Of the “urban metropolitan” the bundeswehr

Schnoggersburg, where the bundeswehr is supposed to remain the city fight, has nothing of a smart city and seems to be in the past to remain

While otherwise prepared for the cyberwar and how the pentagon miniature model fade is used to sample hacking and manipulation of systems as well as the defense of cyber attacks in smart cities, a huge phantom city is built in germany for the bundeswehr. You want to train the physical city combat and will cost that more than 100 million euros to recreate a city on 6 square kilometers on the trooping platform altmark in the colbitz underlying heide, in order to realistically realistic in times of simulation. Some settlements are already there, but you just want a real, small, modern city in which will be told from 2017.

Also a name has received the city, which sounds very provincial and northern german: schnoggersburg – exactly: "urban conurbation schnoggersburg" – there is still a traditional urbanism from an old european old town and a neustadt, a skyscrapital settlement, a government district and a shopping strike, an industrial area, a runway for aircraft and – forward-looking? – a kind of slum, a mulletal and a smumper field, too "destructed infrastructure" called. Also a cemetery is planned, even a mosque, at the edge, next to the car park, is a train station. What else do you need: a college, a gas station, a radio / tv station, even in a museum the urban combat will be boomed.

Of the'urbane ballungsraum' der bundeswehr

City map schnoggersburg. Image: bundeswehr / jorg jankowsky

And because they often lie on a river, there is also the 1.5 km long, along with a city forest, next to it a sports stadium. Strasts are self-resistant, a highway also, there is still a stucco subway. Before the city are a few farmhofs, there is a barracks and find the waterworks and a substation. Up to 1500 soldiers after a response of the federal government to a small request of the left party in 2012.

In the pentagon one cares in addition to cyberwar scenarios rather less the control of small towns, but about military strategies of megacities, their dimensions in all references from the infrastructure, the conversion and public space, the dimensions under the ground and in the high to supposed to the unuitable crowds of the traditional concepts. Networked cities on the way to smart cities lame even without massive use of ground forces and heavy device through interventions in the infrastructure, monitoring and other cyber manipulations, at the most radical, when drawing the plug, for example with an emp attack or the turn off the power grid. Difficulties but make the militar strategists the huge megacities and urban corridors, especially if they are still little technical. In the us, the trauma of mogadishu is still stuck, but it also has the difficulties learned that as in baghdad or kabul, coarse cities could hardly get on the handle.

The bundeswehr obviously has it for the "highly complex task ‘operation in the urban environment’" dear surgery in the urban "battle center", whose metropolitan area should consist of 500 houses. Here, according to the defense policies also international "inserts of conflict prevention and crisis abolition" go up. In addition, liberation of hostages abroad, but also the "homework protection, d.H. Defense tasks on german territory as well as administrative assistance in cases of natural disasters and serious infrastructure traps, for the protection of critical infrastructure and inner emergency status". To train the bundeswehr also the "fight in urban areas".

The left worked in 2012 that the phantom city serve to prepare the bundeswehr on a use inside (bundeswehr wants to train housekeeping for domestic inserts). In the telepolis conversation, rolf gossner, lawyer, publicist and viceprasident woven the international league for human rights, again before this possibility (the political system of russia). For him one finds "creeping militarization of internal security" instead of. In schnoggersburg, he suspects, "bundeswehr, eu and nato combat associations together the ‘asymmetric’ war and housekeeping in large-scale samples – for armed conflicts of the future, for foreign assignments, but also for fine burger-war and military inserts in european city and inside the country".

The reports do not see how complex is the infrastructure. A power plant seems to be missing, as it looks with decentralized energy supply, you do not know. A data center, meanwhile digital heart of the city, seems to be missing, overhead, the smart city of the future seems to be far away in the "state-of-the-art furniture in europe", it is only empty bands with converted space, a potemkin’s village that lacks the most important in the city war – the crowds that provide for collateral damage.

But maybe nobody asked for it. Also the current report of the dayview remains vague. It merely means that rheinmetall provides for a technical upgrade of the simulation technology. But that was necessary to scrutinize the uburning soldiers with gps and marking results with lasers rather than overlooking or defending the computer, electricity and communication networks. But you did not need a built game city.

But there is an interesting aspect. In the answer to the request of the left party, the federal government still responded in 2012 that an exercise with the police was not intended. Now quoted tagesschau.The chairman of the bundestag’s defense committee, the spd politician wolfgang hellmich, that the modernized simulation technology should not only serve for the exercise of soldiers: "we also offer our federal partners in nato and the eu, as well as the police." that’s however again the alarm bells shrill for the use of the bundeswehr and the police could be public in the city in germany.

From florian rotzer just released city: smart cities in cyberwar.

Ever "smarter" a country or a city, the more digital the infrastructure, the larger the internet of things, the more data and processes into the cloud, ie in data centers, are outsourced, the more likely they become for cyber attacks and cyberware.

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