For corona warning apps: apple integrates exposure notification api in ios 14

For Corona Warning Apps: Apple integrates Exposure Notification API in iOS 14

Apple’s interface for meeting messages – basis for corona warning apps – is now part of ios 14: the youngest pre-release version of the operating system is equipped with the exposure notification framework (enf), as apple messengers announced. In the preceding beta versions of ios 14, the api is missing, accordingly, accordingly installed corona warning apps is lost its function.

Meeting announcements prominently placed in ios 14

The meeting messages are now prominent integrated into the operating system. A new setting at the highest level of ios 14 settings gives you an insight as to enable the encounction records and which region is active – that’s what the national corona warning apps is currently being used. Also a reference to the possibility to share a covid 19 diagnosis is noted there, this links to the respective national app, so the corona warning app in germany.

New calculation products fur risk of infection

With the exposure notification framework from ios 14, apple also introduces a new method for calculating the user’s infection risk that outputs an infection risk value in minutes, health authorities can adjust different values and decide when the user is ultimately warned. The new method was allowed to give more flexibility in the calculation of the risk of infection. The user usual does not look at anything until a warning app indicates it on risk sessions.

Public beta soon follows

The new method exists parallel to the previous technique that can continue to use existing apps, they also seem to work unnecessary. Also, apple corona warning apps set a new one "infection time window" there is available information on all bluetooth beacons recognized in 30-minute intervals. The new pre-release version of ios 14 has so far only for developers, but they were allowed to download in short as part of the public beta for a covert general public. Apple’s public beta program usually finds a million audience.

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