Fuck the army!

Us militar against the vietnam war

At 6. November 1965, lieutenant henry howe on an anti-war demonstration carried a transparent with the inscription "end johnson’s fascist aggression in vietnam" ("finishes the fascist aggression of prasident johnson in vietnam"to). Howe was the first soldier, who pretended in this way, and was therefore sentenced by a station mood immediately to five years of forced labor.

Following his example, hundreds of other soldiers came into the prison for their resistance against the vietnam war, in which at the end of 50.000 americans and 3 million vietnamese love their lives. This peace movement, which is almost forgotten today, did not come from "1968" by auben, but from the army itself. In 1968, gis demonstrated to san francisco for the "summer of love" and started with veterans together peace demonstrations along the west cust.

Fuck the Army!

Entrance to the us prison ft. Dix: "obedience to the law is freedom" ("obedience to the law means freedom"to)

The movement had amed such a substitution in 1971 that a commission of the pentagons came to the collision, above half of the troop members fighting in vietnam, was against the war. Also the green beret (an elite unit) donald duncan kept talking on anti-war demos. There were reports of units that refused to fight; of murders to officers and massive distribution hard drugs in the army was the speech. For the singing of "we shall overcome" in the military entertainment, the death penalty should be completed. The soldiers printed underground newspapers and secretly distributed them in the barracks. From the official militar promissory "fta – fun travel adventure" (spab, travel, adventure) became "fta – fuck the army".

On 20. August 1974, the new york times quoted the official numbers of the pentagon to the flag evence: 503.926 events between 1966 and 1973. Nevertheless, the government, the media and the american society as a whole tried after the jerking of the american troops and the case of saigon, to delete these facts from the collective thought. Until 1990, in any of the above 100 films on the vietnam war was the speech of sparkish gis. On the contrary, the myth was created by the pacifists who spit on gis that return from the vietnam war. And exactly this myth was slaughtered in the first gulf war of bush senior.

Based on statements of numerous veterans from the movement of the war-service referenders and on the basis of amateur archives, official us archives and then explanations of the military and political managers as well as documentary films from the 1970s, filmmaker david pointer reconstructs the ten years of american participation in the vietnam war and the protest movement against it. The documentary is divided into four parts:

Fuck the Army!

mutiny in the military event "presidio": 27 adhesive wings in the seat strike against the murder of a bond by a wait. They were charged for mutiny and sentenced to 16 years imprisonment.

The first part 1965-1967: the first raising describes how slowly forming a peace movement from individuals and small groups inside the american army, while johnson administration is the so-called "police action" transformed into a real war.

In the second part 1968-1969: the revolt breaks out escalated the war and the peace movement is staring internationally, while the gis start to organize and protest together.

Part three 1970-1973: the turen to holle are open shows how the political consciousness of the war opponents are growing. Thousands commit flag evil, it comes to prison and the counterculture reaches its high point.

The epilogue: the case of saigons and the rough lug shows finish as government, media and hollywood the memory of the revolt trying to try to leave the troops vietnam neck over head.

Fuck the army! – us militar against the vietnam war, documentation, 52 minutes, director: david pointer, usa 2005, synchronous: arte france, first expiration arte tv, wednesday, the 7. December 2005, 20.40 o’clock, repetition: 9. December 2005, 16.45 o’clock

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