Database: beta of vector is to manage cassandra clusters overviewable

Database: Beta of Vector is to manage Cassandra clusters overviewable

Datatax has released a tool called vector in a private beta version, with which users can manage the clusters of the nosql database apache cassandra easier. Vector is an aiops service for the monitoring for apache cassandra, which is apparently automated (via ai / ki) during operation (ops) the behavior of the cluster of the database monitored and evaluates. Developers and administrators should be ongoing diagnostic data.

More steps towards apache-cassandra community

According to qualification, the new application should work for both the open source variant and the company version of the database. The company continues to remain on the course of the new guided rates, stronger for the cassandra community to engage. For example, datatax had published a kubernetes operator for cassandra for the first time in april 2020 (this was not the first kubernetes operator of datastax, just the first for apache cassandra).

Apparently, datastax would continue to ask the open-source nosql database to the standard for kubernetes, such as datastax employee already in the spring of the year against devclass "we criterate our concern to make apache cassandra to the standard database for all, create applications", so patrick mcfadin, the spokesman of the developer relations area. The beta of vector obviously opens into this score.

A learning tool in the service of the cassandra database

The beta release of the monitoring service for cassandra gives users based on reactive learning (a form of machine learning) advice when using and configuring their clusters. Vector apparently identifies "proactive" existing and possible problems and supported during troubleshooting. The automated instructions are designed to enable developers and administrators at the same time contextual learning.

Updates, according to release notes, continuously plays, regardless of whether users managed their database as software as a service (saas) in the cloud or on premise itself hosting. The tool is intended to provide advanced visualization options that illustrate cluster behavior and making users amending the control. The child also has a name: overall the new ability to provide advice automatically, under the name "cassandra skills development".

More information can be found in the company website for the monitoring tool vector.

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