Facebook gives business with anti-vaccine advertisement

Facebook gives business with anti-vaccine advertisement

Facebook did not want to promote advertising, which is intended to hold people from vaccinations. Instead, the data group starts an information offensive over flu vacuums. In addition, there are new features that should facilitate access to vaccine information, including evidence of the postponement in the usa, as well as memories of influenza vaccine in the newsfeed.

This has announced facebook on tuesday. The information campaign begins in the united states and will be extended to other unnamed land in the next few weeks. On this way facebook might meet the risk that even a full-grown flu wave is coming to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook shares data about the vaccine mood

"Our goal is to provide news about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations of a broad group of people", parts facebook with. Already, advertising is prohibited with vaccine lugs. What is new is that advertising that is expressive of vaccinations will be refused to be rejected. This new rule should grab in the next day. Expective allows advertisements that occurs against vaccine laws or trailing programs, including any covid 19 vaccine programs.

Facebook gives business with anti-vaccine advertisement

Facebooks examples of new information and features about vaccinations

For facebook’s partners at the global level, the world health organization (who) and the united nations children’s fund (unicef) pay. Facebook will train who employee in how to better use facebook services. In addition, the company provides polled organizations for data on how users from different regions on facebook on the topic of vaccination.

How much this causes everything remains to be seen. "Anyone who wants to change the attitude of a person will not achieve anything with arguments. With violence not", wrote konrad lehman in june in his telepolis post "facts do not matter".

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