In 2008, more than $ 2 billion was donated in 2008 for the us prassidal election

Barrack obama has so far more campaign donations for choice in 2012 as its competitors, revealing who gives the most

The americans were still preferable to election any republican prasidal candidate as barack obama. That’s what a gallup survey says at least 46 percent of respondents, for obama, only 38 percent agreed. It fits that the dissatisfaction with the work of obama continues to increase. Currently 52 percent is dissatisfied and 40 percent satisfied. After rasmussen is already cain with 43 percent before obama with 41 percent.

Generally, the opportunities for obama, 2012 will be re-elected, so far not very high. However, the election campaign will take one year and the mood can also be quickly held, as the economic situation improves or another event occurs. However, obama goes to the race so far with a well-ruptured election campaign. In the first half year of donation collecting his campaign team has already achieved almost $ 90 million, including 65 million from the democratic national committee.

In 2008, more than $ 2 billion was donated in 2008 for the US Prassidal Election

Barack obama advertises with a video for more donations and wants to collect a million donors soon. Image: barackobama.Com

For the prasidal elections, insane sums are buried. For those in 2008, obama to open secrets has taken $ 745 million and 730 million spent. At that time, his inferior countercandidate john mccain, which together with sarah palin antrat, has been collected 368 million and 333 million spent. So these two have spent more than one billion for the election, one pays the focused donations of the other candidates such as cuck baldwin (258 million), hillary clinton (221 million), cynthia mckinney (199 million) or mitt romney (107 million) added, you come to good 2 billion us dollars.

Whether the highly neglected usa can still afford such excesses or should? The gigantically high donation sums also shows how much all politicians are committed to the respective lobbies. In 2008, the obama warehouse received rough buzzing of lawyers, investment companies and insurance companies as well as media companies – similarly to mccain, so here the combination of politics and "wall street" is already pretty tight, which has also shown on obama’s policy. In total, the financial industry in 2008 has put the most money in the election campaign, namely 141 million, with the democrats received 76 million more than the republican candidates. Second place followed at 100 million lawyer lobbyists, of which 78 million met the democrats. Roughing or media / communication gave only a few million, which reveals where the real power in 2008.

By the end of september, obama’s election campaign for 2012 has already taken 89 million, but already 96 million spent. But are another 61 million. Thus, obama is far from his competitors, but this can still change, he is the only candidate of democrats, while the republican applicants are not just about the candidacy, but also around the donations in competition. Mitt romney ("america leaves the free world") with 32 million, has taken most, followed by rick perry (waldbrangen and worship and economic crises as "lesson of god"with 17 million and ron paul with 12 million. Michel bachman are filled with 7 million and herman cain with 5 million, but cain has strongly won on popularity in recent weeks with his tax parole 9-9-9. And because of his tax concept, the rich benefit the rich, now more money was allowed to come to him (between roundabout and rose garden: john bingham and the secret world).

Most donations obamas come back from the financial industry, even the lawyer lobbyists can not be ragged again. Corporate service providers, real estate companies and media companies are also at the very beginning when you have the "bundler" considered, so the donations that are introduced with a bundle. This will make individual and lobbies even better influence, the checks are sufficient until the sum of half a million dollars and more.

However, although the law firms continue to put on obama, but the financial industry has received more money mitt romney so far. The relies on deregulation and open market, wants "reagan economic zones" imports for preferred trading partners and seeks the fight with china, which will probably contribute to him, because a concrete opponent is built abroad. However, he has difficulties even under republican appendants because he is mormone.

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