Participation of women in digitization – germany in europe’s midfield

Participation of women in digitization - Germany in Europe's midfield

In the participation of women in digitization, germany is a survey of the eu commission, according to eu-wide middle mab. Only about 17 percent of the employees working in germany as specialists and specialists for information technology and telecommunications are women, as is the analysis of brussels authority published on tuesday. Eu-wide is therefore about 18 percent.

Criticism from the commission’s practitioner

Combined with other values, for example, internet usage and internet competence of women lands germany rank 12 of 28 countries. The ranking of finland is followed by gobritain, which is still part of the investigation. Sweden and danemark. Lights are greece, romania and bulgaria.

Eu-wide, there are differences from women in all examined values, it is called. After all, the lucke in internet usage has shrunk from 7 to 2 percent over the past 10 years. 84 percent of women and 86 percent of the men go online at least once a week.

"That can not be", twittered eu commission boss ursula from the leyen overlooking the small number of digital specialists. You will encounter that madchen were more active and self-confident and learned and worked in the digital economy.

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