“Maybe we should reorient ourselves”

Union is approaching the media: the "cdu mediaight"

If there should be a new government in autumn, taking advantage of the cdu / csu, it was also possible for the media, one of the last growth branches in germany, some other. But what exactly? What is the media policy that a chancellor angela merkel has been? What does the cdu want to do for the german film, the television landscape will be responsible for how is the relationship between economic and cultural goals?

The first opportunity to set a media policy sign has missed angela merkel on tuesday. The "cdu mediaight", the most important regional media event of the union, has never been so desirable as this year. No wonder, because you never wife: "maybe we should reorient ourselves…" was the most seclist of the many hubschen talking stations on this first pre-drawn election party of the union.

Heiner lauterbach with his wife viktoria, prosiebensat.1-boss guillaume de posch and the cdu chairman angela merkel. Image: cdu

Chancellor candidate, of course, remained at her "medianight"-speech, her first media policy exercise since envision of the early federal election, aubert vage. "We are committed to the german broadcasting system" – that was almost the substantive exercise that elicited merkel, associated with a quiet mockery about the action that has just become known to the ard institutions against the procedure for determining the broadcasting: "if you do not go further, then you go to court and looks what comes out." you just hope that the public broadcasters "in the yearning for great quotas" do not forget everything, "what minorities are still interested".

Other remarks in the speech merkel laughed rather furs poesiealbum as for political practice. In the light pink jack, merkel appeared in the marginal foyer of the berlin cdu headquarters, behavioral applause, scarce bureaux of general secretar gauder, then picks merkel and talks about that, "what a people cohesion, namely culture, making spab and joy". Confesses that pop music about the areas of your life, "where i can not even ask the right questions".

Then a question: whether germany is actually risky enough, "also a flop to car", themselves "a stucco far into the unknown" trust, "long-breath" to produce. Sympathizing frown under the gastles from the media industry. Finally, germany has no reason, "to be printed out to go to the knees in front of china and japan and india": "we are eligible." in the end, the inevitable set of the "political conditions", the man to musse. That’s right. We almost forgot it. But which? And how? Applause, "the buffet is open", says kauder.

Previously, at least it was a bit more concrete. This was mainly due to bernd neumann, which is state for the union in the bundestag for culture and media. "What do you actually want from us?", neumann asked in the round of the panels moderated by him the german film. And complained afterwards that the industry is superior "no uniform opinion" have. Who afterwards afterhorting the charged producer, could only agree with this diagnosis. Eberhard junkersdorf weathered against the media resort of the federal government – "this broke a whole film industry." -, complained of the copyright and demanded a transhipment regime in the abolition of the film funds.

Dieter wedel did not scold to the politicians, but on "the educational burger". Massness is still something called, "the anchor on the demise is that he has so many viewers." only thilo little knew after all: "success in the cultural field does not say immediately". At all, the bavaria boss, which was last striking through the schleichwerbungskandal, was certainly concrete and a little self-critical, in contrast to his colleagues. Of course, it is still relatively easy for him "the 150 german producers who split into four producer-classes, and then for safety’s sake of three or four members."

After all, a political change under cdu-agide indicated in the panel discussion: the relatively insecure legal status of the producer was allowed to be increased in germany. It is to be expected that the copyright was designed for the role model of other countries of greater-friendly – that is, for example, that tv rights are backed up to the producers and where tv institutions occur as co-producers, but are easier and long – against corresponding tiety.

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