Greece: uprising in the camp of refused refugees

The corinth camp is more like a prison than a shelter. Every day still 4.000 refugees in greece

In the course of an uprising, six algerians and moroccans managed to escape from a prison-like camp in greece. While csu leader horst seehofer, speaking before his party’s closed-door meeting, called for an upper limit of 200.000 refugees, things are getting out of hand where the refugees arrive.

More than a million refugees arrived in europe last year, most of them, more than 800.000, arrived until 21.December across the agais to greece. Even the limitation of the refugee status to syrians and afghans has only marginally changed the high numbers. Of the more than 800.000 arrivals in greece, 455.000 syrians and 186.000 afghans.

The uprising and an alternative route

In the corinth camp, where refugees rejected by fyr macedonia and classified as migrants by collective decision are housed, a riot broke out on saturday. The camp is more like a prison than a shelter for refugees. And in fact, twenty people have already been deported again from here. 350 inmates in the camp did not want to accept their fate without resistance.

Greece: uprising in the camp of rejected refugees

Eviction of the wild refugee camp in idomeni (eidomeni) in early december 2015. Photo: wassilis aswestopoulos

They instigated a riot. During the turbulent battles with the police, which were recorded on video, six of the inmates managed to escape. They will probably not try to escape via fyr macedonia, but this time via the alternative route through albania. After the police blockade at the greek border town of eidomeni, an alternative route to europe is emerging.

No infrastructure for the inmates

The situation of refugees in the country and at sea is becoming more and more dramatic. Despite the eu’s agreement with turkey and the associated payment of three billion euros a year, as well as the promised rapid eu accession for turkey, the situation in the agais remains as usual. According to the ministry of immigration, 4 million people arrive in turkey every day.000 refugees into the country.

Although german finance minister wolfgang schauble does not see any connection between the financial crisis and the lack of supply facilities for refugees in greece, the country, which is suffering from a shortage of money, has no infrastructure to keep the arrivals, whose destination is mostly germany, in the country.

Photo: wassilis aswestopoulos

In addition to the lack of jobs, there is a lack of accommodation everywhere. The ailing state is supported by private initiatives, anarchist groups and international aid organizations. The swiss branch of catholic caritas has rented hotels in athens and lesbos to house refugees. In december, the first month of the aid program, which is scheduled to run until april, 1.850 overnight stays to be paid. Too little to solve the problem of accommodation in the long term.

Minus degrees in eidomeni

Moreover, all aid workers can only offer shelter to those who are either underage, pregnant, infirm or otherwise in need of protection. For the others, survival is the only option on the wintry streets of athens.

Temperatures in eidomeni, the border point of onward travel to europe, were as low as minus nine degrees celsius last week. Temperatures in the range of zero to two degrees were recorded in and around athens. Athens’ humid climate makes homeless nights feel even colder.


The now daily registered accidents during the crossing from turkey led on sunday to the first registered fatality for 2016. A toddler died when a rubber dinghy crashed into a rock. 39 other inmates were rescued.

A few hours later, two already decomposing, unclothed bodies washed up on the shores of the fourni archipelago.

But even greece’s northern border with turkey, closed off by a ten-kilometer fence, is not as tight as the fence’s supporters like to make it sound. Here again, borderline violations are registered. The local population is hospitable to the newcomers.

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