzziness. This goes from a request to the us regulatory worker fcc (federal communications commission) of 6. August. The targeted supposition represents a departure from the previous strategy spacex ‘to develop technology possible itself.

Swarm will conclude a direct hundred percent subsidiary spacex ". The financial details of the transaction are unknown. According to pitchbook, swarm was valued in january 2019 at a financing round with $ 85 million.

Swarm builds small satellites

Under the brand name starlink, spacex is currently building a network of thousands of earth-old satellites. There should be consumers overall on the world broadband internet. In the current beta test, starlink has now over 90.000 customers 12 states. Spacex has around 20 after your own information in july alone.000 additional antennas connected. Firmengrundel elon musk wants even 500.000 starlink customers have until mid-2022. How spacex could use swarm technology is still unclear because the starlink satellites work in another frequency band as swarms spacebees.

The 2016 rounded company swarm headquartered in mountain view, california, has built a constellation of up to 150 satellites. The spacebees are according to the company "the smallest commercially operated satellites in space" – with 11 times 11 times 2.8 centimeters you have about the rough of a small notebook.

The swarm satellites communicate with antennas on the ground to the "internet of things" to connect (iot devices). The company offers services for a variety of iot applications, including agriculture, transport, energy and environment. 2018 swarm 900 had to.000 dollar penalty for unauthorized satellites. Although the fcc had denied the necessary license, sweet swarm then push four satellites from india into space. For later starts, the company then acquired the permits.

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