Demand and promote

Social is what work creates: what about "demand" unbigue – part 3

The algii legislation, popularly called hartziv, was under the motto "demand and promote". The goals of social reform were positive at first sight:

– which so far in the mediation of social assistance should be equal to workers (both financially and in relation to the mediation of work) – the previously time-consuming procedures of the aid life for many anesthesis should be obsolete by rule records that contain these costs already proportionately.

But what was aimed at the? Social assistance is now better asked and will not only be demanded, as it is announced? Time for a pair of disenchantations.

Social assistance are financially better

The rule set (rs), which is paid to algii receptionist, is high as the previous appropriate social assistance scheme. The integration of aid in the rule rate should reduce the bureaucracy around the granting of benefits and more responsibility for the power recipient.

In fact, for example, the rs for children was saved. At the same time, the child benefit is credited, which has not been the case with social assistance. Thanks to the health care reform, the algii receptionist must also pay for glasses and the like itself. Co-payments are up to 2% of the annual rule set (4.140 euros) reasonable, which corresponds to 6.90 euros per month. The rs contains a total amount of 13.17 euros for health care. However, it is not only the co-payments, but also over-the-counter drugs, therapy (devices) and usage and usage of health care such as association material, vitamin tablets etc.

An integration of the aid continued to be limited, rather one has recorded lower lump sums in the rs, which led to a reduction of the monthly amount for those who had previously entitled to aid. Clothing, household appliances or renovations are compensated by the ruleset, the same applies to school supplies, bicycle…

Using the example of "mr. P." could you already reading in december 2004, as algii affects individual trap, which not only received the rs. Mr. P. Received no longer 1.232 euros less, monthly thus 102.67 euros. Even for an expert, the head of the erfurt office for social and housing, which mr p. Was not believed in it at first, but a sample revealed: the bill was correct, by eliminating petitions and aid, the single-parent father has to renounce € 102.67 per month, since it gives the new legislation.

The rule rate – a mystery for itself

The core of this problem is that everything should be simplified by the rs, but already the high of these sentences is controversial. They were set, although they now define the subsistence level, excludes the openness. The concrete calculation, which aid in which high in the rs has come under closure at the red-green government.

Who, like matthias frommann, legal professor at the university of applied sciences frankfurt, music with the rs staffed, rely on unambiguous mistakes. Thus, the rs should not only be the necessary livelihood, but also in a reasonable amount of relationships with the environment and participation in cultural life. The high of this amount had to be based on the consumer expenditure of the 20 percent of german households with the lowest income, which determines the federal statistical office every five years in the income and consumer sample. However, the government was confronted in the determination on one-person households. This makes clothing and shoes a difference of 57 percent, in food, drink and tobacco from 28 percent.

So that not enough, these terms were further proclaimed without these shorts being comprehensible. Only 89% were recognized as a rule rate relevant for clothing, because, according to the official fundamental, in this post so far would also contain mabs and furs. The burial for the post culture should be absurdly absurd – he was proclaimed from 86 euros to 36 euros, because the experts in the post also "among other things, expenditure for sports boats and gliders suspect".

Who analyzes the numbers as concrete as matthias frommann, comes to a rs in high 448 euros instead of 345 euros. With a rule set in this high product also the above-mentioned single-parent father does not worse than before (in case of exact account, a plus of some cents). For matthias fromman, this results in a clear picture: the rs was thus used to lower the social assistance and thus the subsistence minimum, without a corresponding discussion being guided here.

As these invoices could arise, it becomes clear, considering that the 345 euros were given by the hartziv law. This amount saw the law as a rack performance for the unemployment benefit, the social assistance scheme was not allowed to be high since he is the subsistence minimum. The law became incl. The 345 euro prior to the recalculation of the social assistance regulations adopted. So it was expected until the predetermined amount revealed.

New opportunities in the labor market?

Already the problem with the algii software shows that little value is placed on the demand for algii receptionists. An expert opinion available on statistics files from 12 cities shows here for the working fatal deficiency. With a search for highly qualified workers, no more profiles from algii receptionists were displayed, it was about less demanding work, so far less were displayed when it had to be, one considers that the algi / algii relation of the corresponding city.

The reason for this defect lies in the software itself greeted: this shows only 100 applicant profiles. There is no technical reason for this, even if the argument of the board of the federal agency for work seemingly has not been questioned so far: "this can not be any software in the world".

The report continues to show that in the period in which the number of algii receptioners rose by 24.4%, the number of algi receptioners was at the same time 27.3. So it is close to suspect that only a shift took place here. The demand in the sense that the profiles of algii receivers are presented to the employers, therefore does not take place. But there are the mediation and consultancy.

Among the (former) social assistance receptions and algii recipients there are a variety of difficult. This, so you could get out of the motto "demand and promote" and the idea of equating social assistance with unemployment benefits, thus deriving, thus requiring a particularly extensive claim to be integrated back into the labor market. However, the action programs, internal instructions of the federal agency for work, speak a different language. Unemployed are divided into different groups – depending on the medizability. Heavy-mediated to so-called care customers, these are no longer required and supervised. The action program for it is disclaimed "only acute intervention to mitigate forced sites". Main focus, so the action program continues, lying on the "order-financed funds in particular. With regard to target group budgets". Internal instructions see two consulting a year in the year for heavy.

During franz muntefering, this procedure was denied (report mainz only received an email with the words "it does not agree that the federal agency for work so-called care customers in the relation of unemployment benefit ii,") are the words of the ceo of the federal agency for work, frank-jurgen way, revealing:

The agency has no social policy mission. Because then my client has to tell me, as in the hospital, i should save a hundred heavy trap with a very high inside or thousands of lightweight.

So on workers, this is called: prefer to have the easy-to-medizable cables and the heavy-mediated just dubbing. The aim of receiving social assistance again, is therefore not achieved, but many unemployment benefits were now equal to social assistance receptions in the course of the algii regulations, as that they also no consultation, etc. Get more.

The figures of the federal agency for work to be counteracted to the report are to be expected, according to frank-jurgen way again this year. Interesting here is that the data is not already available, one of the benefits of web-based software architecture should be in the production of comparison numbers.

Instruments like the ego-ag are no longer intended for algii receptionists, submitted concepts for self-state will only be able to see if the planner is still entitled to at least 90 days algi.

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