Google prohibits clickbait ads

With a new guideline, google wants to make up in his advertising marketplace. As the company tells his advertising partners, google ads will no longer adopt any ads from july, the well-known clickbait patterns; as in the case of the cold text for this message provided.

These ads have been increased in recent years more on little reputable offers with low advertisements. For example, with the old photos of children’s stars is welcome or supposed household tricks are promised – everything to move the irritated user to the click. However, those click on such ads, usually do not learn anything about the promised topic. Instead, after a few lines text, for example, medical miraculals, erectors or crypto business models are advertised with folded celebrity quotes.

Celebrities pictures and miracles

In order to stop the activity and thus create an overall better promotional environment, google prohibits such methods that users criticizes crispy to click on the display. Since the phenomenon "clickbait" it is difficult to define, the group pays various widely used methods in the help area of google ads: no longer approved are commercials with texts like "you do not believe what happened then" or images in which absurd distorted images of human body parts are shown. Even "before, afterwards"-images are prohibited, as well as images of catastrophes to which products and services should be touted.

Clickbait ads

Google prohibits ClickBait ads

on many websites: the further one scrolls down, the cheaper will be advertising – in every respect.

The step is in a long series of police updates of the advertising knob, with which black sheep sorts out and the acceptance of advertising should be improved overall. In april, google had begun a transparency initiative through which advertisers should identify better in the future. If you do not want to stick to the rules, you can still switch in other advertising networks. This is no longer so easy, this is when advertising forms were recognized as bad ads because they are too annoying or claim too many resources. Here google sets the market power of its browser chrome in coordination to completely block such ads.

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