“It’s quieter” – coupler and mountain champion in the appalial use

The mountain champion sits high over the huge complex, with him the threads run together that night. His face is greatly illuminated by the appearance of the three screens, otherwise it’s dark there. The coarse windows offer a magnificent overview of the widely branched track system in the orange light of hundreds of lamps, on the horizon the skyline of hamburg. With the red emergency button, the mountain champion can make everything there drugs. Like the wellty model railway in the world, it looks in this clear summer night, but that is not, by no means.

Around the clock

"This is europe’s larger shunting station, we are european champion", says head of manfred stobrave. The studied mechanical engineer is 59 and for 36 years at the train. The ranging station mesh is seven kilometers long and 700 meters wide. Inaugurated the plant on the 7. July 1977, exactly seven years after the first groundbreaking ceremony. With the commissioning, funf ragierbahnhofen lost at least part of their tasks in hamburg. For decades had had to be converted daily over 2000 good cars several times, because the train formation was distributed. The new facility was far more efficient and safer.

"We work around the clock, there is never complete standstill", says stobrave. 700 people work here, managed in summer as in winter, 365 days a year, also christmas. "Tonight, around 120 men are in use here with the locomotives", says stobrave.

The maximum shunting performance is around 4000 wagons per system a day. The two shunting systems north sud and sud-nord have one area for entry and exit. Up to 100 incoming and leaving goods will be on weekdays here "treated", so disassembled and newly put together. There are workshops, also the repair works day and night. Coarquet is only the rangierbahnhof bailey yard of union pacific in the us state of nebraska.

International turnstile

As an international turnstile, stitches combine the north of germany with the hinterland and scandinavia. Not only the wagons from the hamburg harbor are compiled here for the onward journey, also from bremerhaven, cuxhaven, stade, lubeck and kiel come which or drive from here there. Around 40 goals are controlled. In the nearby is the highway 7, but from there is the area surrounded by forest strip on the edge of the lower sachsian orchant stitches not to see, many motorists know only the mesh cross named after him.

In total there are 272 kilometers rails in stitches, 750 points and 590.000 thresholds. Around 900 signals are to be considered. There are 27 browns and 2800 masts. "Nationwide, the bahn has nine rangierbahnhofe of superregional importance", says stobrave. In addition to stitches, the facilities in seelze at hannover, halle (saale), koln-gremberg, mannheim, nurnberg, seddin, munchen and kornwestheim are.

Message to the mountain master

Towage of up to 835 meters long, they are together to be 40 wagons and more. The separation points have been previously marked in the so-called shunting lists. A loose offline the brake lines and lost the clutches, they weigh more than 30 kilograms, then he makes a message to the mountain master. "That’s the one who controls the decomposition", explains stobrave.

The shunting is coming, then the mountain champion by computer from above. The locomotive only engages in an emergency. The comparator controls the passing train at the bottom of the landing on the way to the expiration mountain. From the good three-meter high hill, the wagons then roll on one of the 88 directional tracks on which the new turning occurs; computers, scales in the track and radar stations overwake the. "Even the wind gets invalidated", says stobrave.

The flat demand wagon then pushes the wagons fully automatically, he is moved with a steel cable. Dispatchers have made the preliminary work from the pre-delivered data before the arrival. The coupler then turns the wagons at the end the new train when connecting clutches and brake slot.

The work is not a safe, not only because of the rolling wagons, tonne. The charge can be flammable, toxic or explosive. For the accident, a separate fire department is ready. There was no serious accident for many years.

Clear language

"Msof" it lights up in yellow letters at one of the two coarse transitions high above the plant, that is for "mesh sud-ost trade guide", explains stobrave. This night, peter bagdahn is bergmeister of the sud-nord system with 48 directional tracks. "I am since 1972 at the train, mountain master i am since ’89", he says. Baghdahn works very quietly and left, a lot of snacks is not his thing. The language here is clear as in the harbor.

For a while it is quite quiet, the train from luneburg drive in the background, it is the route hannover-hamburg. Then drabs squeezed while braking again quiet one of the rolling wagons, a colleague answers via the radio. "12 to 17, 67, jawor", says baghdahn only, that’s the short for the tracks.

Baghdahn loves his job. "It never gets boring. It always happens something", says the 62-year-old. "I like to do night service, breakfast rather not", says bagdahn. "The work is the same, but it’s quieter." he will be up to 6.00 o’clock in the morning sit up there, then it’s bright again.

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