New accusation against assad: “he exprends escape”

New accusation against Assad:'er enteignet fluchtlinge'

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The eight office speaks of one "perfide project". With facts that is not available, the suspicion pays

The accusation of which bashar al-assad expropriated escape lines in syria was now found on the pro-asylum carrier gunter burkhardt also his way into the debate on the compromise on family reunification.

Burkhardt hold the law of the federal government for family reunification that he "completely past the realitat in syria". Because there plan prasident assad "rcute prevention deck" for syrian escape. Thus, the federal government prepares a law built on sand.

This is meant: many escapeons from syria can not be back, they do not have the short desk perspective, which is based on the law on family reunification. The family reversal had to be concealed.

Burkhardt combines two heated discussions, which are zundschneck to the respective powder barrel: like bose is bashar al-assad and how bose it will be in germany if the family reunification is concealed?

The reconstruction of destructed neighborhoods and the ownership question

The accusation of which the syrian prasident al-assad work on a decree to development plans, as a result of which syrian escapeons were expropriated, was on 23. April in an article by the suddeutsche zeitung with the title assad makes ownership of the weapon.

Coarse sketched about the reconstruction of destructed city or neighborhoods in syria and ownership rights. Bashar al-assad, according to the information of the sz, on the 4. April the decree number 10 signed, the ownership of apartments or reason only very little time lit, by 30 days to assert their rights.

Do not create this, they are expropriated, so the scenario that is spread in the sz. The government builds according to its own planning, it benefits government-friendly companies and government-friendly owners and tenants. The dawn, for example, in germany as well as government critics.

"Cleaning of oppositional zones "

It is healing, so the core of this reproach to a state-operated resettlement of especially difficult because oppositional zones with supports of the "regimes".

Arab media compare the decree with the israeli absence act, which served as the basis for expropriation palastic landowners. Not much different were also allowed to feel many syrian escape in germany. They could be pressed by the decree very quickly to open up to syria within a few days, although they have just fled to assad or escape the military service. Similarly, such as early reports about problems in the awarding of visa to family members, the reports among the syrians in germany were able to climb rough unrest.

10 days after the appearance of the article is still nothing of a gross restlessness and an extraordinary sparkling sentence among the syrian escape. However, there was a rough excitement in the federal government as well as in some media.

Federal government "deeply"

The auskeit amt wrote the sz "deeply" above "assad’s perfides project". The newspaper quoted on the evening of the 26th. April from writing:

With gross care, we see attempts from the assad regime to question the ownership of many enameled syrians and syrians through thread-like legal regulations", shared the aerial office of the suddeutsche zeitung. Obviously, the regime attempts, "on-site assets to be fundamentally in favor of the regime and supporter and to complicate the juxtapy of a huge number of syrians".

One will advise with partners in the eu, like "we can face this perfidant project", lingered it according to sz from the square office, which has recently under direction by heiko maas. The fact that the german government has become the legislative project in damascus, was then reason for the day’s show, around the syrian "construction project" and the "legal of the german government" to report: will assad expropriate escape?.

For the nzz, however, the answer in the title was already fixed: syrian government plans expropriation of escape. The picture newspaper was alarmed by the coming expropriation. If necessary, the un security council is to be switched on, it is called in your short report with many blurred sacreds:

If assad implemented his tarpaulin, many syrian escape warehouses were quite deterred and were not returned to their homeland after the end of the war.

Picture newspaper

Government speaker ulrike demmer is reproduced with the analysis:

We have to ame that the conditions on the spot in favor of the regime and its support should be changed and thus the return of the escape is made more difficult. Now the enclosed people are said to be expropriated under thread appearance and be brought to house and courtyard.

Government speaker ulrike demmer

In the international english-speaking office, the guardian made aware of the project of the syrian government last week. Martin chulov compared it with regulations in beirut after the burger war and the already mentioned israeli absence law.


The tenor of the guardian article was as usual "assad-critical" (what about the pathos and the intensity of "islam-critical", "climate-critical" or "israel-critical" corresponds, distance and cooler head is not the driving force in any case).

After the expert from the think tank (carnegie) and the statement of an unnamed eu representative, after which it is certainly a penalty campaign and not a regulation, the reader lands in the great government of the assad government with the russian bonds in the palastians fleet of yarmouk.

The fact that is-milizen has a brutal rule out, is not mentioned with no word, as with no word the position of the syrian government for construction project and the decree 10 is mentioned. In contrast to sz.

Whose first article on the decree 10 – "assad makes property about the weapon" – written by several journalists, at least noticed and commented on important places of the decree and thus makes the government’s reconstruction project visible in damascus on some corner points (although the whole thing is also under a very tendencies, speculative viewing angle, later. D.A.To).

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