Political orientation expresses the view of the corona crisis

Political orientation expresses the view of the Corona crisis

In the usa, the trail of democrats have more fear that the republicans see behind covid-19 rather intention or political instrumentalization

In the us, the association of the coronavirus epidemic is strongly dependent on political attitudes. Since the us is a two-party state, the country is torn in many ways, which prasident donald trump has brought to office and what he continues to make mood. Psychology often seems to be very easy in storage formation and serves the mutual demarcation: the position of a party is always different than that of the other, as absurd this may.

After a survey in the us beginning marz at the beginning of the pandemic, when donald trump wanted everything still visible, 40 percent of the people who are increasing the democrats, the pandemistry stood a danger, but only 20 percent of the republicans. According to frequenters, the sympathizers of the democrats have already taken personal precautions (assessment of the danger of political orientation).

In the course of the covid-19 pandemic in the us, these also seemed to perform the most strongest, where the democrats have their strokes – in the coarse bats on the west and eastern custe, which are also in increased exchange with abroad. States in which the democrats govern are far more prognitable to loosen the restrictions again, as states that are guided by republicans and often also less covid-19 hotspots are. Maybe this also has something to do with that after a gallup survey of the 17.-19. April 69 percent of the republican vailers surveyed said the situation in the us improve, during this only 21 of the trail of the democrats say. In the independent 39 percent see an improvement and as many a deterioration.

Republicans keep the pandemie rather rather for over-driven

A study by the annenberg public policy center at the university of pennsylvania, which is based on a representative survey of uber 1000 americans, but already performed at the beginning of marz, revealed that 23 percent of americans believe that covid-19 originated from a chinese laboratory. This will follow the motto of the woman’s house and republican circles, which is still persecuted, that the "china virus" intentionally made in a laboratory in wuhan. And 19 percent said at the beginning of the epidemic, the pandemic will be exaggerated to harm trump. The pandemic is thus seen by the glasses of political cleavage of the country and politically instrumentalized.

What was needed not only for attitude towards the pandemic, but also to the media use. Anyone who uses conservative media such as fox news or rush limbaugh who also believes that covid-19 was produced in china as a biowaffe, or that the danger from which it is exaggerated to prevent trump’s re-election. You also believe in simple antidote, such that vitamin c can protect from covid-19 (21 percent), which is supported by science. Even those who are traveling on social networks tend to tend to these convictions and thought that handswashing and social distancing does not bring much. However, 10 percent of respondents also believed that the us government has created the virus.

The study did not just investigate what opinions correlate with which media usage, but is also supported to confront disinformation with true information. Therefore, possibilities are therefore also possible how to better disseminate the right information in conservative media. Or media should expose the paywall for coronavirus messages, which was made many times.

By contrast, the americans who used mainstream cbs, abc or nbc used covid-19 for danger as a flu. Users of mainstream newspapers such as new york times or wall street journal were also less accurate for the suspects such as the amption that the virus was created in chinese laboratories.

Vacuum light bears a majority in germany, afd-wahler are against it

In germany, these differences are not in the way, even if the criticism of the emergency statements grow – from scientific circles, but also from the right and left. According to the germany trend from the beginning of april, 93 percent of respondents agreed to contact notifications, just 6 percent, they rejected, a week before it was only 3 percent. This is an extremely high conformity that has any questions as to whether it is due to authority resistance or own viewing.

Dissatisfied with the "crisis management" the government is primarily the afd approach. Even with the contact targets, at low 17 percent, the afd approaches are most critical, with the sympathizers of the left (8 percent) and the fdp (6 percent) there are marginal resistance.

The concern that freedom rights are surprised long-term is also the strongest in afd attachments, which on the other hand like to attach authorita structures. This indicates a similar conflict as in the us, where the prasident is like this, as an upright outdoor manager in resistance to the policy of ruling elite and mainstreaming services. In a system with more parties and less ideologically extremely positioned media, however, it is apparently also in crises through an external threat to the setting conformer. One believes the rulers and scientists who support their position. Only a minority, mainly represented by afd-pendant, is more skeptical.

This is also reflected in a current survey on a covid 19 vaccination obligation. While 75 percent of the union and spd approaches and also 68.5 percent of the grunen-hume invaded the import of such vaccination, the afd is 64.2 percent on the other hand.

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