North korea: atom weaponest garden seems to have become unusable

North Korea: Atom weaponest garden seems to have become unusable

Especially kim jong-and is little chunky.

The willingness of kim jong-un talked to donald trump could be motivated to no longer perform nuclear weapons tests

Maybe kim jong-un has worse cards to negotiate with donald trump. Even for the summit on friday, which will be held for the first time since 2007 a summit of the north and sudkorean heads of government, the new findings could have followed because the threat potential north korea could be lower.

Tomorrow will meet the sudkorean prasident moon jae-in and kim jong-un in the border town of panmunjeom. In sudkorea you even speculate on a peace treaty, since 1953 there is only a ceasefire. Apparently, the mountainous sands of the north korean nuclear weapon tests broke broke, which could prevent future tests on a long time. Chinese scientists have made this observation.

On 21. April first, the north korean dictator kim jong-un declared that he wanted to adjust the nuclear weapons and rocket tests and no longer used the nuclear weapon steps. This could have been less a gesture against trump than a consequence of knowing that the punggye ri atomic weapon restoration is no longer usable. Here the funf atom weapon tests took place, which north korea has so far carried out so far and thus provided for coarsely attention. North korea wanted to testify to and with his rocket test, to become a nuclear power to protect themselves from possible attacks.

38north had still reported on tuesday that satellite pictures on the 20th. April "unusual activities" show. You have spotted a dozen demands on the mullberg at the western input pollen, but did not know if this is associated with the envision of kim jong-un. In all other areas, including the command center, no activities are to be determined, only in a sideline sector some people were observed. You come to the "speculative" conclusion, it will be a first clue for that that north korea intend to set the construction of further tunnels in the test stand.

According to the two chinese scientific teams, the results scmp reported, the last atom weapon test on the 3. September 2017 (north korea has supposedly successfully completed a nuclear weapon test) with a starting power of 100 kilotons at a depth of 700 meters a hole with a diameter of 200 meters in the mountain, which has closed by a collapse but again. But by punching konne driving radioactive radiation. You have to observe a possible escape of radioactive radiation, say the scientists whose report will probably be published in the geophysical research letters.

North Korea: Atom weaponest garden seems to have become unusable

After the last test, kim jong-un was still a strong man with nuclear weapons.

At that time, spellings had already been uplieved that the test band collapse and releasing radioactive radiation, which may have been due to sudkorea and china?. Three earthquakes were measured in the region. The second chinese scientist group ames that the last atomic weapon test "chimney" was created by providing through which radioactivity can escape into the air. The team of liu junqing by the earthquake agency jilin, which is located in changchun’s chinese earthquake work, had already reported in marz that a open space was presumably created by nuclear weapon explosion in the short term and then closed again, which is evidenced by seismic quantities, but not safe may be.

It is to be suspected that the north korean regime has already been aware of the situation since the last atom weapon test. Maybe for the first time, the escalation has undergone the escalation in order to be suddenly redirected as if the politically wanted, but with the conditions of the nuclear weapon program have nothing to do. Currently one seems to be able to stick to his night and stay. But that was allowed to have tactical reasons to harm a corresponding negotiation position.

Scmp cites zhao lianfeng from the institute for geology at the chinese academy of sciences, after which both studies should prove that under scientists consists of unity that the nuclear weapon landing was destroyed. The voice with own observations over. Well possible but also that china had warned north korea, on the nuclear weapon sitting landing further attempts to carry out more than a radioactive fallaout also affected china. So far, however, no increased values have been measured yet. Also, this could have moved north korea, after escalating a diplomatic path, first opposite sudkorea and then against the us.

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