Googlebombing now also in greece

An interesting series of google bombing attacks is currently occupying the greek media

The state-owned telecommunications company ote, effective 6.12.In 2005, the company unleashed its "knecht ruprecht" and significantly increased internet connection prices. The consequences are civil disobedience in the network.

While the greek user used to pay 0.35 euros (0.18 euros in off-peak hours) per hour when using the single number of his provider, he may now pay 0.60 euros per hour for all hours of the day. This applies if there is a router of the isp in the area of the local network. If this is not the case, it costs 1.56 euros per hour or, if the next isp router is further than 45 km away, 3.72 euros per hour, in each case in the so-called peak time (8 a.M. To 8 p.M.). In the off-peak period, 0.60 euros per hour applies to all connections.

Depending on the call time and previous tariff regulations, this roughly corresponds to an increase of 75% to approximately 500. A steep price hike in the age of the euro, which has led to a loss of purchasing power for greeks in particular.

Googlebombing now also in greece

Successful google bombing against the state telephone company ote

A simple worker in provincial areas earns about 600 euros net, while a student councilor has to make ends meet with about 1100 euros. The general cost of living is about the same as in germany, except for rental costs. The previous connection costs for the internet paid in relation to wages and salaries already among the most expensive in europe.

Some internet users in greece have therefore learned from the american googlebombing against president bush (from the term "loser" to the biography of g.W.Bush) learned and in turn linked the website of ote with their pages and the greek term for "robbers.

If one now enters robbers in google, ote’s website appears in the first place. Once on the taste became immediately also the internet operational readiness level of the governing nea dimokratia with the term lugner "bombed" and secured as hit number one after successful google bombing.

Googlebombing now also in greece

Google bombing against the ruling party "nea dimokratia

The current prime minister kostas karamanlis, the younger,(nephew of charlemagne prize winner konstantinos karamanlis, had promised in the 2004 election campaign to make the internet a "matter of the people" in greece. He propagated the use of computers as a means to success. Since greece’s state-owned companies are largely controlled by the government, he is now being blamed for, among other things, the increased internet access prices.

Breaking election promises, however, is not a specifically greek sport. This art is internationally known and enjoys growing popularity among politicians of all stripes. Google bombing has also occurred many times, including in france (keyword: iznogoud), in switzerland and between private individuals. But the greeks are generally known for their business sense. Consequently, search engine optimization services are already being offered to protect against google bombing. Is a new protection money business emerging here??

There is no question that google bombing leads to the desired results in the short term. Whether these results will benefit the initiators in the long run or not is another question, which is extensively discussed for example in the forum of hagalil.

Google itself admits the susceptibility against google-bombing in a statement (english text). The statement appears as a sponsored link, for example, if you type in "miserable failure" and are referred to the page with the biography of george bush as a first reference. Google itself does not censor or correct search results that are influenced by google bombing. Google apparently does not feel responsible for the fact that the search algorithm can be misused for defamation purposes.

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