Is-women from raqqa: dessed jihad groupies

IS-Women from Raqqa: Dessed Jihad Groupies

Screenshot of a clip of the interview clip from jenan moussa (right in the picture) with is women. Source: akhbar al-an, twitter

Militarian is the ist in the corner, ideologically the gray remains

Militarian is the is in syria and iraq in the narrow driven. The expectation that in mosul and raqqa deminsts of jubilation are pending, is unauthorized. Even though there are high losses and coarse muhen, the expulsion of the is militia from the two bads is treated as a certainty, as a blobe question of time. To what extent the is ideology continues to pay its circles, it is a completely different field.

Mosul: achievements, but brutal resistance

From mosul is reported by an existing but very maohsamen and lossy advance of iraqi dispute. There is a backlash. Is-milizen should have undertaken on sunday with sleeper cells counterseversive in already conquered neighborhoods, which surprised the iraqi dispute and stopped the opponent of the old town. The resistance of the is is referred to as considerable, the ongoing struggle in the old town as heavy and brutal.

Nevertheless, there were cheers yesterday, pictures of celebrations in the east of the city and the official announcement that the iraqi anti-terror units, the federal police and the 16. Division of the iraqi army free of 50 percent of the old town have liberated what the hope of damages that the struggle of the city are finished soon.

Raqqa: high losses for sdf

Also from raqqa there are success reports, but they are also full of bitter experiences, even there are the losses for the attackers of the sdf considerable. The offensive attended by kurdish troops leads ahead in the west of the city, but they are against autobubombs and suicide mats. The struggles are likely to be in raqqa long, as the general journalists have forecasted against.

For this purpose, attractions of turkish disputes and their composites on places in afrin in the north of syria reported, which could result in the fact that parts of the kurdish militias can be deducted from the offensive to help the ypg in afrin.

The refugees

This is just a coarse management report, no close-up, which was countered by the success reports even more war hardness. Deleted is the location of the civil avenue. Apart from sporadic reports, apart from sporadic reports, apart from the civilian victims of air raids, grenade bombardment and explosives are reported, one can only make themselves on the basis of normal reporting only a rather superficial picture of the masses on escape strings, which the war in mosul and rakka escapes.

The numbers alone are a barely faible dimension. According to unhcr, which stands on iraqi attacks, are a total of 750.000 people from mosul fled. For the governement raqqa, the unhcr quantifies the number of sampled alone in may to 100.000.

How a escape warehouse looks at raqqa, of which you can make an impression on a 360 ° panorama image of the dutch journalist harald doornbos.

Visit to women of sightseeing is struggle

Doornbos visited together with jenan moussa, reporter of the arab television station akhbar al-aan tv this warehouse in the north raqqas. Moussa broke up with an undercover report from idlib (video with english subtitles), which shows how strong al qaeda / al-nusra is represented there, for attention. Now moussa has taken on the way to raqqa to become a picture of the situation, as far as possible.

In addition, impressions of sampled, over which one otherwise does not have so much experienced: women of is members who as foreign fighters for the is caliphat. To read in english, moussas are impressions in two tweet rows (here and here).

The journalist spoke with seven women from lebanon, tunisia, dagestan and syria, their men are is-campfer from france, malaysia, tunisia and turkey. According to moussa are the "foreign is families" – the women have children – not voluntarily came to escape warehouses – "they did not give themselves" -, but were snapped by sdf members with their escape attempts, allegedly towards turkey,. In the camp, they are housed separately from the other escape strings to avoid aggression.

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